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I have one, you have one.

If you remove the first letter, a bit remains.

If you remove the second, bit still remains.

After much trying, you might be able to remove the third one also, but it remains.

It dies hard!

Answer –

Remove h - a bit remains.
Remove a - bit remains.
Remove b - it remains.




Detective Larson gazed around the cluttered dingy apartment. The aging famous columnist Max Worthington had been fatally stabbed. His agent, Roger, had called the police when Max failed to submit his column to the newspaper.

Max’s body was draped over his manual typewriter. The detective glanced at the paper in the typewriter. It appeared to be the writer’s column. The victim’s head rested on the keyboard and had apparently hit random keys causing the last line of the article to be followed by “49t34 w5qgg3e j3”. The detective was surprised to see that Max had used a typewriter rather than a computer. Roger, Max’s agent, explained that Max found it therapeutic to pound the keys on his typewriter, and despised computers.

Out of a list of acquaintances provided by Max’s agent, the detective questioned the following people.

Marisa had been separated from Max for the last year and a half. Although initially the split had been amicable, lately things had gotten nasty about the latest division of their assets. Max was willing to give Marisa the mansion and a generous lump sum payment, but wanted to draw the line at the excessive alimony being demanded by Marisa’s lawyer. Marisa was living in the mansion and had a generous pre-alimony settlement and an extremely attractive new boyfriend.

Jillian was Max’s current girlfriend. She definitely was a looker and by all appearances was extremely high maintenance. She was also the spring in this May/December romance. Although crying, she was devastatingly attractive in her designer dress. She had a Gucci bag, wore emerald and diamond jewelry and on her wrist a new Rolex. The detective suspected her grief was for the loss of her “gravy train” and not for the deceased.

Max’s brother, Gerald, had been dating Marisa when Max had stolen her away. Gerald still held a grudge and blatantly told the detective that “he was glad his brother was dead and good riddance”. He hinted that he might try to win Marisa back, now that his brother was dead.

After a brief investigation an arrest was made. Who did the detective arrest?

Answer -

The detective arrested Roger, the agent. After looking at the paper in the typewriter, the detective realized that the last line on the news column contained the phrase “roger stabbed me”. (49t34 w5qgg3e j3) Max had managed to type the message after being stabbed, but his fingers were positioned one line too high on the keyboard, when he typed his final message.
Apparently Max had planned to terminate his association with Roger and in a fit of anger, Roger had stabbed him.


His agent, Roger
Gerald was gone for over a year still thinking Max lived in the mansion with Marisa. No way it could have been him. Gerald was just a red herring.
Marisa was on her way to getting everything anyway and seems they were fine with being away from each other since all she was was a gold digger looking for more money.
Jillian now gets whatever Marisa doesn’t so should would be too obvious.
The attractive boyfriend would have been to easy to pick from the relationship to Marisa.
That leaves only one person other than Max himself.
As many Typos as I make, it was easy to decipher the last words left by Max
Roger stabbed me.[/quote]


Take the given words, and by moving a single letter from one word to the other, make a pair of synonyms, or near synonyms. For example, given: Boast - Hip, move the ‘s’ from ‘Boast’ to ‘Hip’ creating two synonyms: Boat - Ship.

  1. Died - Ante
  2. Laze - Fibre
  3. Clock - Lose
  4. Font - Heard
  5. Snaked - Tripped

Answers -

1. Dined - Ate
2. Blaze - Fire
3. Lock - Close
4. Front - Head
5. Naked – Stripped


2.Fire - Blaze
3.Lock - Close
4. Front - Head


5.Naked - Stripped

Edit: #1 dawned on me:

  1. Dined - Ate


Answers posted!

Here’s an easy one -

Letter Equations are well known phrases or facts where the key words have been replaced with the first letter of that word. What does the following say?

T is on the 4th T in N in the USA

Answer -

Thanksgiving is on the 4th Thursday in November in the United States of America


[quote=“LadyOfWicca, post:353, topic:2397”]
T is on the 4th T in N in the USA[/quote]

Thanksgiving is on the 4th Thursday in November in the United States of America



Something a little harder?

Every year at Thanksgiving, the employees at Dunder-Mifflin hold a potluck. This year, the ladies of the office (including Meredith) brought in their favorite holiday foods, although some of their choices were not quite traditional. Can you determine from the clues below the food each employee brought, what color plate the food was served on, and how much of the food was left when the potluck was over?

  1. Two of the ladies brought home empty plates, but Angela and the person who brought green beans weren’t as lucky.

  2. The person who brought the Taquitos used a paper plate.

  3. The four employees are Kelly, the lady who brought the red plate, the lady who brought the Marshmallow Yams, and the person whose plate was 1/2 full after the party.

  4. After the potluck, the brown plate had food left on it, but it wasn’t pizza rolls.

  5. Angela’s plate was green. Phyllis’s plate was not brown but was empty after the party.

  6. The Marshmallow Yams were the least popular item of the potluck and had the most food remaining afterwards.

And if you really need it -


Angela would never bring Taquitos or pizza rolls!

[details=Answer]Meredith brought green beans on a brown plate and had 1/2 left. Kelly brought Taquitos on a paper plate and the plate was empty. Angela brought Marshmallow Yams on a green plate and had 3/4 left. Phyllis brought pizza rolls on a red plate and the plate was empty.[/details]



I missed two - those drawings were hard! :wink:



I love these things, 2/3 of them don’t work on me. I appear to be wired funny in the head, no surprise to my wife or kids. :grin:

Mark Gosdin


Carrie Marshall had recently joined the Riverside police force, and on the first day of her job, she was sent out to investigate a new homicide case. The murder involved a wealthy bachelor, Steven Andrews, who lived in an expensive, grand oceanside mansion. At the time of the murder, there had been five other people in the house: the cook, the maid, two friends, and his niece. Both the cook and maid had rooms in the mansion, and the three guests had all stayed overnight.

When Carrie got to the mansion, the five suspects had all been lined up in front of a large bay window. It was mid-afternoon, and through the window, Carrie could see the beautiful sunset.

Her partner, Lieutenant Linda Newton, who had arrived an hour earlier, sketched out the details for Carrie. All the suspects had agreed that Steven Andrews had been found murdered in the morning, shortly before six-thirty A.M, but he had been alive a few minutes past midnight, when they all headed to bed. Nobody had heard anything during the night. Mandy Andrews, the niece, had come down to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and on her way back upstairs, had passed the bay window, where she saw her uncle’s dead body.

Carrie decides to begin interrogating the suspects as the lieutenant and two other officers go off to look for more evidence and clues. The suspects give the following testimonies:

Maid: “I retired to my room shortly past eleven last night, after cleaning the dining room where Mr. Andrews dined with his guests, and helped the cook put away the leftover food. I was reading a novel until about twelve-twenty, and heard occasional laughter and talk, although I couldn’t make out the words. This morning, I heard a scream, which was from Miss Mandy, so I rushed down with the cook and his two friends. Mr. Andrews was laying dead in front of that window. The lieutenant moved his body about fifteen minutes before you arrived, but there was blood on the side of the head, from a gunshot, maybe. I didn’t hear anything, but whoever did it could have used a muffler. I’m innocent, though.”

Cook: “It’s like the maid says. She was cleaning the dining room while I tidied up the kitchen, and we both stored the leftovers in the refrigerator and talked for a few minutes about his guests. I went upstairs and to my room about the same time she did, but fell asleep after I took a shower and brushed my teeth. That was about eleven-thirty maybe, and I slept soundly until this morning, when a scream woke me. I rushed downstairs with the others, and there was the body. I tell you, I didn’t do it. I’ve been with Mr. Andrews for eight years, and he knows he can trust me.”

Mandy: “I was up until midnight with my uncle and his friends, talking and joking around. I fell asleep at about one-fifteen, but woke at six-twenty-four, and was thirsty, so I went down to the kitchen to get a glass of water. On the way back, I passed by the bay window, the one behind us, and I could see the beautiful sunrise outside, but, sadly, my uncle was sprawled on the ground, with a huge bloody wound on the side of his head. I screamed and the others were here in just one or two minutes.”

“That’s enough,” Carrie said abruptly, before the two friends of Mr. Andrews can say anything. “I know who did it. Lieutenant! We have our murderer!”

All five suspects, and the lieutenant and her two men, who came into the room at her call, look at Carrie.

Who murdered Steven Andrews, and how did Carrie know?

Hint (if you need it)

The bay window is the key.



Mandy killed her uncle. It was afternoon when Carrie looked out the bay window and saw the sunset, so the window must have been facing the west. However, Mandy claimed to have seen the sunrise through that same window, but the sun rises in the east. Carrie learned from a distraught Mandy that they had argued recently, and she had come to settle their dispute, although Steven had already disowned her and refused to re-include her in his will, so, in a fit of anger, Mandy shot him with a revolver hidden in a kitchen cabinet for safety precautions. Her uncle had also fancied a drink and was on his way down to the kitchen when she was taking her glass of water back upstairs.


[details=Here’s my answer]
If Carrie can see the sunset in the bay window when she gets there in the afternoon, then there’s no way that Mandy could have seen the sunrise in that same window.



Correct! And speedy too!

the murderer is

The niece. She wouldn’t have been able to see the body through the bay window since it faces west (where the sun sets ) she wouldn’t have had enough light to see the body because the sun would rise on the opposite side of the house.


You guys are just too good at this!


I can be quick and then I’m deadly,
I am a rock, shell and bone medley.
If I was made into a man, I’d make people dream,
I gather in my millions by ocean, sea and stream.