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You are both right!

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Lol, not enough.

Somebody’s pissed Wicca, I’ll spare any names :}


Do you see the dancer spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise? Supposedly, if you see her spinning clockwise, you use more of your right-brain than your left-brain, and vice-versa.

Left brain: uses logic, detail oriented, facts rule, etc. Right brain: uses feeling, “big picture” oriented, imagination rules, etc. And it’s all untrue of course. So they say.

As for me, I can see her spin both ways! I wonder what that means. LOL


I see her spinning Clockwise, I’m Left-Handed (Right Brained) so it makes sense


[quote=“Series5Ranger, post:389, topic:2397, full:true”]
I see her spinning Clockwise, I’m Left-Handed (Right Brained) so it makes sense[/quote]
I see her spinning Clockwise also, but I’m Right-Handed. Go figure.


Like Wicca I can usually see either, but with this one no matter how hard I try she is still spinning clockwise. I think there are too many visual clues. And for the record I"m ambidextrous, I can write with either hand, used to drive my grade school teachers nuts. :smiling_imp:

Mark Gosdin


Right now, I see her spinning counter-clockwise, but if I blink or stare at her feet for a moment, she goes back to spinning clockwise. I am starting to feel like the odd one out! LOL


clockwise as well, no matter how long I stare at it and with “magic eye” stare.





Reminds me of Weird Al’s quip about “MC Esher is my favorite MC…”. Also reminds me of Otto the Bus Driver: “Oh wow man!”




Played with it a minute and got Marilyn by backing up a few feet. Then I took my glasses off … yeeesh, looked like a hybrid. :confounded:

Mark Gosdin


Before I even read the text, I saw a hybrid! It actually took me a moment to recognize Marilyn.

And taking off my glasses makes it easier for me to see Marilyn.


What emotion is an anagram of a homonym of an antonym of a homonym of an anagram of wolf?

[details=Answer -]
The anagram of wolf is fowl.
The homonym of fowl is foul.
The antonym of foul is fair.
The homonym of fair is fare.
The anagram of fare is fear, which is the emotion.[/details]



You, of all people are giving up that fast???


@LadyOfWicca I fear that you have done some damage here.

Mark Gosdin