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Oh and I just subscribed to Funimation without A SINGLE PROBLEM!


So I’ve been reading the forum and doing everything I’ve read trying to get my premium working. I had subscribed through iTunes and had a similar problem back in August but the issue was resolved quickly then. Now is not the case as my subscription ends in 3 days and I have not been able to watch any of the content I wanted to. I would like to have faith that AN will fix the problems but I literally did have my money wasted this time.


your not the only one


Hey u want to hear something funny. I just refreshed my web page and my account just changed from registered to premium. Wowi pay for a month and get three days. I hope they plan on moving my subscription end date to compensate for my missing 27 days that I couldn’t use it.


Never mind I’m back to registered again. Giving me a false hope only to shatter my dreams.




and it’s back

Are we going to get a month or 2 free for our loss?


Well it’s up again but that still means I only get three days of what I paid for due to the exp date on the subscription page on my iTunes. Feels like a win lose, but if I decide to renew I guess I shouldn’t have to go through the hassle and hell again… I hope.


[quote=“malakigraves” post=128222]I give up. I subscribe to Hulu, Crunchy Roll, Netflix, SWTOR, buy crap on new egg and amazon all the time and have never had problems with any online purchase or subscriptions… until this site over the last couple months. I use All three browsers, have even reformatted my HDD and have different virus software, and firewall… I have done all I can on my end.

I have never worked so hard to spend money in my life.[/quote]

I’m having the same problem as you malakigraves although I’m on Windows. I’ve entered my CC info literally a dozen times now trying different ways and configurations each time but to no avail. It always tells me there’s a problem creating the subscription and to try again later right after I click purchase and confirm the subscription. This is CC info I’ve entered into CrunchyRoll, Funimation, Amazon, iTunes, and many other online retailers and services, and I’ve never had a significant problem. I’ve got money guys, but for some reason you won’t take it while everyone else will. I am totally at a loss as to what to do.


Am I stupid or what. I became a premium member and now I can not watch anything I tries so far. When I was not a member I could watch the “guest” episodes via HULU, but now that I have jion I get nothing. I get message that the server can not be found. Servier that took my credit card info seemed to work just fine. I do not have cable. I watch everything via my computer. If I was in eorror just let me know so I can cancel my subscription. :sick:


Usually ‘Server Not Found’ means that it’s very busy and you should just try again a little later.

If you’re sill having trouble, please post in the,com_kunena/Itemid,183/catid,5/func,view/id,47339/limit,20/limitstart,380/


Yup… Still no reply to my multiple emails or forum posts. No explanation, no “We are aware of the problem and are working to correct it.”, nothing at all.

Weeks! Not days, but weeks!

I can not think of an example off hand of such gross customer DISservice.


Subscribed through iTunes/Apple. I’m being charged but my status is only Registered not Premium. Please update my status.


Same situation in my case.


StacyP and oldandkranky, your issues have been fixed. We are working on the remaining issues right now. Thanks for your patience, everyone!


I subscribed to anime network about 2 weeks ago through the itunes store. I have not recieved any log on information, I have tried emailing the info mail box but I don’t get any replies from there either.

Maybe someone here can help?




I just subscribed but I haven’t recieved any logon information and I can not get a response from the info mailbox. I have requested a new password, the process seems to work but I never get an email response.

Could someone here please help.




Is anyone here? A simple response would be nice. Is there anything you can do about my registration? If this isn’t the right place where should I be going to get some help with this?




[quote=“M1k3” post=128770]Is anyone here? A simple response would be nice. Is there anything you can do about my registration? If this isn’t the right place where should I be going to get some help with this?



Yes, this is the place. You probably didn’t notice, but I placed a “Thank You” at the bottom of each of your posts; indicating that I saw and forwarded your problem to the proper place. As soon as action is taken, you will be notified.




I saw the thank you but didn’t realize what that meant. I will now be patient and quiet and not make any more of a ruckus.