Anime Network VOD Reports/Updates/Questions Thread (2018)


Time Warner Cable/Spectrum, Conklin NY, 13748

Nothing was updated on 7/12 this time around! If I can get em all back by next Wednesday, that would be great!


Surprise! Nothing 7/12 either.

Directv 16314 Cochranton PA



GUP Der Film is now officially on the X1 Master box, with the proper runtime!!!

Most of Fate Stay Night was removed, except for episode 9 which now has an expiration date of 7/13/19

Chihayafuru Season 1 episode 10 has been re-uploaded with the proper runtime.


Upon further inspection; Dynamic Chord has had another copy of episode 10 uploaded. The problems with this is two fold:

  1. The new selection is SD only and,
  2. The episode wasn’t fixed with the new selection…


Update to Updates Received/Not Received 7/12/18 :: Time Warner Cable :: Albany, NY :: Zip Code 12203

Nope. Still nothing. Looks like this will be another disappointing weekend. Sure, there’s still Toonami, but at this point that’s only half a dose–seven shows do not an Anime Weekend make.

Guess I’ll be stuck in the corner for a while…


If it was me, it be a very small corner. FLCL Progressive and Cowboy Bebop is it for me. Can’t wait for FLCL Alternative in September.


Time warner/spectrum Phoenix NY 13135
Nothing new to report about the last two weeks of missing episodes.
I’m glad I am lazy and don’t stay up past eleven since I have been going through a bunch of tapes of the last few weeks of toonami. I am enjoying my hero academia, Progressive and looking forward to pop team.


Sorry to be so late, was out of town.

Is this problem across all formats?


Not sure about Familiar of Zero, I’ll ask.

Funimation now has Full Metal Panic. And yes, Full MEtal Panic! Invisible Victory is a new season airing for the Spring 2018 season.


Yep. The video stops right after the scene in the picture I posted on all units and the app.


It would help immensely if you could tell me what runtimes you have for these, so we can see how much is cut off.



Are you talking about Episode 10?


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Thank you for this, I needed it.


I was leaving on vacation Thursday, so didn’t have time to type it all out.

The underlining bugs me no end, no button for it, so you have to type the coding in [ u ]text[ /u ] (with no spaces)

I’ll get around to letting you out of the corner by maybe… Saturday? :wink:


Yes. Episode 10 of DamePri is now exclusive to the X1 app. Sorry I wasn’t clear about that…


The report for this week & all follow-ups was compiled and sent to Anime Network today.

Also on report:

  • asking about FVOD schedules being out of date order & titles being out of alphabetical order
  • Little Busters! Sub/Dub issue
  • DirecTV episode titles
  • Comcast inaction on issues
  • Humanity Has Declined episode titles
  • Optimum/Cablevision RIN-NE episodes
  • Familiar of ZERO, more seasons
  • Comcast Fate/Stay Night question

Please let me know if I’ve missed anything!

Thanks!! :slight_smile:


FVOD Users

Admin is asking if you want more seasons of The Familiar of Zero, please tell me this week if you can.


DirecTV users

Could someone check and see if you’re having the same Little Busters! issue that shadzar mentioned here?


Admin says that Fate/Stay Night should have all been extended to July 13, 2019. Could you check again and confirm?




I am glad that I could help?

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Oh yes, I would like more episodes of Familiar of zero too please.


Just got off work. I should be home by 7pm. Will check then.


There are more episodes of Fate Stay Night now. 9 in total, all from collection 1.

The available episodes of FS/N are as follows:
1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12.

In addition, a few more things I need to report:

  1. Haikyu collection 1 has the same short runtime episodes as @anonymous9999. Didn’t originally thoroughly check them when they were first uploaded…

Anyway, here’s the runtimes on Comcast:

Episode 10 Yearning 12 min

Episode 11 Decision 14 min

Episode 12 The Neko-Karasu Reunion 17 min

  1. Amagami SS+ has a folder image now

  2. DamePri 10 is now available on the X1 Mini boxes (IDK about the master box yet)

  3. I checked my copys of ShiroBako 2 and Chihayafuru S1 10, and they play properly. (Of course, Chihayafuru S1 10 was just fixed earlier this week for me…)



i dont recall what seasons we got originally back when poopboy was still around, but its a fantasy adventure-ish anime, and im a little burned out on all the modern setting animes. :confounded: and i blame IIWTTTPUGITD with Hestia and the gang for me wanting simple little group fantasy shows… and Sword O~coughcough~ cant come soon enough either.

NOTE: the modern anime isnt just from TAN but this new season of anime is mostly modern setting/era. so not blaming TAN since it has a lot of shows from modern and medieval and ha shown lots of fantasy lately. i just need some place i can count for all era/genres for the mix :wink: