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This seems like you writing a story rather than giving ideas for one. :laugh:
One of my friends and I came up for an anime idea last week, inspired by a shirt he was wearing. It would be a comedy, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue: Please bear with me if it sounds stupid, we were just thinking of things off the top of our head. :blush:

Happy Samurai:
The main character, who is a male samurai, rides into a village on a bear that has a monocle and possibly a top-hat. The bear can speak perfect english in a British type of voice, and no one but the Happy Samurai can understand him, but the Happy Samurai cannot speak english back, only Japanese.
Basically the idea is based around violent and/or unconventional events that happen around the Happy Samurai and his “bear-steed” without them noticing half of the time. The other half of the time, he is called on by the villagers to help with a problem, and (usually) solves it in a mysteriously odd and hilarious manner.
Anything beyond that you be going into more detail than we originally did. :dry:

On the same note, I hope the story I am currently writing (not this one) get’s turned into an anime; though, that is a very long shot. :blush:


I have been watching princess tutu and have saw all 26 episodes so far. Myself, along with others here, and on other anime forums, want to see princess tutu brought back forever. I am working on that idea and when I get the storyline finished, I will post the storyline in this thread. I have started already and have the best idea to bring her back permanently. My main idea to bring her back is to use Fakir combined with a tiny fragment of Mutto’s heart pendant and a part of the love shard that Mutto gives to tutu combined with the hope that duck used to save the town from being crows forever.


Well, not sure if anyone wants me to continue any of the stories I have going here, but let me know if you do.

I do have a story in mind for a vampire/werewolf/ other monsters going through my mind.

The title for the series would be called Fireblood.

In the not so distant future, it becomes known that vampires and such have been living with normal people for a long time. However, it is also become known of how complex that existence has been.

For not only have there been vampires, werewolves, and other ‘beast men’, but holy and not so holy groups of people who work against or with them.

One very large group has taken the reigns of controlling the relationship between monsters and man. It was the group that was hidden the most in the background, yet now appears as the best hope for all sentient beings on earth. It is called The Order of the Fireblood. It consists of monsters and humans of every type.

The story would start ten years after the reality was revealed. It would start by following a 15 year old human female of mixed races (Japanese and something else) riding a bus into a guarded but large city. The city of New Dawn is the biggest experiment of human/monster coexistence. However, she and her fellow teenagers are not to thrilled about going to this city or its joint high school. Four years ago, they were part of Templar order bent on destroying all monsters.

Flash back four years. In a town somewhere near the border of China and Mongolia, there is a secluded Templar base. The government of both nations support them as they vowed to cleanse unwanted monsters. The children of the Templar are taught blind hatred to all monsters. One night, as the girl and her fellow 11 year olds are preparing for bed, she looks up into the night sky and sees a flying snake like creature. She couldn’t get a good look at it, but the fire ball it shot out destroyed a protective barrier around the town.

Suddenly the town is being swarmed by zombies that came from several villages that mysteriously disappeared earlier. In with the zombies are sub vampires and sub werewolves. A few beast men are in the mix as well. What looked like a grisly slaughter for everyone was broken up by the last second from an rescue attack from the outside.

She remembers shots from a holy pistol tearing through the zombies approaching the kids. A few people with odd blank but happy expressions charged through the zombies easily crushing them. One fifteen year old human male of unknown heritage was the one firing the pistol. He wore the uniform of a Paladin of the Sherwood Order. He also carried a true silver sword that worked well against any monster. He was unnaturally fast, but she knew he was human. The others helping him she could not tell. One of the somewhat blank expression females kept close to the young man. He was giving orders to protect the children, and he called the others ‘Franksteins’.

Suddenly, though it was night, daylight reigned from the heaven’s. Special satellites helped redirect some sunlight to the battle. All the creature’s were weakened and crushed. As far as the flying worm, there was a sudden flash and a quick shadow, and the worm fell from the sky. Where it landed, fire started. Where drops of its blood landed, the area began to slowly burn…

Her order was saved by members of the Fireblood Order. In repayment, four years later, she ‘agreed’ to go the school where humans and monsters will learn to live together.

Her part in the school will include being in the school discipline committee. This group of humans and monsters will keep the peace in the school. They will go in teams of two, one human and one monster.

Characters will include her, some of Templar buddies, some other humans, and some monsters. One will be her partner, a beast woman who can turn into a panther like creature. There will be werewolves and vampires and some other beast creatures.

One of the other main characters will be the Student Council President who is also on the committee. She is powerful thought still ‘young’ vampire. And to the shock of the first character, the vampire’s partner is the male who rescued her four years ago. However, he only looks roughly two years older.

She has to get over her hatred of monsters. The lead vampire has to get over her distaste of humans, especially human men. The lead male has to get use to making friends (very nice guy and has book knowledgeable but lacks in some social skills). A slight haremish flavor could revolve around him. The maid woman who sticks to him can add humor to that. They have to deal with several issues, but the over all arc reveals that vampires might not be the top monster out there…

I have also worked out how the vampires and werewolves and beast people work. It is a bit different than some versions, but I am mixing some things and adding my own.


Just as long as the vampires don’t “sparkle”.


No sparkle.

There are two types of vampires: A true vampire and a sub vampire.

A sub vampire comes from a human who was turned into a vampire by a true vampire. The process is a bit tricky and most likely would fail for most humans. In other words, most people would die instead of being turned. These sub vampires cannot be in sunlight (burst into flame), do crave blood more than a true vampire, and cannot control certain ‘magics’. They are also not able to reproduce naturally or turn others.

True vampires are born as vampires or were sub vampires who managed to turn into true vampires (which is very hard to do). These vampires are fewer in number, but can be in sunlight (don’t sparkle and they rather hate it as it weakens them), can have children with other true vampires, and can control some magic. More powerful vampires can control blood magic, like how blood is used in Deadman Wonderland. The Vampire Counts can even strike with a blood spell to put a bit of their blood into a target, take control of the targets blood, and do some interesting things with that. All vampires appear attractive in order to lure in prey…

Werewolves are similar in they have sub and true forms. The true forms are very fast and have almost beyond natural senses. They have great resistance to most magics, except the blood magic is still dangerous to them. However, they cannot be turned into vampires and vampires cannot be turned into werewolves. No mixing there.

Beast people are randomly created by the magics of the world. Some can reproduce, but they have normal human kids. Their powers vary, but they usual are weaker than a respective true vampire or werewolf.

Zombies exist, but most monsters and humans would destroy an outbreak immediately. Some bad people know spells to control them though.

The Order of the Fireblood has very advance technology, including cybernetic enhancements on the nanotech level. They also were the ones who found Frankenstein’s monster. One question does come up on where the order got their technology.


There is a lot going on there! But it sounds interesting.


Hehe, thought of this today.

Classic waking from coma one to a bit of a harem one, but with a nasty twist.

Okay, it would start off with a young teen waking from a coma out in a country hospital. The first thing he sees is two friends from his old home in the city.

He remembers the city, and that he moved to the country after certain events occurred. Let’s just say, he defended himself well.

Turns out he has forgotten the last three months of being out in the country town. His friends from the city leave and he introduced to the friends he had forgotten.

It will have a haremish feel as several of the girls from the country seem to be after him. However, throughout the series, he is haunted by a very scary ghost of a girl. And I mean a freaky ghost.

Also, deaths start to occur around him. Some the girls in the harem die, some of the guys near him die, and it is not pretty. Also, hints that something is definitely not right keep popping up.

Edit: I guess I should mention he would be suspected of some the murders. Also, he will think he is going insane at one point.

[spoiler]Turns out during the first three months of his time there, he saved one girl from being unjustly bullied. This guy is nice but also has a no nonsense attitude and he was too much for the school to resist. The girl fell in love with him for it, though he did not quite feel the same ways to her. He was honest about it, and she respected that.

But right after he got injured saving a kid in the street, she was murdered. The kids in the school secretly plan to kill him next, but they still fear him (he is surprisingly strong). Once they found out about the amnesia, they cooked up a plan. The plan was spoiled by the ghost of the girl whom they murdered.

In the end, the boy returns to the city, and all the girls of the harem are either dead, imprisoned, or insane. No one knows for sure if they ever really liked him.[/spoiler]


:laugh: That is really twisted Red!


One that I thought of awhile back

It would be a futuristic anime but it stems from a famous Dr. Who quote. It roughly says, “Very advance technology looks like magic while very advance magic looks like technology.”

Well, here it is advance magic and technology. In Japan one young got get em high school girl techno mage starts a club to find rare ancient magical items. The main reason why, real magic is disappearing in the world. It would have a classic group of characters, including a silent but smart guy in it. During the first fun first episodes, there is some real danger, but they manage and the silent guy really helps. The dangerous things they find disappear too, much to the main characters surprise. She starts to like the guy.

Things get interesting when she follows a girl that just looks like the guy after seeing her pass by in the streets. She ends up seeing this girl try to kill her guy but the nasty fight leaves him victorious. The truth is, the guy is not quite ‘real’.

Way back before written history, a demon of sorts had enough magic power to destroy the world but needed to posses a person to do it. However, after possessing a young boy, the boy’s body was trapped in a inescapable magical sphere. That sphere was hidden somewhere on earth. Though the boy and demon could not leave the sphere, the boy managed to create ‘copies’ of people with kindred souls. These copies worked to collect items that would guard the sphere and fight the demon should it escape (even if it meant killing him).

The boy the main girl is involved is one of those copies. However, the demon has figured it out and is making its own ‘copies’. They work to break through the prison and open the sphere. Now she must decide if she wants to help or not, and with magic disappearing, what could it all mean?

[spoiler]If it is a 13 episode one, the 8th episode would be a trap for everybody. I could see a good female ‘copy’ being approached by one of the real male characters. She isn’t speaking, and right when he gets close, the main ‘copy’ throws him back as a sword goes through her chest and nearly into him. The main ‘copy’ stops the sword with a magic hand, says sorry to the female ‘copy’ and he casts a spell. Her body is ripped to shreds, but the her blood turns into spears and fly at the attackers and destroys them. Then her blood and body disappear as they were never ‘really’ there.

Evil copies and evil people are attacking. The main ‘copy’ that everyone follows throughout the earlier episodes gets the good folk through one door to safety, but then closes it while he is one the other side. The main girl does not notice this. The fight that follows should be EPIC AS IT CAN GET. The real powerful evil copy gets destroyed quickly, as ‘skill’ counts more than raw power. However, the end of the fight is the main ‘copy’ self destructing and taking quite a few with him. His last words were, “Thanks, (main girls name), you made me actually feel alive.” Right before he blows up, the viewers get a flash of some image, and he thinks, “I see…”

Well, the girl finds out from the explosion what happened is understandably upset. The remaining copies and her group also find out that the sphere is starting to fail. They rush to where it is hidden, much to the confusion of others, but the world itself seems to know something is wrong. Some cool fight scenes occur, all of the ‘copies’ good and bad disappear one way or another, and the demon/boy gets free from the sphere and easily smashes through the items that were placed around it all through the eons.

But when all hope seems lost, the girl realizes something. The main ‘copy’ spoke once of catch 22 traps. The sphere guarding the demon was absorbing the worlds magic like a powerful vacuum in order to sustain itself. The world needs magic though. That is why there are fewer real mages, as the world is taking there magic. Now with the sphere gone, the world can suck magic back, and the best thing to get it from is the demon. The demon’s power spills out and disperses throughout the world at such a rate it destroys the demon. An image of the boy is left, and he thanks the group for their help.

After the last end credits, the girl at home is surprised to see the image of the boy. He tells her thanks again, and mentions that the ‘copy’ she loved was truly based off a real person. And as a ‘gift’, suddenly there is a guy in her room. He must of been in the middle of something and is greatly confused, but it is the real guy the ‘copy’ came from. Though he doesn’t speak Japanese, she knew things were going to work out.[/spoiler]


Seeing all these, “Power to make a wish” animes, it got me thinking of what type of twist I would do with one of those shows.

I can see it now…

A young newly turned fourteen old stumbles into a fighting arena that seems out of this world. He has discovered a fighting tournament that is held once every 50 years. The location is random in the world, but local and a few not local participates are called to fight. The prize at the end is the granting of one wish. Each player gets certain ‘powers’ while fighting in the ‘field of battle’ to make things more even and interesting.

How powerful is this wish? There are some rules: Can’t become immortal or a god, but the boy looks through the history books and sees several very powerful and long lived people that shouldn’t have had such strength or long life. Can’t bring anyone back from the dead unless they died in the tournament one fought in. There is more, but it is pretty powerful and one could even wish to ‘rule the world’. Some have even wished to be able to use their powers in the real world. (Note here, the history of this world is very different from ours).

Seeing how twisted some things in the world he lives had become, the boy decides to fight and try to save the corrupt world.

Each fighter participating should be given the coolest of make overs and tools to be iconic figures to say the least. The fights should be very entertaining.

In the tournament, the winner is completely healed and moves on while the loser of the match is either killed or had yielded. Yielding results in losing any memory of the tournament (but not the injuries to the boys surprise). Another catch, one cannot be knocked unconscious while fighting on the field of battle. Most fighters refuse to yield and some don’t accept yields (to the boys surprise). Did this boy get into something he shouldn’t?..

[spoiler]Heck ya. The ‘blank’ gets real scene should come fairly early in the series. The boy has several friends. One of his best friends is the ‘down to earth’ guy who brings out obvious points about what the main character talks about. That friend’s year younger sister is a love interest of the boy.

The main character wins a round in the tournament against another acquaintance who actually yielded. But before he leaves the ‘field’ he sees his girl entering. Back in the real world he gets concerned. He sees the person whom he just fought being put into an ambulance due to the wounds he received. The person does not know what happened. Now very concerned, he rushes to his friend’s house, only to find his friend holding the completely shattered body of the sister. This is where he finds out some fighters don’t accept ‘yields’.

Things go on. He fights friends that he didn’t realize had entered, and who also refuse to yield. One sweet girl in the show ends up crippled and she doesn’t remember why. Things get very bleak. He wonders if he should make his original wish to try to fix the corrupted world in some way (i.e. become ruler or ban all weapons of mass destruction or something like that), or if he should bring back his friends, or something else.

One character who tries to help the boy is quickly removed, but later is revealed to have been more of a heavenly helper. Before ‘disappearing’, the helper reveals the wish of one previous winner. There was a war that claimed the lives of most in her family while she was little. She wished that the ruler of the hostile nation was never born. It was granted, but the war was fought anyways, and she was never born as a result. The family she tried to save did exist, but was killed again.

He also finds out the hosts of the tournament are actually demons of sorts. The fights are to bring out the worst in humanity. The last episode has a major twist!

[spoiler]The boy makes it to the last match! He is still not sure what he is going to wish for, but he is bound and determined to make sure his friends did not die in vain. The person he faces has never shown his face in the tournament as he is magically disguised. He also entered a little bit later than everyone else, but within the deadline. The fight is epic, the boy goes all out, and then… he has an arm ripped off. He still fights. A leg is broken. He still fights. He loses an eye. He still fights. His lungs get punctured. He refuses to yield. Then the masked warrior says in his best friends voice, “Well, at least you didn’t lose hope.” The boy gets his head whacked off.

This takes place about 3/5 the way into the last episode. The end credits run. Then the audience is back following the boy through the streets. You see most of his friends, but not all. The big glaring thing is pointed out is that history seems to now be like actual history. The boy meets with this friend and his friend’s sister and they start having a fun conversation. But when seeing an anime that has a ‘power to make a wish’ theme, the boy asks his friend what wish would he make? His friend answered, “Those shows make me sick. No one should have the power to try to play God. My wish would be that the power to make wishes like that to never have existed…” The show fades with the ‘heavenly’ helper smiling at the group.

In an OVA or something, I could see the friend making his wish and the ‘demons’ sayiny, “Wait, the tournament must go on so you can’t wish for it to stop.” The friend says back, “I didn’t wish for it to stop, my wish would mean it would have never started. I see no rules against that.” The demons are forced to concede.[/spoiler][/spoiler]


Good ideas Red. I should be afraid if you ever get the money to actually make these! :laugh: :laugh:


I am working on my own storylines for Princess Tutu sequels and prequels, along with a story I have to rewrite and figure out how to write a screenplay for that I wrote for Junior English class. My Princess Tutu prequel is started; here’s what I have so far…

Ahiru’s Song: A New Chapter of Princess Tutu
Story By: John Meadows
Characters By: Ikuko Itoh
Warning: Slight Adult Language Inside
Chapter 1
“Who am I…? What am I…? Am I… human? Or duck? Or Princess Tutu?” All these thoughts were racing through Ahiru’s head after she gives Mytho the last heart shard and goes back to being a duck. After she dances as a duck and gives the Prince enough time to destroy the Raven; Ahiru wonders whether she made the right choice giving Mytho his last heart shard… As she is trying to decide if what she did was right, memories come rushing in her mind like a hurricane. She remembers things about her life as a duck, and even before her first memory as a duck; the memory of being hatched; she remembers being… human… This is the story of Ahiru; everything that happened to her before she became Princess Tutu and moved into Gold Krone Town…
It is five years before Herr Drosselmeyer has an idea for his first story, and Ahiru has just turned twenty-one years old. She is in school at Matsui Ballet Studio. She lives in Kyoto. Her real name is… “Oh, crap! I can’t remember, but maybe it will come back to me later,” Aoiro Metsuki thinks. “Ah ha! Finally remembered, my name used to be… Aoiro Metsuki. My name is Japanese for…‘Blue Eyes’. I loved that name because it suits me just fine, but what happened to turn me into a duck, how did I get here in this town, what was that huge black thing in the sky, who are all these people?” Aoiro wonders.
“Ahiru!” she hears screaming in her ears as if from a long distance. “Are you alright?” she hears again. When she finally gets back on her feet, she sees the sweetest sight before her; the raven destroyed, the townspeople normal, Mytho and Rue standing before her and the best sight of all; she sees Fakir standing over her wounded body with a very worried look in his eyes, tears watering his beautiful green eyes. At that moment, she knows she will love him for the rest of her life, and will always stay by his side no matter what happens. “Of course,” she thinks; “I already fell head over heels for him the first time I met him, when Mytho hurt his ankle catching me when I tripped, I was about to tell him everything, but then he had to go and be a jerk to me.” As all these thoughts are going through Aoiro’s head, Fakir is smirking to himself because he can see Aoiro smiling with a whole lot of love in her eyes; he knows just what she’s smiling about, he can tell she loves him.
While this is going on; Aoiro’s thoughts float back to before she became a duck, to her past life as Aoiro… “I know what I’m going to do today,” Aoiro thought aloud. “I’m going to go visit my boyfriend in the hospital. He really is an idiot, jumping in front of that horse to push that child out of the way, if I ever get the chance to sacrifice myself to save others, I won’t do anything.” Little did she know that she would get that chance, and by her inactivity; her whole world would be flipped upside down and inside out for years to come. One chance meeting with a stranger will make her whole outlook on life change forever and she will forget she ever had a boyfriend, she will forget all her friends and family, she will forget her present life… forever.
Back in ballet class, her teacher introduces two new transfer students; Pique and Lillie. At first, they seem like they’re just a couple of regular girls, always chasing after boys, blowing off doing their homework, skipping school to go to market and all around making fun of everybody else that they don’t like. Aoiro immediately likes them because they have the same attitude that she does. “Hi, my name is Aoiro, why don’t you two let me show you around school?” asks Aoiro. “I would, but I don’t associate with geeks,” replied Pique. “Weirdo,” states Lillie. After she gets rejected and dissed in this un poetic way, Aoiro decides to never befriend anybody, she decides to only communicate with her boyfriend, which she tries to do by writing him a love letter; which the teacher sees and reads the letter to the entire class. “Ahem! Everybody, Aoiro has a boyfriend that injured himself saving a young child, how… stupid of that idiot moron to almost get himself killed over a child?!” exclaims Ms. Dog. Ms. Dog is a 35 year old female Daschund that was originally in love with a certain wizard; that is until he started an experiment to turn humans into animals. His first subject; that Ms. Dog knows about; is a male ballet teacher that always got left at the altar whenever a girl accepted his marriage proposals. The wizard decided to combine this teacher with a purple colored cat. This teacher is now known as Mr. Cat and he teaches ballet at the Kinkan Academy of Fine Arts. Mr. Cat has several pupils under him and every time one of them make a mistake, his favorite saying is; “If you don’t get this right, I shall have you ma… ma… marry me right this instant!” As you can see, he is very excited about marriage. The wizard’s next subject was Ms. Dog herself, because she witnessed him experimenting with Mr. Cat. The wizards name is… Herr Drosselmeyer. After turning those two into animals, he decides to try his hand at writing stories. The first story he wrote was called “The Prince and the Raven”, which unexpectedly came to life in the town. When the events in his story came to life, he decided to write tragedies because his true love was his tragedy, she caught him experimenting with human/animal hybrids, and made her a hybrid himself.
Now we return to Aoiro’s story. After class, she is walking back to her house, when suddenly she hears a very sinister laugh coming from the bushes surrounding the roadway. As she is walking, she begins to pick up her pace little by little until, suddenly, she finds herself in a full-on football run. After a few minutes, the laughing ends, and Aoiro finds herself at home. She enters the house and finds that… her mother and father and her entire family has been murdered. “Why!!!” she screams at nobody at all. After she gets all her anger out, she finds the courage to go to the neighbor’s house, who is the police chief. Aoiro reports the murder to Mr. Meadows; whose hair is the soft green of a grassy field, his eyes the color of moss, his figure represents a small elephant, but all muscles. As she is reporting the murder, she hears that sinister laugh again. She asks Mr. Meadows if he hears anything. “Hear what,” Mr. Meadows asks. “You mean to tell me that you don’t hear that sinister laugh, Mr. Meadows?” queries Aoiro. “No, I don’t hear anything at all,” replies Mr. Meadows. “Damn it! I must be going crazy,” stated Aoiro.
After Aoiro leaves Mr. Meadows office, she decides to go visit her boyfriend, but when she gets to the hospital, he has left a message at the Nurse’s Station that Aoiro not be allowed to visit him anymore. She wonders why he said that, until she gets back home; where she finds a letter in the mailbox for her from him. She reads the letter aloud. “Aoiro, Sweetie, I’m sorry I have to do this in a letter and not in person. I think we would both be better off if we broke up and just remained friends. I can’t bear the pain of knowing that the girl I love will never help anybody at all; you wouldn’t even help me if I asked for your help. That’s why I am breaking up with you until you can learn to sacrifice your needs and start helping others. Love, Sergio Drosselmeyer”.
“Well, we have a HUGE plot twist here, who would have thought that Aoiro, the heroine of this story would be going out with my nephew.” exclaimed Drosselmeyer. Back at Aoiro’s house; she’s in her bedroom throwing everything she owns all over the floor in a fit of rage. When Mr. Meadows hears the ruckus, he comes running over and asks Aoiro why she’s doing this, is she upset about her entire family being murdered, or is her rage because of something else? Aoiro states that she is angry because her family is dead and because now, her boyfriend breaks up with her and he doesn’t even has the decency to tell her in person. “Well,” says Mr. Meadows. “Why don’t you spend the night with me at my house and we’ll sort this mess out in the morning.” “Thank you, but no thanks,” replied Aoiro. “I’ll be fine at my own house, my mother and father left it to me in their will, you know,” replies Aoiro. “How do you intend to pay the taxes on it,” Mr. Meadows asks Aoiro. “I’ll find a way to make enough money to survive,” replies Aoiro.
After she leaves Mr. Meadows’ house, she goes back home to sit on her bed and think about her future. The next day when she wakes up, she gets dressed for school. She wears some yellow shorts with ruffles that look like wings on the sides of them. They are her favorite pair of shorts because they remind her of the beautiful ducklings that she feeds in the pond behind her house. With these shorts, she wears a long sleeve white blouse that has yellow ruffles on the wrists. She loves this outfit and has three sets of them; she wears this outfit at least three times a week. During third period; which is gym class for Aoiro; Mr. Meadows comes to school to talk with Aoiro.
“We found more evidence about your family’s murder, Aoiro,” states Mr. Meadows. “We found white hairs and several different colored feathers in the living room. We also found the same evidence on your parents’ bodies, in the bedroom and all through the house,” stated Mr. Meadows. “Drosselmeyer’s signature hair and hat decorations,” replied Aoiro. “We already did forensic studies on the feathers from his hat and neither his hair nor those feathers match the feathers and hairs found as evidence,” states Mr. Meadows. “But, the evidence did match one person in his family,” Mr. Meadows tells Aoiro. “Who?” asks Aoiro. “The evidence matched his father’s preferences perfectly,” states Mr. Meadows. “You mean to tell me that Herr Drosselmeyer Senior is the person that killed my family?” asked Aoiro. “That’s just what I’m saying,” replies Mr. Meadows. “Then that means… that means that Ser… Ser… Sergio has heard rumors about his family wanting to do this,” Aoiro thinks out loud. “I’ll have to go ask him if he heard anybody in his family planning this, but he told me to stay away from him and his family. But, I’m not going to let him bully me around like this, I’m going to go visit him and make certain he’s alright,” exclaims Aoiro. When she gets to the hospital, she marches up to the nurses’ station and asks where Sergio Drosselmeyer’s room is located. The nurse on duty states that she is only allowed to let immediate family visit Sergio because his injuries are life threatening. Aoiro states that she is his girlfriend and the nurse lets her go visit Sergio’s room. When she gets there, she sees Sergio in an oxygen tent with tubes running from everywhere off his body to weird machines that she don’t know what they control. When she sees Sergio like this, she lays her head close to his and falls asleep crying. “Oh Sergio; what’s wrong with me? Why didn’t I jump in front of that car instead of you? I would give anything to change places with you right now, I wish I could let you know how I feel,” exclaims Aoiro.
After this exchange with her boyfriend, Aoiro left the hospital and went to her car. She drives a 1995 Saleen S-281 Mustang that her parents got her for her sixteenth birthday. When she gets to her car; she finds a letter stuck under her windshield wiper. “I wonder who this is from,” Aoiro thought to herself. She pulls the letter out and begins to get sick to her stomach as she reads the horrific words written in red ink. The letter says; “I have killed your entire family because you refused to stop my nephew from getting hurt, he told me something else about you; you’re carrying his child.” Aoiro reads this news and laughs very loud. When she gets home, she finds a letter in her mailbox from her doctor’s office. She pulls the letter out and tears it open really fast. While she is reading the letter, her heart starts beating really fast and she breaks into a cold sweat while her hand instinctively covers her stomach. The letter from her doctor’s office stated just what the letter under her windshield wiper stated, Aoiro was indeed pregnant… by Drosselmeyer’s nephew… her baby would be an indirect descendant of Drosselmeyer. Through this child will come the person known as Autor.
When Aoiro is finished reading the letter, she rolls it up in a ball and screams her lungs out until her throat hurts. After she screams off her frustration and anger, Aoiro rushes out the front door; forgetting to lock it in her hurry to get away from all the pain and suffering she is going through. Aoiro dashes too her car and speeds off down the road, not even making sure that the road is clear. As she squeels out of her driveway, two cars coming from her left almost collide with each other because Aoiro was too upset to watch for oncoming traffic.
Aoiro decided to go to Mr. Meadows’ office and try to help him find her families’ murderer. When Aoiro gets to his office, she finds it in such a clutter that she can’t even get inside far enough to sit down at his desk. “Why are you here,” asks Mr. Meadows. “I have stopped by to see if you’ve discovered anything else about my family’s murder,” replies Aoiro. “That’s why I haven’t been able to straighten my office today, all these files are unsolved murders with the same evidence,” states Mr. Meadows sadly. “You mean to tell me that my family wasn’t the only one killed by these creeps,” asks Aoiro. “Yes, your family isn’t the only one murdered; and even weirder is the fact that after we got involved and were close to solving these murders, the daughters of every one of these family’s disappeared and were never found anywhere,” sighs Mr. Meadows. “You mean to tell me that every family murdered had a daughter that vanished into thin air, as if the daughters of every murdered family never even existed,” asks Aoiro. “That’s exactly what I’m saying, and I think it would be best if we put you into Protective Custody and gave you a new home, new identity and new life,” stated Mr. Meadows. “Alright, I’ll go into Protective Custody, if only to save my life and catch these murdering cowards,” Aoiro stammers in reply.
As they are discussing this new turn of events, there are a pair of ears listening. They hear Mr. Meadows give Aoiro her new name, her new address and her new vehicle. After he hears this, he rushes back to Gold Crown Town to report to his master this tragic turn of events. He knows when he reports to his master, he will not be pleased that Aoiro is trying to wriggle her way out of his control. He knows that when he reports this to his master, he will get rid of the little puppet. When he gets back to Drosselmeyer’s house, we notice that this person is 5 feet 10 inches tall, wears green pants, wears a white dress shirt with a light blue dinner jacket. His name is Mr. Ladle. He is a puppet controlled by Drosselmeyer.

Chapter 2
Mr. Ladle gets back to Drosselmeyer’s house and reports that Aoiro will be called Ahiru. She will be moving to Kinkan Academy of Fine Arts, where she will be studying ballet. When she leaves Mr. Meadows’ office, she notices somebody in a black step van watching her every move. What she doesn’t notice is that it’s Drosselmeyer himself watching her and planning some very evil revenge. Drosselmeyer is trying to decide if he will kill her, experiment with her or just turn her into an animal permanently. As Drosselmeyer tries to make up his mind what to do with Ahiru, he decides to write a story. He title’s his story “The Prince and the Raven”. As he’s making the outline, Ahiru is getting her things packed for the move to Gold Krone Town. She can’t decide what to take, so she packs just the bare essentials, her white dress with blue stripes and white shirt, her yellow shorts and white sweater with yellow ruffles and the most importantly, her ballet shoes.
When she gets done packing, she calls Mr. Meadows and informs him that she’s ready to go to Gold Krone Town and her new ballet school. Mr. Meadows states that he’ll be there in about thirty minutes, he has an errand to run on his way to her house. Before he gets there though, Ahiru’s life will change for the worse; as Drosselmeyer is already hiding in the bushes. While waiting, Ahiru decides to go for a walk and feed the Koi fish she has been taking care of for her family. While walking, she doesn’t notice that Drosselmeyer is following in the shadows and writing in a notebook.
“Ahiru went walking to the Koi pond on her property and fed the fish when she got there. After she fed the fish, she was walking in the forest and happened upon a fawn caught in some vines. Ahiru walks over to the fawn and rips the vines off him, but in the process, she cuts her hand. Little did she know, those vines were magical and turned everybody they cut into ducks.” “Ah hahahahaha!” laughed Drosselmeyer. “You have until you get to Academy in Gold Krone Town before you transform into a duck, but I must get ready, because I have decided to move there as well.” While Drosselmeyer takes his leave, Mr. Meadows arrives in his car and drives Ahiru to Gold Krone Town Academy and enrolls her in the Ballet division. The semester doesn’t start for a few weeks, so she decides to go exploring.
As Ahiru is out walking, she hears a voice cry out in terror. She decides to go investigate what’s happening that doesn’t involve her. When she gets around the corner, in front of the Pizzeria, she sees five guys robbing the most beautiful male she ever saw. He was 5 feet 11 inches tall, had dirty-blond hair, emerald green eyes that every girl that looked into got drawn into, and was very muscular. She runs over to his side with no thought whatsoever of her own safety and scares of his attackers. After his attackers leave, Ahiru bends down and takes his hand to help him stand up. When he stands up, he says in a very hoarse voice, “Thank y-y-you, miss; uh… what is your name?” Ahiru replies, “My name is Ahiru, but you may call me Duck.” The mysterious guy says again, “Thank you, Miss Duck,” and falls unconscious against her chest. When he falls against her chest, Ahiru blushes at such close contact.

Later that night, after he regains his strength, he comes out of his coma and sees the most beautiful girl sitting on the bed bandaging his wounds. “Miss Duck, I would like to thank you again for everything you’re doing for me, you don’t have to trouble yourself with me anymore, I’m fine, thanks to you intervening.” “It was no trouble for me, I wanted to do something because you were unconscious and I couldn’t leave you there because those people might have come back and finished you off.” Ahiru replied. “By the way, I got your name, but I haven’t told you mine; my name is John, John Meadows,” John stated. After John told Ahiru his name, he looks right into her eyes and they both start to blush. “John, may I ask you something,” Ahiru queries. “You can ask me anything,” John replies. “John, what do you think of me,” asked Ahiru. Blushing John stated, “I think you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met in my life; and your also very sweet, kind and tenderhearted.”
After John states his thoughts about Ahiru, she blushes again, then asks; “John, what would you say if I ask to keep checking on your wounds, would you allow me the honor?” “I would be honored if you would, just so I could keep seeing you every day, Miss Duck,” John replies.


From the tournament story I posted one page back, I can see a scene very clearly.

It would be one of the later fights. On one side is one of the girls that the main character has taken a strong interest in. Her extra power is that she can teleport. She is facing the character that the main faces at the end. This masked figure seems to have enhanced senses, faster reflexes, and some predicting abilities.

The fight starts off with her trying to surprise the masked figure, but she is unable to truly get into a good position. He seems to know where she is going to end up. The both exchange some blows, but the fight seemed to start to go her way. I can see it very clearly,

[spoiler]You hear her train of thoughts. You see how determined she is to win the tournament, protect the main character and some others, get revenge on this guy. She starts repeating to herself, “I am going to win for them! I AM GOING TO WIN FOR THEM! Just a bit closer, Just a bit Closer, JUST A BIT CLOSER, JUST A BI…”

She is standing next to the masked man right after he made some move as she popped up next to him. Her eyes are wide, but are no longer moving. There is no mark on her, yet blood begins to pool in her eyes. Blood bursts out of her mouth as she collapses. The masked man is staring at something in his hands. He almost seems frozen, but out of fear, shock, or just curiosity, no one can tell.

However, the demon announcers gladly inform the audience. “Well, she must have had a crush on him since she allowed him to steal her heart!”

“That’s right, but I think he did it wrong. However, he did it right to win this round!”

Oh yeah, I can totally see that.[/spoiler]


I have gone to a tv show idea recruitment website and they said it was a great Idea

December 15 2042. the military looked into anti matter to see if they could utilize it in weapons but the

lab that was in charge of the operation causing the anti matter chamber to implode. the reason no one
was supposed to be messing with it is that anti matter is matter from another universe and if it touches solid matter from this universe it will explode destroying half of the milky way but when the anti matter exploded it opened a portal to another dimension. but things came out of the portal attacking and forcing mankind into a state of near extinction the few who still fight are spread thin and the ones who don’t fight get destroyed by the enemy. 50 years after there mistake Novak has been left to deal with the problem.


i have great idea it is a post apocalyptic world in the year 2025 the world has been taken over by giant robots. Four siblings whose parents where a part of a resistance disappeared when they tried to stop the robots by destroying the main computer in charge called Warui. Their parents tried to defeat it by implanting a virus in it but they failed and causing the main computer to release tiny robotic insects to kill all the infants but instead of killing them they gained powers and were put in to different categories those who could create and manipulate fire were called Kasai, those who could have create and control lightening were called Inazuma, the ones who had earth powers were called Chikyū, and the ones who could control machines with their mind and absorb energy from machines and release it were called Enjinia
but the Enjinia were very rare because they appeared several years after the other powers appeared so they were considered strange son now the siblings try to find their parents and stop the robots while meeting new friends along the way.


Ep. 1: Opens on a small group lead by a potato covertly tries to escape purchase at an open air market. The escapades continue until at the end of the episode someone finally buys the potato.

Ep. 2: The potato purchaser is seen taking the potato home and having it for dinner, and story continues following their life until the end of the episode where the “protagonist” changes once more.

This pattern follows through the entire series like a series of documentaries on these people and things who have crossed each others path in life. Some are silly like the potato, others are dramatic or intense, depending on the episodes POV of the one being followed through it from the neighborhood stray cat, the mayor of the town, the leave falling from the branch of a tree.

The final episode, after having the series probably traverse the planet and maybe even space itself, ends with its “protagonist(s)” returning to the stall where the potato was originally purchased at the market showing how oddly connected everything and everyone is.

:blink: Maybe I shouldnt write things that come to me off the top of my head?


I think that would be the awsomest anime ever created. :woohoo:


Sometimes, the best things happen on the spur of the moment. For off the top of your head, it’s a great idea shadzar!


:blush: i don’t even remember writing that. must have been late at night and i was half-asleep. thanks. i will try to do more things while sleeping. :laugh:


I very much agree with everyone else! Cool story idea, Shadzar. However, I can say that I will never look at a potato the same ever again… LOL!