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September 21, 2015 11:45pm PDT
VIZ Media has discussed plans for the final Bleach DVD Box Set Edition, slated to be released on September 29th

[size=16]Press Release: VIZ Media Announces Release of Anime Series Finale of Bleach[/size]
Sep 21st 2015
Catch The Exciting Climax Of The Hit Supernatural Action Series With Final Episodes Available This Month On New DVD Home Media Edition


I wonder when they’ll finally release this in affordable, logical blocks and on bluray. Even if it is a “discotek” style bluray (SD eps).


Did You Know Anime?

[size=16]Whatever Happened to Bleach?[/size]
by Nik Freeman, Nov 6th 2015
10 years ago there was a show called Bleach that was considered one of the biggest shonen franchises going. 10 years later, the show’s been cancelled and it’s barely a memory among anime fans, but the manga’s still running. What happened?


It was made by Sunrise, so the same thing that happened to InuYasha happend to it… :frowning:

Since Bleach came shortly on the heels of InuYasha, the next long standing show that followed Bleach in the end will be the next one to fall. Sunrise just doesn’t want to work on long shows as they can’t seem to make them work. Too many fillers, rushed chapters, etc. They just can’t seem to find a good pace for fighting shows that last longer than a few seasons so they avoid catching up to the print material.


Honest Anime Trailers - Bleach

lol - Na-roo-toe!


Oh that starring cast. Those first 4 will have their own thing going. :laughing:


Bleach DVD Set 26 Pre-Roll - Complete Your Collection


[size=16]Press Release: VIZ Media Announces Home Media Release of Bleach Movies: The Unforgiven Double Feature[/size]
Feb 11th 2016

Catch The Intense Supernatural Anime Feature Film Action Of BLEACH THE MOVIE: FADE TO BLACK And BLEACH THE MOVIE: HELL VERSE In A Special New Double DVD Set


###Viz Media to Release Bleach Anime on Blu-ray Disc Starting This Summer

posted on 2016-05-21 20:20 EDT

1st set shipping on July 19 includes art gallery, clean ending, bonus video


Anime Expo 2016 - July 1, 2016

14:01:44 < bay|AX|VIz > now another one
14:01:46 <bay|AX|VIz> Bleach
14:01:53 <bay|AX|VIz> we have a new volume of the manga coming out Tuesday
14:01:59 <bay|AX|VIz> but what i want to talk about is bleach is coming to Blu-ray
14:02:01 <bay|AX|VIz> July 19th
14:02:03 <bay|AX|VIz> eps 1-27
14:02:13 <bay|AX|VIz> never before seen content never released on dvd
14:02:08 <bay|AX|VIz> original aspect ratio
14:02:19 <bay|AX|VIz> noticeably, kon’s segments are back
14:02:22 <bay|AX|VIz> premium packaging
14:02:39 <bay|AX|VIz> if you think the packaging is beautiful, wait till you see the trailer
14:02:59 <bay|AX|VIz> (comparison trailer of the two versions)
14:03:16 <bay|AX|VIz> doesn’t that look amazing?
14:03:22 <bay|AX|VIz> yes, bleach, coming to Blu-ray this July

14:27:20 < bay|AX|VIz > Q: Will there ever be new Bleach episodes? A: No new episodes announced at this time.


BLEACH Set 1 Blu-ray Official Trailer- Coming 7-19-16


###Press Release: BLEACH Anime Series Available on Blu-Ray for the First Time From VIZ Media
Jul 31st 2016


BLEACH Set 2 Blu-ray - Official Anime Trailer - VIZ Media


###Viz Media Expands the Bleach Anime Series on Blu-ray With Release of Set 2
Jan 30th 2017


###Tubi TV Adds All 366 Episodes of Bleach Anime
Apr 17th 2017

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###Lost Secrets Of “Bleach” Apparently Lost… Literally
May 29, 2017 5:01pm CDT
Tite Kubo surprises “Assassination Classroom” author Yusei Matsui in latest “Jump Giga” joint interview


Anime Series Bleach Now Available For Free on Pluto TV

Aug 24th 2017

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VIZ Media Announces the Home Media Release of Bleach Set 3 on Blu-Ray

Oct 18th 2017