Anime Network VOD Reports/Updates/Questions Thread (2018)


@Newshawk thanks for checking. It was a typo. Updated post. It should be AKB0048.


Once again, different day, SOS.

  • All scheduled episodes have arrived.
  • Everything is mistitled.
  • Nothing is backfilled.
  • It took literally hours to go through the list because I kept getting "Service is not available".
  • The worksheet at is updated.


Thank you so much for the reply. I knew about the HD conversion but my issue is that I had whole seasons, I made a post above about it and then the amount of shows were gone or cut in half. That’s why I wanted to know about a schedule. I’m afraid I will be stuck with an unchanged menu for longer then it would be worth.

I understand that you are very busy so thank you for your time and energy.



Optimum is unique in the fact that shows are only available for 30 days. Whole series will be uploaded with just a month before expiration. You’d have to be a great marathoner to get all this watching in.

Please if you notice content expiring BEFORE the 30 days is up, let me know so I can alert Administration.

Very frustrating, I know.

Again, I apologize for the lack of a schedule… please give me more hours in a day. :frowning:


So it seems both Charter Spectrum and Optimum
Cablevision are like that.

My sympathies @Supermutant, @Mameeta85 and @Lord_Shameless. It sucks that y’all kinda got the shaft on the change over to the HD upload schedule…



I’m still following anime network, but I really haven’t been reporting in regularly since there really hasn’t been an issue with the new complete series upload format on my end (although I may have just jinxed that now by saying so). :grin:

The only curiosity really is in my free previews section, which still lists a few episodes from shows not on the new upload schedule as if it was still SVOD 45.


Thank you so much for your reply truly.

But that’s kind of my problem. Clannad, food wars and rinne are definitely cut in half. Like if Optimum is putting half the show one month and the other half the next month, cool but if you could let me know that would be great.

Big O as well all of the Anime I mentioned only have 13 eps available instead of the full show.

Seriously thank you for your time and effort on this matter. For the most part my service has run very smoothly. I look forward to your reply. :blush::grinning:



I wish I had a crystal ball and knew the schedule ahead of time, but alas, I do not.

It’s possible that they’re showing these shows by Collection. Each season is divided up by 2 collections and they’re showing them consequently. (Keep in mind, I don’t know this for a fact, this is only my guess)

Something else I’ll bring up is that all of The Anime Network & Section23 libraries are now streaming on HIDIVE. The subscription for that is less than you’re paying for your subscription to the Anime Network on Demand. With a subscription to HIDIVE, you get access to all the content in all the languages available.

I will continue to pass along your comments to Administration, but I wanted to throw that out.

Something to think about.


Cool thanks


The report for this week & all follow-ups was compiled and sent to Anime Network today.

Also on report:

  • asking about FVOD schedules being out of alphabetical order
  • DirecTV episode titles instead of anime titles
  • Comcast - content disappearing despite expiration dates
  • Comcast question about Collection 2s

Please let me know if I’ve missed anything!

Thanks!! :slight_smile:


Report for August 16th 2018


Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun Complete Series episodes 1 through 12

Not Received

All devices

Haikyu Season 2 Episodes 14 - 25

Akame Ga Kill Episodes 14 - 26

Rin-ne Season 1 Episodes 13 - 25

Log Horizon Season 1 Episodes 14 - 25

Log Horizon Season 2 Episodes 14 - 25

To Love Ru Season 1 Episodes 14 - 26

Nobunaga The Fool Episodes 13 - 24

Fate/Stay Night Episodes 3, 7, 11, and 13 -24

The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna Episodes 8 and 12

Master box and Mini boxes

Log Horizon S1 ep3

UtaPri S1 ep 3

K-ON Season 2 Subbed eps 1,2, and 3

Nobunaga The Fool episodes: 1, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12

Mini boxes

Clannad 13

Strange K-ON listings
Season 1 episode 10 is listed as Season 2 episode 16. The actual S2 ep16 can be selected as well, via “Watch options”.

Season 1 episode 8 (which is now available) still has the incorrect S2 EP 8 listing available under “Watch Options”

Programs with incorrect runtime
These episodes are all inclusive. X1 App, Master Box and Mini boxes

Ika Musume S1 ep 11 I Ink That’s A Doll +2: 16min

Arch Angels the Movie 66 min

Hakiyu S1

  1. Episode 10 Yearning 12 min

  2. Episode 11 Decision 14 min

  3. Episode 12 The Neko-Karasu Reunion 17 min

Corrupt Episode Files
Dynamic Chord ep 10: Video cuts out when characters talk, but subtitles and Anime Network logo stay displayed.

Programs with improperly timed subtitles
DamePri Anime Caravan ep1 (Starting at 6:43 and continuing through through the rest of the episode, the subtitles are one line behind the dialogue


Kokoro Connect now has a file folder image.

Hozuki’s Cool headedness’ file folder image has changed

Comcast Xfinity Intercession City FL
Thanks :grinning:


Spectrum (TWC) Round Rock, TX 78681

Schedule for August 16, 2018:

Anonymous Noise 6 - “We Keep Walking Forward, Today and Tomorrow!”
Little Busters! 21 - “50 Miles of Sky!”
Little Busters! 22 - “I Promise I’ll Come Back!”
Photo Kano 3 - “Profusion of Flowers!”
Photo Kano 4 - “My Feelings Henceforth!”
SHIROBAKO 13 - “What Is Your Favorite Cloud?"
SHIROBAKO 14 - “The No-Holds-Barred Audition Meeting!”
Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee 13 - “The Promised Land!”
Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee 14 - “The Corpse Doctor!”
The World Is Still Beautiful 7 - “Wild Waltz!”
The World Is Still Beautiful 8 - “Shelter from the Rain!”
Yozakura Quartet 5 - “Waiting for You!"


Spectrum (TWC) Phoenix, NY 13135
Looks like I got all the episodes for this update.


Updates Received/Not Received 8/16/18 :: Time Warner Cable :: Albany, NY :: Zip Code 12203

“Eye of newt and nematodes,/I have all this week’s episodes.”

What I don’t have is much sleep. Which might explain much.



i am literally copying my report from last week.

  • All scheduled episodes have arrived.
  • Everything is mistitled.
  • Nothing is backfilled.
  • It took literally hours to go through the list because I kept getting “Service is not available”.
  • The worksheet at is updated.