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###Tomonori Ochikoshi Becomes New President at A-1 Pictures
posted on 2015-04-05 03:00 EDT
Masuo Ueda retires as CEO of animation studio after nearly 5 years


###ANNCast: Aniplex Machina
by Zac Bertschy, Apr 24th 2015

Marketing specialist for Aniplex of America EJ Rivera drops by the show to chat all things Aniplex, including some sales numbers, upcoming releases, and those pesky prices people love to fight about.


###Expelled From Paradise, Hiromasa Yonebayashi Win Japan Movie Critics Awards
posted on 2015-05-11 00:30 EDT
Kouichi Yamadera, Giovanni’s Island, more also honored at 24th annual event

###ANN Review: Expelled from Paradise
Jun 2nd 2015


###Press Release: To Announce Summer Line-up of Free Simulcast Streaming
Jul 6th 2015


###Press Release: Aniplex of America Release Free Calendar Mobile App for iOS and Android
Jul 7, 2015

###Aniplex Survey: Favorite Summer 2015 Anime
July 29, 2015


Hey anime fans! We love getting your input :smile: Have you attended any anime conventions between 2014-2015? Which con? What’d you enjoy there? We’d love to hear about it! We’d really appreciate it if you can take a moment to fill out this survey for us. Thank you guys!!:


Aniplex of America makes four announcements from Otakon Vegas 2016


###Aniplex License Statuses

Recently many Aniplex titles have been expiring for whatever reason (Aniplex charging too much, not allowing anyone to license/rescue titles, series didn’t sell well enough to justify a renewal, etc.), so I decided to list the status of every title that is handled by Aniplex internationally, whether it be in-print, OOP, or simply never licensed. Feel free to point out anything missing or any errors. (???) means I’m not sure if it was handled internationally by Aniplex. Ex: Zakuro is OOP, but Crunchyroll got streaming rights from ADK, not Aniplex, though NISA may have had to go to Aniplex to get home video rights. I’ve also provided a streaming list at the very bottom, as well as alternative English-friendly options (Note: some options require getting a region-free/different region Blu-ray player. Note: Japan shares the same region as NA, A, and JP anime BD’s rarely have region-coding on them) for OOP titles in the OOP list. Lastly, each of the links for a title takes you to the ANN encyclopedia entry where you can see all the various releases for a title, like so.

March 16, 2016 9:23am CDT
The AnimeJapan tradeshow is coming up next weekend, and again, Aniplex is bringing a host of anime notables dressed for the event


Rather appropriate to use Sakura from Fate / Stay Night since her movie is coming up.

March 16, 2016 2:55pm CDT
Project among movies to be showcased at next weekend’s tradeshow


Touring The Real-Life Anohana

by Ken Iikura-Gross, Mar 25th 2016


Hey guys! We will be hosting our second episode of ‪#‎AniplexLive‬ on Twitch this week! Join us at 6 PM PDT on Thursday 3/7 for convention recaps, ERASED reactions, giveaways and more!

Follow us at to know when we go live!


###Kagerou Project Gets Immersive MX4D Anime Short Film in Winter
posted on 2016-04-21 01:15 EDT
23-year-old illustrator Sidu debuts as anime director in film project


###Aniplex LIVE with special guests Max Mittelman and Zach Aguilar!
Apr 23, 2016


###Crunchyroll: Aniplex Shows Report Profit Gains
July 10, 2016 4:25pm CDT
After closing out fiscals years on March 31st, anime company business reported their results last week


Anime Now: Aniplex of America Talks Blu-rays and English Dubs

July 22, 2016


So AoA is another business that is formally ignoring regular fans that want physical media and don’t want to be super collectors. Frankly I still think they will eventually fail in the North American market, I wish them “interesting times” before they get to that point.

Mark Gosdin


I don’t see where they’re getting their metrics for what is worth dubbing from as Funi dubs most all of their stuff and they’re still in business.

Last time I had an Aniplex BD in my bluray drive I don’t recall it being a fully-filled BD-50 disc so their low episode count for video quality excuse rings false for me.


The low episode count is strictly a money making thing, has little to nothing to do with quality in my opinion.

Mark Gosdin