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And Ferris Bueller never existed, he was just a Fight Club-esque figment of Cameron’s imagination? :wink:


Black Clover, Chapter IV Blu-ray & DVD benefits Suwabe Junichi & Sakurai Takahiro Audio commentary


Black Clover # 61 "The Promised World"


Black Clover - Official SimulDub Clip - Cover Fire


Crunchyroll Streams Black Clover Event Anime From Jump Special Anime Festa

posted on 2018-12-02 04:00 EST by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Comedic episode centers on quiz show


Black Clover - Official SimulDub Clip - Asta Back in Action


Kankaku Piero Returns for Black Clover Anime’s New Opening Song

posted on 2018-12-07 14:30 EST by Karen Ressler
New song to debut in January

Water vs Fire! | Black Clover

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Black Clover - Official SimulDub Clip - Quench the Flames of Hatred


Black Clover Staff Take to Twitter to Hype Its Biggest Episode Yet

December 17, 2018 11:40am CST
Spotlight animators return to the series for its 63rd episode

Black Asta! | Black Clover

Black Asta vs Ladros! | Black Clover

Black Meteorite! | Black Clover

Demon! | Black Clover

Witch Queen Betrayal! | Black Clover


Wow, the art in this episode is not what I expected. The big fight sequence in this ep is all very surreal and still a bit deformed, it’s like they’re channeling Studio Trigger for it, and not in the best of ways.

On the plus side, maybe using all of these plain backgrounds and generic CG blobs seriously saves on animation budget? :slight_smile:

But man oh man does some of this art look bad:

On a side note, when is Asta’s “Rouge-like” ability to absorb magic from others, with his 2nd sword, and shoot it at enemies himself gonna make a comeback?


Black Clover Staff Show Off Their Amazing Animation from Episode 63

December 19, 2018 1:00pm EST
The most impressive episode yet has its staff excited to share their work!


IIRC, is seems as though he forgets about that. When he does uses that sword, for whatever reason, his main sword is not enough.


Black Clover Enters the Upper Echelon of Shonen Anime

December 20, 2018 12:00pm CST
The latest episode crossed one of shonen’s greatest thresholds


INTEREST: Asta Spotted at Beach with Silver-Haired Vixen!

December 20, 2018 4:00pm CST
You won’t believe what Yuno’s been receiving in the mail!


Screw Fate! | Black Clover

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Black Clover - Official SimulDub Clip - Old Pupils, New Enemies