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Anime Network VOD Reports/Updates/Questions Thread (2019)

Spectrum - Los Angeles - 91367

From the Aug 1 update, received the missing episode: Urara Meirocho 8.
Form the Aug 15 update, received everything except Urara Meirocho 10.
For Aug 22, all updates received.


Updates Received/Not Received 8/22/19 :: Time Warner Cable :: Albany, NY :: Zip Code 12203

The short version:

Sorry, gotta run and lay low for a while–Mr. Tonegawa #1 and Mr. Tonegawa #2 have shown up unexpectedly. Damn! I knew I should have paid off that credit card bill in full! Luckily, they haven’t spotted me yet among all the regularly scheduled episodes arriving on Cutting Edge and On Demand, so I’ll just slip past them and be on my way…



DirecTV Phoenix, AZ

  • 2019-08-22 update: It's complicated.
  • Unscheduled arrival: Mr Tonegawa Middle Management Blues, episode 01 and 02.
  • Amagi Brilliant Park 04 is missing from Super Happy Funtime, but....
    • There is a strange new category called "Cutting Edge".
    • Selecting that brings up a listing with one entry "Anime Network".
    • Selecting that brings up a listing with one entry "Supper Happy Funtime".
    • Selecting that brings up a listing with one entry (wait for it) Amagi Brilliant Park 04.
    Maybe I should have listed this as a category error, but the new category is really strange. So something is wrong, and I'm not sure what it is.
  • The episode detail page still does not show the episode title. Pending since 2018-11-29.
  • The worksheet at is updated.


You also have DirecTV and said you have everything. Do you also have the “Cutting Edge” category? If not, what model of receiver do you have?


Report For August 22nd 2019


Ushio And Tora Collection 2 episodes 13-26

Not Received


Programs with incorrect runtime
These episodes are all inclusive. X1 App, Master Box and Mini boxes

Ika Musume S1 ep 11 I Ink That’s A Doll +2: 16min

Programs with improperly timed subtitles
DamePri Anime Caravan ep1 (Starting at 6:43 and continuing through through the rest of the episode, the subtitles are one line behind the dialogue

Programs with no page on X1 boxes. They are available to watch, but you have to search for them

This Boy Can Fight Aliens


Nothing to report at this time.

Comcast Xfinity Intercession City Fl 33848
Thanks :blush:


Damifino. I downloaded using the new arrivals heading (named different on DTV, but I don’t have my TV/DTV system in front of me to get the actual title. May not be able to check for a while, as vacation beckons. Current week’s selections are there to download - that’s all I ever bother checking unless something catches my eye.


OK - Back from TV. New item called Cutting Edge on main menu. Replacement for old Girl Power entry? Note that Action Zone only has one entry - everything else but one is under SHFT. That item (ABP 4, I think) lies a couple of submenus underneath the Cutting Edge item. Oddly enuff, one of those submenus was also called SHFT. Didn’t spot it because it was in its expected place under the Missed It? Watch Now menu. Something’s definitely off, but the content’s all here so I’m satisfied for now.


Here on Spectrum, we have a Channel called “Cutting Edge”, it contains the VOD for:

  • Adult Swim
  • Anime Network
  • IFC
  • Motortrend
  • Paramount Network
  • Viceland
  • TruTV

I wonder if this is something new for DirecTV, or if it’s some sort of glitch. :thinking:



Then you’re seeing exactly the same weirdness that I am.

I have an HR24, which is an older receiver with different software than the current models. It wouldn’t have been the first time I’ve had different results than people with newer models.


The report for this week & all follow-ups was compiled and sent to Anime Network today.

  • episode titles not appearing Pending - screenshots sent
  • Asking about anime folders Frontier says there ARE folders; but sent in your screenshots, now they think there’s an error in their system, stay tuned
  • Busuo Shinki - rescheduled for 2/20/2020

A work in progress == trying to rework details & delivery issues

  • Missing episodes resent 8/9
  • DAMEPRI, Ep 1 - Re-reported
  • Squid Girl, Ep 11 Resent 7/19
  • This Boy Can Fight Aliens - doesn’t appear in menus Resent 7/19

Also on report:

  • SVOD schedules: Many thumbnails broken.

Please let me know if I’ve missed anything!

Thanks!! :sweat_smile:

REMINDER: Next week the report will be sent on Tuesday because of the Labor Day holiday.


Gasp! How dare you do this to us Slow?


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I am the Slowhand - my word is law.

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What’s the deal with the “Cutting Edge” category on DirecTV?


I’ve asked that question. Although it’s probably more of a DirecTV question rather than an Anime Network one.

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Be happy you still have folders. I lost my 3, Super Happy Funtime, Girl Power and Cutting Edge going on 2 years now.


Strange that Xfinity has individual series folders, but Frontier doesn’t. :thinking:

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Just to be picky, the folders are

  • Action Zone
  • Girl Power
  • Super Happy Fun Time

Cutting Edge is a VOD channel on Spectrum. Not sure what it is on DirecTV yet.


I’m not complaining especially when it comes to getting more for less but why is it I have more shows listed, see my last post, than what is listed on TAN website for Frontier. Like, I have The Big-O and K-ON! season 1, 2 & The Movie but they’re not listed on the schedule. And the schedule has School-live and the Dragons Dentist and those are not in my Frontier list. Does Frontier have different shows depending on your geographic location? Maybe that’s where my folders disappeared to :grin:


The SVOD Provider schedules here on the Anime Network site are completely and utterly erroneous. You can not use them as a reference at all. Why are they still there? Apparently, the people who designed them (who are no longer with the company) made it virtually impossible for them to be tweaked at all and just getting a bare minimum of info up is a chore in itself.

And, before you all bombard me with suggestions on how to fix this, it ain’t gonna happen. It is what it is. There aren’t enough employees to go around.

I wish I had a better answer or even some reference for you so you could check to see what you’re supposed to have. The monthly SVOD blogs only list the new shows that are coming out - so as far as I know there is no “Master List” of current anime episodes.

NOTE: This does not apply to the FVOD schedules which are usually current. Not counting the rogue Mr. Tonegawa from this last week.



Thank you for answering my question :grinning:. I guess the best way to know accurately what is on each cable systems VOD is the input from people like us.