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Q. i just realised that u guys also licensed Akame ga kill! and oh boy i just watched it and literally have no words for it… what are your guys opinions on it?

A. Bulat… oh Bulat… whyyyyyy (that’s the first thought that comes to mind). Glad you liked the show! Second thought: “Can’t decide who is better waifu. Najenda or Esdeath…”


Just a FYI, that the final chapter of the manga is due out sometime this month.


Final Manga Chapter Highlights:

[details=Spolers]Leone captures the Minister, then everyone literally comes to take a piece of him. The Emperor gets beheaded just like in the Anime.Then just like the Anime you find out Leone’s wounded she says her goodbyes to Akame then goes partying and she dies from her wounds after.

Tatsumi (Now a Dragon) goes to see Mine and she wakes up and gives him heck for taking things too far. You find out that they had slept together (Mine supposedly did it with him to get Esdeath out of his system) and Mine is pregnant with her and Tatsumi’s kid.

Kurome (now Cured) is having nightmares about the people she killed and Wave talks to Najenda about the new Government. Akame visits Kurome every once in a while to check up on her.

Akame’s curse from Muramase is causing her pain, and after helping the new Government with the transition (by eliminating the trouble makers who’d take advantage of the change in power) She leaves the country to go to the country where Masamune was forged, to see if she can free herself from the curse THE END

All in all was pretty pleased with how the Manga ended[/details]


You HAVE to see Akame ga Kill! because… | Q Review


Checking in on the Sentai Store, both Part 1 and 2 of the PBS are in “Low Stock”.

Honestly, after the $19.99 Christmas promotion I’m surprised any are left.

Coming up on the last chance to pick up a copy before they’re gone :sweat:


I went to go get one

Akame ga kill is so cool!

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This hopefully means the complete collection will be coming soon


Just surfing the Sentai shop, and PBS collection 2 has bit the dust.


Around about 7:00pm yesterday it sold out . I was browsing to make sure I did not need anything or nothing else popped back in stock I wanted . Noticed it was gone from the popular area next to collection 1 when I refreshed .




Nah. I’m good. Would have picked em up last year if I really wanted them…


Complete Series Cover/Disc Art




1 month later, 52 sets are still available on the SF store…

Edit #1

After the first day of the blowout sale, 48 sets are still around.

Edit #2

Checking a few days after the sale, 45 sets are still in stock, meaning at $45.99, only a total of 7 copies sold.

That right there is one of the biggest problems with Multi-Collection or Multi-Season Premium Editions. If one sells out while the other still has an excessive amount left, the remaining copies just sit.

For a perfect example, Chunibyo and Knights Of Sidonia have that specific problem as well. Season 1 PBS of the respective series is “Out Of Print”, while Season 2 PBS gets a major discount during sales, and there are still copies left.

Not hating on that either. As a matter of fact, Chunibyo is probably in my top 10 favorite Sentai releases :hugs:


It kind of looks like with multi-part releases they’d have had a even amount of each left ,but then again we see “damaged” sets being sold . So that makes me think part of the issue is damage happening . Makes me wonder are there some sets that were so bad they could not sell and what happened to the pack in extras and disc from those ?


Most likely, the sets too damaged for discounted sale probably got destroyed. After all, remember a few weeks ago, that person overseas was ordered to obliterate their copy of LOTGH before Sentai would replace it?

Well, either that, or somehow the eBay seller nightmare94red is getting them, and making DECENT profit.

Don’t believe me?

Nah, this one might be a better example: