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Blue Reflection Ray

BLUE REFLECTION RAY / Mio Anime Previews Continuation, New ED

July 03, 2021 8:24am CDT
ACCAMER is on the new ending theme song for the second cours

Blue Reflection Ray / Mio Anime Prepares to Continue with Flowery Key Visual

July 07, 2021 4:39am CDT
Second cours kicks off in Japan on July 9

Eir Aoi Releases Dark and Introspective MV for Blue Reflection Ray 2nd Cour OP Theme

July 09, 2021 9:06pm EDT
Aoi: “The lyrics with the darkest expression I’ve ever written.”

Magical Girls Share Quiet Moments in Blue Reflection Ray ED Animation

July 17, 2021 6:49am CDT
Adaptation based on JRPG by Gust is currently broadcasting in Japan and streaming on Funimation