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Since I’ll probably never be able to do it in real life, might as well post it here:

(Reason being I’m a pretty good plotter, but I’m not a writer and my artistic talent is scribbles at its best)

If I were to make an anime this would be the one I’d want to see:

Title: The Zone Guardians

Genres: Action, Romance, Drama, Science Fiction

Background Story: Around 1000 years ago from the current time (Right now not sure if I want to do an alternate timeline Earth or set up my own world(s) for it) there was an accident that occurred in the space / time continuum that linked 4 alternate timelines together. The 4 timelines intersect at the place where the initial accident took place.

-Each zone has corresponding Guardians (They’re sort of like a special Police unit) assigned to protect it, and one special Guardian who is allowed to Act within any of the Zones. There are certain conditions that need to be met to create / choose the special Guardian, and only the center Zone has never had a special Guardian, until now.

The 4 intercrossing timelines are:

-The Center Zone
This is the world where the accident took place, everything works here (Science, Technology, Magic, Psionics) but is limited to an area roughly 250 sq miles.

(Guardians here are known as Observers)
(Special Guardian is known as the Silentwalker)

-The Psi-Zone

 A world totally based on the powers of the mind, this world is based on Native American Society and total harmony with nature has been achieved. Even living in Harmony with Nature, individuals have differing opinions on how to achieve that goal, and while the telepathic sect are the ones that are in control, their numbers are few. 

(Guardians here are known as Sojourners)
(Special Guardian is known as the Sightseer)

-The Tech Zone

Both the good and downsides of Technology has been achieved here. A society of the haves and have nots. While technology has made everyones' lives easier, only the privileged get the full access to it.

(Guardians here are known as Controllers)
(Special Guardian is known as the Scientist)

-** The Mana Zone**

 Basically your Medieval society based totally on magic, almost everything is achievable through magic, and Mystic items abound everywhere that take care of mundane tasks for people.

(Guardians here are known as Grimoires)
(Special Guardian is known as the Spellcaster)

The story revolves around your typical anime High School student from the Center Zone who just happens to be at the right place at the right time and helps rescue a sword maiden from the mana zone who is on a diplomatic mission in the center zone. Sword Maidens have a unique ability that allows them to bond with someone, which grants the person they bond with, great abilities.

So to save her life and basically find out who is trying to kill her, she soul bonds with our hero which grants him great powers , and she basically hides in his soul. He becomes the Silentwalker for the center zone because of this.


Love it! Nice concept and I like the way everything connects.