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Anyone can enter the contest if they want to, regardless of position. :slight_smile: No restrictions exist as far as entering the contest goes.

Though I swear we had a participant restriction on voting, but I cannot seem to find it, so whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:

[details=Previously written]
Since the last suggestion did not work out as intended, and leaving it be would be a tad unfair, I suggest we refresh the contest by reinstating Xaldin20’s suggestion as posted today and re-open registration for participants for the next 48 hours starting tomorrow (2/13) at 2:00 PM EST. The time frame will be the same (12 days), lasting until 2/25.[/details]

I was unable to reach Xaldin20, so if you wish to participate in the “renewed” “elf” contest, please message me for entries before 2:00 PM EST on 2/15.

Due Date: 2/25/2014 (12 days)

Participants: Izaya Oriha

Voter Deadline: 2/27/2014

I will proctor this one in Xaldin20’s stead, but it is still their suggestion.[/spoiler]


Wait wait wait wait wait, who said I wasn’t participating in this contest Forest? I signed up and everything! XD

By the way, for all of you wanting to participate, for some reason there has been much confusion lately and so I am declaring Iron K Tager as the new proctor. If you wish to sign up, message Iron. Thank you! :slight_smile:
Oh and since there seems to be way too much infusion lately, I will be handling the organization of each contest more detailed from now on.


You also signed up for the last one. You must forgive me for thinking that this time would be no different than the last. Bad form to sign up for something and then not partake in it, don’t you think?


Why yes. Everyone is allowed to enter. :laugh:


OKAY OKAY!!! Since the last attempt wqas a flop… I’m reinstating this contest!!! The topic is once again an Elf. What elf? Doesn’t matter. Make sure to message me to enter. New deadline is Febuary 28. Thank you and just have fun with it. :lol:


Izaya Oriha!!!
Uka has joined the fray!!!


The contest seems fun and I wish to join so I can show you my mad art skills. But I have no clue what so ever how to post pictures in this place. :unsure:

Now I know!!! Thank you to people who told me how. ≧﹏≦


Here is my entry for topic Elf. It may not seem like it, but that is the result of an 6 hour nonstop wrist workout.


[details=Uka’s entry. It’s the best elf I can do][/details]


[details=Mutant Elf?][/details]


[details=Previously posted]
My apologies for the late announcement, but the period for contest entries has come to an end! The next two days will be open for voting, which will end at 2:00 PM EST on 3/2/2014! :cheer:
All votes must be submitted by then, and all forum users are allowed to vote![/details]
Please message me with your vote in order for it to be counted, and remember that anyone can vote! :slight_smile:

[details=“Elf” Results]
Ram: 1

Uka: 2

Forest: 0

Izaya Oriha: N/A[/details]

Nice job everyone! Keep up the good work! :lol:
The next contest suggestion can be posted now! Please be sure to include all information outlined in the rules! :3


:unsure: aaww. Looks like Oriha didn’t submit his drawing. I was really looking forward to see it. Maybe he’ll be in the next competition. :dry:


I wouldn’t get your hopes up if I were you. :angry:


Haha, Forest don’t sound so angry. I’m sure one day you’ll be able to go against him. And most likely you’ll win. TEAM FOREST!!! :laugh:


Awesome drawings you guys. Thank you to those submitted one…Oriha >->…


The results for the last contest were posted so that means the new contest themes are open for suggestion! :laugh:


Wait I’m so confused. Who won!? :huh: :dry: :blink:


Way to go Uka !! I have one …Superheroes

Sign up ends on the 6th of march at 2 pm , Message me for entrance ^-^

Art due by 22nd




contest is invalid due to unsuffient contestants


Are you plan to reshedule it again when you get more members sign up ?


Are you plan to reshedule it again when you get more members sign up ?[/quote]

I would personally like to see this contest play out, but I will leave it to Skydemonwolf to reinstate it if she so pleases. :slight_smile: