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Anonymous Noise, Ep 3, is live at Anime Strike

Anonymous Noise, Ep 4, is live at Anime Strike

Just tried watching it and the subtitles are totally messed up. I put in a feedback response on Amazon, but stating it here as well.

Edit: subs were fixed within 10 minutes

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I just watched it on my Roku TV and the closed craption “subtitles” are FUBARed from the first line of the song Alice sings at the Band Club welcome celebration until the end of the episode. Is Amazon too cheap to pay for hard coded subtitles? I also found a clip of the song on YouTube that has a better translation than the “subs” on Anime Strike. Not only did it have all the lyrics to the song, but the dialog made more sense than the “official” subs. Sentai needs to up their game on subtitles, including proofreading/editing! I’d like to offer my services as a editor/proofreader–for a price.

It’s not a matter of cost. It just makes more sense for them to use their prexisting close captioning system. It would probably be easier to upload hard coded subtitled episodes though, as they wouldn’t even have to bother. I’m guessing they are just trying to keep Strike in line with their other streaming options. Not to mention, their close captioning system does make it easier to fix problems.

I had some timing issues with the first episode of Reset, but haven’t had any significant issues since then, and it seems the timing problem was fixed the next time I checked. I noticed a typo or two in episodes of Oratoria, but that’s pretty par for the course with simulcasts and it’s no worse then what I’ve seen from Funi, CR, and Viz.

Since they aren’t using traditional subtitles, it’s really hard to tell if any mistakes are the fault of Sentai’s scripts, or whether there were errors entering them into Amazon’s system. Not to mention, “making more sense” doesn’t always mean that something is a more faithful translation. Often, those scripts have more liberties taken with them, with official releases may or may not be able to get away with. Everything has to be approved by the production committee, particularly when its come to the music.

Issues with getting the translations for songs approved is often why CR usually doesn’t bother with its simulcasts, and Funimation even has a growing list of home video releases that don’t include song translations. I’m just happy that Sentai is the odd one out in at least attempting to subtitle the music for their simulcasts.


I’ve just been notified that the issue with the subtitles in Episode 1 have been addressed and a fix was sent and should be implemented by now.

TO ALL: Admin tells me that if you point out specifically what the issue is (maybe with times & specific subtitles), they will look at it on their end and fix it if need be.

They don’t have a test environment at Anime Strike, so it’s throwing off the QC. They can’t really see any issues until the episodes go live, so any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

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Anonymous Noise, Ep 5, is live at Anime Strike

I finally had the time to go back and check on Anonymous Noise Ep. 1 and the issue with the “stuck” first lines of the song has been resolved–they deleted the song lyrics altogether. I’m not disappointed at that–I’ve seen it enough at other streaming sites that it doesn’t faze me. I have found an excellent website where I’ll be able to get accurate translations of the lyrics so I can refer to that.

I am wondering about the translation, though–was it Sentai’s decision to go with “band club” instead of “light music club” (as I’ve seen in other subtitles) or was it Amazon’s decision? Also, the line, “Since she was born, this girl’s been like a canary runnin’ wild in her cage” does not make nearly as much sense as the same line (as seen in a YouTube clip of the same scene) translated as, “She’s like a canary that’s been caged its whole life, going berserk.” First off, Yuzu hadn’t known her all her life–he only came into the picture after Momo disappeared. Secondly, the Sentai translation, while it may be more accurate to the original Japanese, doesn’t evoke the same image as the other translation. I don’t know if Sentai is restricted by contract in how much liberty it can take in localizing the script but I would hope they aren’t so limited that it makes the translation awkward or even incomprehensible.

All that being said, Anonymous Noise is blowing me away! I binged episodes 2 to 5 before writing this and I can’t wait until next week for the next episode. It’s so good I’ll put up with all the AS crap to watch it.

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All translations have to be approved, so yes there are limitations for how liberal they can be with them on most shows. It varies wildly from show to show, so it’s impossible to know in this particular case. But there have been a number of times where a more awkward phrasing was forced to be used over a more liberalized, albeit more sensical translation.

That being said, both those translations sound very awkward, so I’m guessing it’s an example of the original Japanese dialogue being written very poorly, or using phrases that don’t translate well at all. As far as the “band club” issue, I don’t mind that one. I always thought that the “light music club” label that other shows used was weird and not localized well. I kept thinking that they just sat around listening to Michael Bolton. :wink:

LOL! I liked the name “Light Music Club” for its irony. I think it arose as a contrast to classical music. I can see in the conservative Japanese culture that genres other than classical or traditional music would be considered “light” (as in lightweight.)

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