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Brain Drain


For $10.99? Yes, you should. You, especially you, can’t have too many Roy Mustangs.

Mark Gosdin


Truer words were never spoken.


Slow are you feeling ok? For you to even ask that question must mean you’re not well.


I am feeling a little tired. :sleeping:


If you want to ask yourself wtf is wrong with people . Look up Golden Girls Cereal on eBay .


I have successfully eaten all the Halloween candy we bought.



Where I live there are no Trick or Treaters. Therefore: no candy to purchase, nor to consume.

I am sad panda :worried:


That would never stop me! :candy:


You have your priorities set straight I see. :chocolate_bar::candy::lollipop:

Mark Gosdin


I can adult. Priorities is good.


Adults … are a myth. We are, for the most part, all still boys & girls.

So, eating all the Halloween candy is quite understandable.

Mark Gosdin


Thank you for standing up for my rights to consume stuff that’s not good for me.


This neighborhood was once an importer of Trick or Treaters, other neighborhoods would actually bring their kids over and drop 'em off here. Now it is tragically an exporter as this has become a neighborhood that buses its kids to other neighborhoods.

One thing I’ve noticed that sucks is that Halloween is no longer a scary holiday. It’s all “Happy Halloween”, with smiling ghosts and dancing witches etc. So sanitized, so lame.

Judging by the halloween decorations nowadays, that campy film Casper might count as a legit horror film :frowning:


I agree wholeheartedly. Remember one time when I was a kid there was a house that looked straight out of a horror movie.

Embarrassing to say, and TMI, but I tried to get candy from them, and they scared me so badly I messed myself. Granted this was about 20 years ago, but still…


I see eBay has another 10% off coupon up today . Man so much wants . Need to resist the temptation !

Where is a cold mountain waterfall to sit under when you need it ?


I saw that eBay reportedly only has ~6% of the ecommerce market, while Amazon has close to 50%. Perhaps that’s on the money as eBay has been more active with the coupons lately, though I’m still salty over how stingy they became with their reward points system.

I also saw something odd today. I went into a different Home Depot today, one on the hippier side of town, and people were actually walking around in the store with their dogs. Never seen that before.

Unfortunately, what should’ve just been a weird experience got pretty uncomfortable as one guy standing by the checkout had a jumpy dog that he couldn’t control and a woman brought her dog too close to his…the result was almost ugly :frowning:


The only time thier bucks system works anymore is when they have the promos for 8% and 10% more . Half of the time though they only give 10% if you use the app . Last time I had a nice amount because of those promos and only buying on those days . If not I’d have had like $13.86 .

I’m not to keen on dogs in stores unless they are for service . It seems like a bad idea especially with a lot of people using those retractable leashes . Everything is usually friendly until something sets it off the wrong way . My vet banned those leashes in the office because of something bad that happened they won’t talk about .


Listing is up on amazon if you’ve not ordered yet .


So a little update on the cat house . It’s very thin and poor construction . Did my best to at least get it functional for the next two days of cold rain . Stapled some Mylar insulation to the sides . Of course being so thin they went through so had to push them down then bought some clear flex tape to seal up holes they made and protect the outside cat . Built a solid stand that’s not pretty ,but it works . Put a small one of those self-warming pads in there . She’s inside the house at the moment . Hopefully warm . I did find another house that’s supposed to be insulated and looks a lot better made ,but it’s out of stock for over a month so on a list when it comes back in . Looking for something else to fill that time period as I’m not sure how the current thing will make it during that time . Sucks most of these houses appear to be made for inside cats if they go outside and can’t make it in right away . Not meant to be a fulltime shelter .