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Touring The Real-Life Anohana

by Ken Iikura-Gross, Mar 25th 2016


Hey guys! We will be hosting our second episode of ‪#‎AniplexLive‬ on Twitch this week! Join us at 6 PM PDT on Thursday 3/7 for convention recaps, ERASED reactions, giveaways and more!

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###Kagerou Project Gets Immersive MX4D Anime Short Film in Winter
posted on 2016-04-21 01:15 EDT
23-year-old illustrator Sidu debuts as anime director in film project


###Aniplex LIVE with special guests Max Mittelman and Zach Aguilar!
Apr 23, 2016


###Crunchyroll: Aniplex Shows Report Profit Gains
July 10, 2016 4:25pm CDT
After closing out fiscals years on March 31st, anime company business reported their results last week


Anime Now: Aniplex of America Talks Blu-rays and English Dubs

July 22, 2016


So AoA is another business that is formally ignoring regular fans that want physical media and don’t want to be super collectors. Frankly I still think they will eventually fail in the North American market, I wish them “interesting times” before they get to that point.

Mark Gosdin


I don’t see where they’re getting their metrics for what is worth dubbing from as Funi dubs most all of their stuff and they’re still in business.

Last time I had an Aniplex BD in my bluray drive I don’t recall it being a fully-filled BD-50 disc so their low episode count for video quality excuse rings false for me.


The low episode count is strictly a money making thing, has little to nothing to do with quality in my opinion.

Mark Gosdin


Otakon 2016 - August 13, 2016
Aniplex panel


In regard to above tweet:


A-1 Pictures’ Crazy Variety - IGN Anime Club Episode 62


###A Meeting With Aniplex of America President Henry Goto
September 2, 2016


I get where he’s coming from, but a string of mediocre to bad shows and Aniplex USA will crash and Burn.




I don’t understand how his model doesn’t “devalue the content” as, through its streaming, AoA is all but giving its content away for peanuts. Anyone who buys an AoA product is paying a premium for the privilege of the act of collecting it.

One puzzling quirk of AoA physical releases is that they’re all pushed as being a sort of “luxury good” but most some are kinda bare-bones.

Since they’re rather uniquely not focusing on maximizing “conversions”, turning viewers into buyers, I’m thinking that they must really be making bank on their streaming/toonami contracts.


###ANN Interview: Aniplex of America President Henry Goto
by Zac Bertschy, Sep 12th 2016


###Aniplex Launches ‘Script Room’ Anime Writing & Production Group
posted on 2016-09-15 07:25 EDT
Sword Art Online director Tomohiko Ito heads group that will focus on new approach to writing anime


###Aniplex USA to Stream I’ve Always Liked You Anime Film on Crunchyroll
posted on 2016-09-17 22:43 EDT
1st film based on HoneyWorks’ songs opened in Japan on April 23

September 19, 2016 6:30am CDT
Anime movie inspired by" Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita" from Vocaloid circle