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Anime Network VOD Reports/Updates/Questions Thread (2017)


Updates Received/Not Received 11/16/17 :: Spectrum :: Albany, NY :: Zip Code 12203

The short version:

The full raft of scheduled episodes arrived.

The long version:


Akikan! 6

Beautiful Bones 10

Celestial Method 7

Demon King Daimao 9

DRAMAtical Murder 9

Frame Arms Girl 11

Glass Maiden 6

MY youth romantic comedy is wrong AS I EXPECTED 2

Norn9 11

Sabagebu 10

Yuyushiki 6

Missing in Action:


Looks Like It’s Missing But It’s Really There, Just Merged:

Frame Arms Girl 7

Remaining Incongruously:

AoharuxMachinegun 6


None I am at liberty to share at this time.



Frontier VantageTV
Trumbull, CT 06611

As of Thursday, 11/16 At 7:00am, ALL the episodes for Nov 16 have been received. And still hanging on since 2016, To LoveRU eps 08 is still active.


Spectrum (TWC) Round Rock, TX 78681

Schedule for November 16, 2017:

Akikan! 6 - "Deeply Touched! Humans & Akikans!"
Beautiful Bones ~ Sakurako’s Investigation 10 - "Bone 10: A Butterfly Disappeared in November (Part 1)!"
Celestial Method 7 - "That Which I Lost!"
Demon King Daimao 9 - "Crazy Fuss About Arranged Marriage!"
DRAMAtical Murder 9 - "Data_09_Echt"
Frame Arms Girl 11 - "What Lies Behind That Emotion / A Public Bath! A Battle?"
Glass Maiden 6 - "Episode 6"
My Teen Romantic Comedy ~ SNAFU 2 - "All People Surely Have Their Own Worries!"
Norn9 11 - "The Reset!"
Sabagebu! Survival Game Club 10 - "Treasure Hunters / The Sad Idol / Steal the Victory Point"
Yuyushiki 6 - “First Snow Hotpot!”
(All Received)

STILL MISSING from Oct 26 update:
Frame Arms Girl 8 - “The Pep Rally / Autumn Beckons…”

Up until October 25, I had Frame Arms Girl, Ep 7, but after the rest of the update occurred, Ep 7 turned into Ep 8. Still plays 7, only the name changed.

Still hanging around
Aoharu X Machinegun, Ep 6 - exp. 3/2


DirecTV Georgia, 30087

Missing from the 11/16 update: Akikan (06), Beautiful Bones (10), Demon King Daimao (09), Dramatical Murder (09) and Glass Maiden (06)

Still missing from the 11/09 update: Akikan (05), Celestial Method (06), Frame Arms Girl (10) and Glass Maiden (05)


Optimum/Cablevision in Wall Township, New Jersey 07719.

Note: After almost a year since it was expire (11/30/16) To Love Ru 8 finally gone off of Anime Network VOD.

Received from 11/16/17 update:
Beautiful Bones 10
DRAMAtical Murder 9
Frame Arms Girl 11
Sabagebu ~ Survival Game Club 10
Akikan! 6
Celestial Method 7
Glass Maiden 6
NORN9 11
My Teen Romantic Comedy ~ SNAFU 2
RIN-NE 3 1
Sunday Without God 13
Utano Prince Sama Two 5 and 6
Yuyushiki 6

No Longer Missing from 11/9/17 update:
Glass Maiden 5


I regret to inform you all that AoharuxMachinegun #6 has also gone to its reward.

A moment of silence, please…


DirecTV, San Francisco Bay Area, 94536

Schedule for 11/16

  • Akikan 06 - missing
  • Beautiful Bones 10 - missing
  • Celestial Method 07
  • Demon King Daimo 09 - missing
  • Dramatical Murder 09 - missing
  • Frame Arms Girl 11
  • Glass Maiden 06 - missing
  • My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU 02
  • Norn9 11
  • Sabageu! Survival Game Club 10
  • Yuyushiki 06

Still missing from 11/09

  • Akikan! -05 - missing
  • Celestial Method 06 - missing
  • Frame Arms Girl 10 - missing
  • Glass Maiden 05 - missing

Missing from 11/02: None

Still missing from 10/26

  • DRAMAtical Murder 06 - missing

Still missing from 10/19

  • Celestial Method 03 - never arrived


SpecTWC or whatever it is called…

looks like everything is correct except the following, based on the TV itself since i still cant read this new flip-flop out of order visually impaired discriminating schedule page…

Machine Gun whatever Ep 6 that should have expire in March… yup its still here.

FAGirls episode 7 or 8 or whatever since i dont know what shenanigans ar going on there is still missing.


Frontier FIOs 90505 (CA)

Finally some positive news to report. All of the missing episodes from Oct 26 have been reloaded by Frontier along with what I assume is this week’s updates since the schedule is not available on the Anime Network website. The missing episodes from Oct 12 were not reloaded in time since their 4 week cycle ended last night.

This report is shortened since there are only 3 missing episodes from the November 9 update as listed below.

Sunday Without God Ep 12 (Nov 09)
Uta No Prince Sama 2000% Eps 03 (Nov 09)
Yuyushiki Ep 05 (Nov 09)

I’m also pleased to see there is a 1 new series this week that is not a repeat - Rinne 3. I’m hoping this is a sign of new anime shows to come since it doesn’t make financial sense for me to continue with the Anime Network on demand service with Frontier if my family has only 1 new show to watch each week. Slowhand, thanks for your help.


Frame Arms Girl #7 and #8 were merged, so that selecting “Frame Arms Girl 08” started #7 , and you needed to use the kludge to get at #8. But now that #7 has expired, there should be no problem–selecting “Frame Arms Girl 08” should start #8, just like any other normal episode. Give it a try (that is, assuming you want to watch #8) and let me know what you get.
(Data…need data…)
(Ah, well, better than needing to eat brains.)



In re Frame Arms Girl: Now that the merged #7 has expired, does playing “Frame Arms Girl 08” play #8 as expected? Or is there still some anomaly?


I’m seeing the same thing as SpaceCobraJoe. Details are here
I’ll update the linked worksheet as needed.

All I want for Christmas is a working Anime Network.


i have no clue so couldnt tell you. without the old website that i can go look up the episodes list of each show, i ahve no clue what i am looking at ever now. this new whatever crap forum system and website system is worse than the one before, but at least that piece of junk ou could click on a series and go see an episode list with each having a synopsis.

So all i can report is what my TV shows…

FAGirls 7

i never bother with the information about the shows anymore since i ahve nothing to compare it to and am not going to go goggle for things that should be available on the TAN website

and sicne the Schedule page is illegible other than November is on Top and October is on bottom because everything it out of order… i am not trying to chase down that mess to figure it out. i am too busy making websites that work that to decipher trash ones that dont. or worse, websites built for mobile devices that don’t even consider desktop users. if the website is built for mobile only, then why does it bother with VOD on a TV, shouldnt it be showing info about some mobile app?

Desktop websites for desktop use, mobile apps for mobile use, and never the twain shall meet.

so even if someone provided correct synopsis for the shows, since 7 was scheduled to expire already, then it is too late for me to check to see what the deal is due to lack of proper information. and for FAGirls the end card are white text on white backgrounds, so i cant really read to see what the next episode should be to load it up and see what it is, al the episode titles are a mystery to me. :confounded:


That series is not on - any reason why?


Descriptions from HIDIVE:

E7 "Vs, Hresvelgr"
The Frame Arms Girls decide to play hide and seek until Ao gets home. Afterwards, Gourai wants an upgrade, and Bukiko is more than willing to help!

E8 "The Pep Rally"
The girls put on a pep rally, and each one has their own act! With humorous antics, Gourai opens up to Ao.


P.S. The schedule displays just find on the desktop fullscreen for DirecTV.



Ok, got all this.

Just want to make sure that I have this correct — you DID receive all of the November 9th update, correct?
I know you said that “looks like everything is correct”, but just wanted to make sure.

For your reference, here’s

November 9th update
November 16th update


Looks like the Frontier schedule is a Free VOD schedule. Until I get someone to fix it, please use the FiOS schedule for Verizon Link


All Users

The Schedules are now in alphabetical order in the Text/Print version.

However, November does appear first, but other than that, order is restored.

If you’re not seeing alphabetical listings, please let me know.



No idea, I’ll ask about it.


Ouch! What a mess!
Thanks for the info. Sorry I never seem to be of any help…