An Issue With This Game 'Dragon Ball FighterZ'

Hello everyone, I recently bought ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’, I am having a problem while playing this game. After playing a while my computer has automatically restarted showing this display screen “Scanning and repairing drive C”. Does anyone have any ideas that what could be the reason behind this? Any help will be definitely appreciated.

Is that happening when you boot up? Could possibly be you have a corrupted windows file, had that happen to me once. I had to reinstall Windows after that happened because Windows couldn’t fix it

Not like that. This is the first time that I encountered such issue. Normally I was playing the game and my PC configuration is high end, then what could be the reason behind this.

It’s possible it could be whatever Anti-Virus software you are using, is doing a scan disk for bad sectors on your drive, because that is usually the message that comes up when something like that is going on. Check your settings.

Thank you @Series5Ranger for the reply. But there is no antivirus installed to my computer. Anyway, I searched on Google and found some articles like this You are being redirected... one. I followed solution no 4 from here, and after following this method, the problem got solved. Thank you so much.