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[details=I hope it come out ok on this one ., here it is][/details]




[details=Alrighty, This is my entry! :laughing:]



[details=Previously posted]
My apologies for not posting yesterday, I have been having some internet issues. ^-^;

Anyway, voting is now open for the “Beach” contest. You may vote for either Forest or Frenchelectrican.

Due to the tardiness of this announcement, the cutoff for voting will be extended until 2:00 PM EST on May 12. Please be sure to message me with your vote! :)[/details]

[details=“Beach” Results]
Forest: 2

Frenchelectrican: 1

Ram: N/A[/details]

Good work as always! :cheer: Let us keep this going with a new contest and hope for more votes!


I hope no one minds if I steal this one up. :lol: I thought this one was necessary due to the sudden shift in weather (here, at least). :3

Hot B)

Due Date: 5/28/2014 (14 days/2 weeks)

Participants: Frenchelectrican, Forest, Ram

Voter Deadline: 5/30/2014

Per the rules, all participants have 48 hours (2 days) to message me and sign up! Have fun and go wild! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, as a side note, it was brought to my attention that an , and thought maybe some of you may be interested. :3




[details=Here is mine I hope it come out good][/details]


I’ll be filling in for Tager at the moment in this message. :slight_smile: It doesn’t look like Ram will be joining us unfortunately. Open voting has started, and the participants to vote for are Frenchelectrican and Forest. I’ll go ahead and bump the voting deadline date to 5/31/2014 since we are running just a little late. Please send Tager a PM with your vote before the deadline closes… thanx!

Theme: Hot
Eligible Participants:

  • Frenchelectrican
  • Forest
    Voting Deadline: 5/31/2014

Please remember to send Iron K. Tager a PM with your vote before that date. A big thank you to the participants that submitted work! I hope that we can see more to come soon! Thank you everyone!


The results are in! :cheer:

[details=“Hot” results]
Frenchelectrican: 1

Forest: 2

Ram: N/A[/details]

Good job on another contest! I enjoyed the entries. :stuck_out_tongue:

The thread is now open for another contest! Please be sure to follow the guidelines outlined by the rules and have fun! :3


Let start the new theme but a tiwst of contuadtion of " hot "

This theme will have pinic so it will be a open varation of Pinic themes.,

Please PM me to sign up for the contsat.,

The final entry date will be Juin( June )20 th.

The voteing will start rightaway after Juin( June ) 20 th and will post on Juin 23

Constasters :




Showing up a tad late, but…

…can I join in too? (…tykes?)

I need something that will help me keep focused for the upcoming year… ._.’’


Good to see you again, Timber! Feel free to join. Have you read Tager’s rules? Also, either PM Marc, since this round’s theme is his, or PM Tager to let them know you’re in. Sometimes I’ll fill in too if needed. I look forward to what you can show off!


[quote=“Timber”]Showing up a tad late, but…

…can I join in too? (…tykes?)

I need something that will help me keep focused for the upcoming year… ._.’’[/quote]

I will add your name on the list for the consast.



I just got Timber PM and he will bow out on this one and thank you for letting me know and wish you the luck.


Due no one else entre the contsent so I been thinking I should change the theme from pinic to Firework because it is pretty close to 4th of July.

So I will change the dates this time I will extended to July 2nd as deadline to submit the drawings and voteing will be on 3rd of July unless someting come up that time I will or Iron Tager will let you know the changes.






I see Forest did put her firework disply up allready ., Thanks Forest.,

Now I will have to do my drawing on Fireworks disply .,

The following constanters are :




Anyone else ? it is still open.



I know the deadline was supposed to be yesterday and myself and Ram will submit a drawing today so I will delay the voteing date until tommrow due the nature of the holidays.


Enjoy the 4 of July.


[details=here is mine., kinda little burry]



I thought about doing a style I haven’t done in years, then this program started on the television. Then I was determined to draw this. Furthermore, I don’t know nothin’ 'bout drawing fireworks. Also, vote for me. :huh:


Voting for the Fireworks contest is now open! Please make sure to message me with your vote!

The voting deadline will be July 8th at 2:00 PM EST. :slight_smile: