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Anime Network VOD Reports/Updates/Questions Thread (2018)


FWIW, it doesn’t seem to be happening on DTV’s program guide.


Xfinity still has it as Anime Network.

I’d ask some of my co-workers who have Spectrum (Bright House), but this week I’m on vacation…



No, it’s steady as she goes over here, same old Cutting Edge, same trinity of tabs.

Oh, and all of this week’s episodes arrived, on both Cutting Edge and On Demand–though I haven’t watched any of 'em yet.

(Updates Received/Not Received 9/20/18 :: Time Warner Cable :: Albany, NY :: Zip Code 12203)


My cable box rebooted itself. (I love when that happens)

Cutting Edge channel is back and all shows now accounted for. That was bizarre.


Another fine performance by DirecTV for Phoenix, AZ

  • 14 episodes were scheduled for today, 9 have arrived.
  • Everything is incorrectly titled.
  • The following episodes are missing:
    • Heaven's Memo Pad 03, second consecutive week of missing episodes.
    • Photo Kano 13, third consecutive week of missing episodes
    • Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee 23 and 24, third consecutive week...
    • Yozakura Quartet 10, third consecutive week...
  • Ignoring Coicent as special, there are currently 8 active shows. Of these 2 or 25% are complete.
  • The worksheet at is updated.

Those who follow this forum have me worksheet to find episodes. I can’t imagine how other are watching at all.



Frontier VantageTV
Trumbull, CT 06611

One new show/series have been added, listed with (New) before title. Here’s the update to the entire list. Also added are the series episode counts. As of today, 9/20@ 11:00 am, there are now 2092 episodes. The shows currently available for viewing in SD & HD:

AKB0048 - eps 1 to 13
AKB0048: Next Stage - eps 1 to 13
Amagami SS - eps 1 to 26
Amagami SS+ - eps 1 to 13
Another - eps 1 to 12
Arch Angles
Argevollen - eps 1 to 24
Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle - eps 1 to 12
Battle Girl High School - eps 1 to 12
Beautiful Bones/Sakurakos Investigation - eps 1 to 12
Beyond the Boundary - eps 1 to 12
The Big O Season 1 - eps 1 to 13
Black Bullet - eps 1 to 13
Blue Spring Ride - eps 1 to 12
Bodacious Space Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace
Busou Shinki - eps 1 to 13
Action Heroine Cheer Fruits - eps 1 to 12
Chihayafuru season 1 - eps 1 to 25
Chihayafuru season 2 - eps 1 to 25
Chivalry Of a Failed Knight - eps 1 to 12
Clannad - eps 1 to 24
Clannad: After Story - eps 1 to 25
Colorful: The Motion Picture
I Couldn’t Become A Hero - eps 1 to 13
DamePri Anime Caravan - eps 1 to 12
Diabolik Lovers - eps 1 to 12
Diabolik Lovers II - eps 1 to 12
Dynamic Chord - eps 1 to 12
The Familiar of Zero - eps 1 to 13
Food Wars! - eps 1 to 24
Food Wars! The Second Plate - eps 1 to 13
Frame Arms Girl - eps 1 to 12
Gingitsune - eps 1 to 12
Girls Beyond the Wasteland - eps 1 to 12
Girls Und Panzer Der Film
Godzilla vs. Gigan
Grimoire Of Zero - eps 1 to 12
Haikyu!! - eps 1 to 25
High School of the Dead - eps 1 to 12
Himouto! Umaru-Chan - eps 1 to 12
(New) Himouto! Umaru- chan R - eps 1 to 12
Hozuki’s Coolheadedness season 1 - eps 1 to 13
Initial D: The Movie - Legend 1, 2 & 3
Kids on the Slope - eps 1 to 12
Kokoro Connect - eps 1 to 13
K-ON! - eps 1 to 14
K-ON!! - eps 1 to 27
K-ON:The Movie
The Life of Budoru Gusuko
Little Busters! - litter eps 1 to 26
Little Busters! Refrain eps 1 to 13
Little Busyers! EX - eps 1 to 8
Maddock Scramble: The First, Second & Third
Mitsuboshi Colors - eps 1 to 12
Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun - eps 1 to 12
Non Non Biyori - eps 1 to 12
Non Non Biyori Repeat - eps 1 to 12
Parasyte - The Maxim - eps 1 to 24
Persona 4: The Animation - eps 1 to 25
Princess Principal - eps 1 to 12
Rin-Ne - eps 1 to 25
Rin-Ne 2 - eps 1 to 25
Rin-Ne 3 - eps 1 to 25
Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto - eps 1 to 13
Shirobako - eps 1 to 24
Short Peace
Squid Girl - eps 1 to 12
Squid Girl 2 - eps 1 to 12
Strawberry Marshmallow - eps 1 to 12
Taisho Baseball Girls - eps 1 to 12
Takunomi - eps 1 to 12
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - eps 1 to 11
Trinity Seven - eps 1 to 12
Typhoon Noruda
Unlimited Psychic Squad - eps 1 to 12
Utano Prince Sama 1000% - eps 1 to 13
Utano Prince Sama 2000% - eps 1 to 13
Utano Prince Sama Revolutions - eps 1 to 13
Waiting in the Summer - eps 1 to 13
Wizard Barristers - eps 1 to 12
The World God Only Knows - eps 1 to 12


You also got collection 2 of Argevollen (episodes 13-24) correct @Renton721?

It’s listed in your report, but you didn’t make mention of it, so just wanted to make sure.


Well that accounts for the other 24, SD and HD versions. Other than the one listed as “New”, it had to be from an existing series that Frontier added the second half to. That’s why this time I added the episodes. I knew at some point they would add more season episodes rather that a new show (which is easier to pick up on).


Spectrum formerly TWC: Kilauea (Town), Kauai (County), HI 96754

I can confirm that everything that was scheduled for 9-20-18 update has arrived :sunglasses:.

The only error is that now all the episodes for the September updates have extended episode lengths 24-32mins, but it’s only a visual problem except with Heavens Memo Pad Ep1 which runs past 32mins.

As for that missing August 23rd update…unfortunately no miracles occurred, but I managed to watch the missing episodes for the series I wanted finish via streaming service free trial :smile:.


Update to Report for September 20th 2018

Rin-ne Season 2 is gone!


I quit trying to watch a long time ago.
I do however, occasionally, check to see if anything has changed.
For what it’s worth, I DO have ONE anime titled correctly under “Action Zone” … Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee 18.

Until this is fixed, I have a lot of other anime sources I can watch…


DirecTV FL 33563

Haven’t been reporting regularly lately because the channel has become such a giant cluster f and has been for months now. Did they just give up on this channel? I can’t even keep track of all the things that missing or the haphazard way episodes are titled…it’s ridiculous.


The report for this week & all follow-ups was compiled and sent to Anime Network today.

Also on report:

  • DirecTV episode titles instead of anime titles (As of 2 weeks ago, this was pushed to AN Upper Management for investigation)
  • Comcast/Xfinity - duplicate episodes (Yes, these are free episodes that will be introduced for new & existing series to encourage more subscriptions)
  • Comcast/Xfinity - content disappearing despite expiration dates
  • Comcast/Xfinity question about Collection 2s
  • Spectrum episode length.
  • asking about FVOD schedules being out of alphabetical order
  • SVOD schedules incorrect (must use blog instead of online schedule)

NOTE - I will be making these official posts in the Staff Color (purple), so they can be easily spotted from now on.

Please let me know if I’ve missed anything!

Thanks!! :slight_smile: :confounded:


At least that’s one question resolved.


Comcast’s schedule has been updated somewhat. It’s still not 100% as it shows the no longer available Watamote expiring 7/6/19 and a movie I’ve never received Royal Space Force, but a significant improvement nonetheless.

Shaw, Verizon FiOS, Optimum, and Charter Spectrum still have the broken links.

For the other SVOD companies with a functional schedule, I cannot confirm nor deny what has been fixed.

It also appears the schedule for FVOD has been updated for October. (Y’all got Princess Resurrection this month… :worried: )


There have been occasional wishes that more people were active on these forums. Why not occasionally replace the monster/boat bump with one that mentions these forums? You’re not getting any money for that bump anyway and you can still put the TAN tag along with the forum mention.


That honestly would be a wonderful idea. Although, the bump doesn’t appear in Comcast ANOD at all.

Well, except for that one weird K-ON listing…


DirecTV Indiana 46544
Early returns from the Hoosier state:
Here: Anon. Noise 12, Medaka 1 & 2, SCD L2 7 & 8, Windy 7 & 8
Not Here (again!) Heaven’s 5 & 6, Letter Bee 25 (finale), YQ 11
Still Not Here: Everything previously reported as missing…still is.
Observation: It seems to me that either TAN, Mystery Middleman, DTV, or a combination of the three completely abandoned the series Heaven’s Memo Pad, Photo Kano, Letter Bee and Yozakura Quartet. In the entire month of September, only 2 episode from any of these four series arrived. I even attempted to grab the free trial for partner HIDIVE to at least catch up, and even that failed.
I believe the late, great O.A. Phillips put it best: “It ain’t funny”.
EDIT: Including link to the quote, because it’s the right thing to do…


Report for September 27th 2018


Hozuki’s Coolheadedness Season 2 episodes 1 - 13.
(Is this going to be Collection 1 only, or will we be getting Collection 2 in the next couple of months? Curious since Collection 2 just ended in July on streaming sites :thinking: )

Not Received


All devices

Haikyu Season 2 Episodes 14 - 25

Akame Ga Kill Episodes 14 - 26

Rin-ne Season 1 Episodes 13 - 25

Log Horizon Season 1 Episodes 14 - 25

Log Horizon Season 2 Episodes 14 - 25

To Love Ru Season 1 Episodes 14 - 26

Nobunaga The Fool Episodes 13 - 24

Fate/Stay Night Episodes 3, 7, 11, and 13 -24

The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna Episodes 8 and 12

Master box and Mini boxes

Log Horizon S1 ep3

K-ON Season 2 Subbed eps 1,2, and 3

Nobunaga The Fool episodes: 1, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12

Mini boxes

Clannad 13

Strange K-ON listings
Season 1 episode 10 is listed as Season 2 episode 16. The actual S2 ep16 can be selected as well, via “Watch options”.

Season 1 episode 8 (which is now available) still has the incorrect S2 EP 8 listing available under “Watch Options”

Programs with incorrect runtime
These episodes are all inclusive. X1 App, Master Box and Mini boxes

Ika Musume S1 ep 11 I Ink That’s A Doll +2: 16min

Arch Angels the Movie 66 min

Hakiyu S1

  1. Episode 10 Yearning 12 min
  2. Episode 11 Decision 14 min
  3. Episode 12 The Neko-Karasu Reunion 17 min

Corrupt Episode Files
Dynamic Chord ep 10: Video cuts out when characters talk, but subtitles and Anime Network logo stay displayed.

Programs with improperly timed subtitles
DamePri Anime Caravan ep1 (Starting at 6:43 and continuing through through the rest of the episode, the subtitles are one line behind the dialogue


Clannad Season 1 is set to expire in 35 hours.

Comcast Xfinity Intercession City FL 33848
Thanks :grin:


Sorry to hear but how did HiDive fail? Typically the “7 day trial free” version gives you shows ad-free and English dubs. After the trial, I had it for a while, you just get access to English subtitles and ads.