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[quote=“akpoff” post=130153]

Worked where? While putting in your info?

I think we sorted it out.

Are you game for another go?[/quote]

BAM! It totally worked, thank you so much for your help!


[quote=“Truthith” post=130157]

Worked where? While putting in your info?

I think we sorted it out.

Are you game for another go?

BAM! It totally worked, thank you so much for your help![/quote]

No problem. Thanks for your patience!


We’ve resolved the issue. Will you try again, please.


Thank you very much for the quick action. It is working now.


Payment finally taken. Thank you Akpoff.

I reccommend to whomever is responsible for signing your checks… have the other people in customer service who ignored this situation, for over a month, sign theirs over to you. Thanks again for being the guy that actually gets things done. The rest of your department can…


It’s finally worked for me as well. Didn’t do anything special, it just worked. :slight_smile:


I cancelled my subscription after being charged for two months and not receiving the services I paid for.

For the past couple of days, I’ve been seeing people get their problems fixed (problems that are similar to mine; they just have more patience).

I will re-subscribe soon and hopefully it will work. I paid with a VISA debit card through iTunes. I’ll be re-subscribing through the main site next time.


still can not get the subscription going try it on internet explorer and chrome keep getting There was a problem creating your subscription. Please try again later. If this problem persists please contact the Anime Network. try at lease 6-7 times to night had hope when hearing others got it working this past week


To Whom It My Concern:

[quote=“Lumis” post=129680]I have a quick question regarding a possible problem with my payment method. It seems that the payment due date has come and gone, however my card has not been charged. I have my subscription set to quarterly and the start date is listed as 2012-08-16. According to my math I should have been charged as of November 16th, however no funds have been drawn from my current payment method.

Is there something that I am not aware of in regards to your payment handling process, or could the issue in question be a problem with my current payment method? My subscription is still active, and I would like it to remain so. However, I just wanted to double check that everything was running smoothly and that it wasn’t some mistake on my end. Also, I have not received any emails or private messages in regards to this. Please get back to me so that this possible issue can be put to rest… thank you.,com_kunena/Itemid,183/catid,5/func,view/id,47339/limit,20/limitstart,440/#129680[/quote]

As I have said in this past post no charges have gone through at all. It is one month & one week past the supposed charge date. I have made sure to check my e-mail and TAN private messages and have received no confirmation. As I also said, I would like to continue as a subscriber. This delay is simply very odd though. I have the following questions that I would like a confirmation on:

1.) Is there a problem with my payment method? Can you confirm with me that the payment method is valid on your end?

2.) I have the billing intervals set to quarterly on this end. Could my payment settings be different than what is on your billing servers’ end due to some kind of glitch?

3.) Is it possible that a receipt could be e-mailed to me when a charge goes through? This would help with providing me with some piece of mind other than checking the current balance on the card.

Please note that I will be contacting a site administrator about this problem if I do not receive any feedback soon. I understand that the holidays are almost upon us, and I will remain respectful and aware of that. I will give a reasonable amount of time for a response, however I’m sure that you can understand my concerns… thank you.


I recently subscribed to The Anime Network online (Monthly US $6.95) on January 6th 2013. The confirmation email and on my account the start date is 2013-01-21 yet as of January 11th 2013 I have already been charged the monthly rate of $6.95. I thought that the start date meant that I would be charged the monthly rate at that time and I had a free trial period of roughly two weeks. I have already sent emails to customer service about this but have yet to receive a response (January 8th 2013).


I’ve tried Firefox and IE10 on two computers, but the subscription tabs are all blank for me…


I have been trying to re-sign-up for a subscription, but I keep getting a message that says that there has been an error in performing the transaction. I tried e-mailing The Anime Network about a week ago and have received no reply. Could I please receive some help here? Thank you very much!


I will forward your request to them first thing in the morning.


When you say error in performing a transaction, what did it tell you exactly?


This is the error:

Thank you!


Been getting the same message for quite a while now. Still can’t subscribe.


I’m Been Experiencing the same problem, and can’t subscribe because it gives me error completing transaction. Please help


Never mind, i tried my capital one card and it went through. It said my other transactions were cancelled though, so were they in the process of going through but not showing up or what? :huh:


Were you using a debit card before? It seems their system doesn’t like those for whatever reason.


I have been using a debit card because it is really all I have at the time. It has credit card capabilities on it though. Still, it strikes me as odd that their system would take credit card and not debit card. If I am not mistaken, running debit cards is typically cheaper for merchants than credit cards, if not the same cost. However, I am more than willing to admit that I am wrong here.