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Lol Wicca, read straight through it.


It’s been years since I read Watchmen…

Pure guesswork

I’m thinking that the company started with a “C”… Charleston?

The Comedian - Peacemaker
Dr. Manhattan - Captain Atom (!)
Nite Owl - ???
Ozymandias - Thunderbolt
Rorschach - The Question
Silk Spectre - Nightshadow (?)

Like I said, it’s been years since I read these. The brain remembers what it wants.

EDIT: Lately, I’ve been going back over The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen graphic novels. Alan Moore certainly knows how to weave a story.


Close @Slowhand

[details= Watchmen Answers]

Company =Charlton Comics

Rorshach = The Question
Comedian = Peacemaker
Nite Owl = Blue Beetle
Dr. Manhattan = Captain Atom
Silk Spectre = Nightshade
Ozymandias= Peter Canon, Thunderbolt
[/details] Good job!


You know, I thought about Blue Beetle, but talked myself out of it.


I have one, you have one.
If you remove the first letter, a bit remains.
If you remove the second, bit still remains.
After much trying, you might be able to remove the third one also, but it remains.
It dies hard!

Remove h - a bit remains.
Remove a - bit remains.
Remove b - it remains.[/details]




That was fun, a riddle you don’t need Adam West’s Bat Computer to figure out :wink:


When you curtail a word, you remove the last letter and still have a valid word. You will be given clues for the two words, longer word first.

Example: Begin -> Heavenly body
Answer: The words are Start and Star.

  1. Measuring stick -> Law
  2. Prophet; visionary -> To perceive
  3. Rip; pull apart -> Beverage
  4. Topic; anything with mass and volume -> Not glossy; flat
  5. Moon depression -> Large box
  6. One who digs for ore -> Belonging to me
  7. Police person -> Place of work
  8. Vocalist -> Scorch; burn superficially


Ruler -> Rule
Seer -> See
Tear -> Tea
Matter -> Matte
Crater -> Crate
Miner -> Mine
Officer -> Office
Singer -> Singe[/details]

  1. Ruler / Rule
  2. Seer / See
  3. Tear / Tea
  4. Matter / Matte ( had to cheat on this one)
  5. Crater / Crate
  6. Miner / Mine
  7. Officer / Office
  8. Singer / Singe


Unscramble the words below, then take the letters from each word as instructed to form another word that is the answer to this teaser:

MTHEE Take letters 3 & 4
TTLERA Take letters 1 & 2
XETNDE Take letters 1 & 6
AYL Take letter 1

Unscramble the letters you collected… what do you get?


MTHEE Take letters 3 & 4 - - - - THEME - - - - take E,M
TTLERA Take letters 1 & 2 - - - - RATTLE - - - - take R,A
XETNDE Take letters 1 & 6 - - - - EXTEND - - - - take E,D
AYL Take letter 1, - - - - - - - - - - - LAY - - - - - - - take L

Unscramble the above to get ‘Emerald’.[/details]


Theme - EM
Rattle - RA
Extend - ED
Lay - L



When you curtail a word, you remove the last letter and still have a valid word. You will be given clues for the two words, longer word first.

Example: Begin -> Heavenly body
Answer: The words are Start and Star.

  1. Greeting word -> Hades; place of torment
  2. Company symbol -> Tree trunk piece; written record
  3. Large stringed instrument -> Small room; prison
  4. Vote against; forbid -> Pet doctor
  5. Jewellery or stone carved in relief -> Arrived; moved toward something
  6. Champion; type of sandwich -> That woman
  7. Rope with a sliding loop at one end -> An unmarried young woman
  8. Exhibition of cowboy skills -> Was carried on the back of an animal


  1. Hello -> Hell
  2. Logo -> Log
  3. Cello -> Cell
  4. Veto -> Vet
  5. Cameo -> Came
  6. Hero -> Her
  7. Lasso -> Lass
  8. Rodeo -> Rode[/details]

  1. Hello / Hell
  2. Logo / Log
  3. Cello / Cell
  4. Veto / Vet
  5. Cameo / Came
  6. Hero / Her
  7. Lasso / Lass
  8. Rodeo / Rode

They all ended with “O”!


A man works at an aquarium. Every day he spends a large chunk of his time trying to stop people from tapping on the glass at the shark tank. Finally, fed up with it, he comes up with a solution. The solution works perfectly; the next day no one taps on the glass. However, he is fired for it. What was the man’s solution?

[details=Hint (if you need it)]

The plan took some effort to do and not everyone could accomplish it.[/details]


The man painted a crack on the glass. Fearing it would break, no one touched it. However, since it made the aquarium seem unsafe and it scared the patrons, he was fired.[/details]


My best guess is that he put a fake “crack” in the glass so that people would be afraid to touch it. His boss must not have liked that cause people were scared to go near the tank.


Feed, good, and kiss are 3 examples of words with double letters. Use the clues and fill in the blanks to find words with consecutive double letters. Remember, these words have 2 sets of double letters in a row!

  1. A woodwind instrument that dates back to the mid 16th century.
    B _ _ _ _ _ N
  2. A sweet treat that is sometimes made with nuts or raisins.
    T _ _ _ _ E
  3. A term that can be used to describe boats and ships.
    K _ _ _ _ _ _ S
  4. A character in a courtroom.
    A _ _ _ _ _ _ E
    —Experts Only!—
  5. A Belgian language.
    W _ _ _ _ _ N
    —Just For Fun!—
  6. This word has 3 consecutive double letters!
    B _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ R


B A _ _ _ _ N

T O _ _ _ E

K _ _ _ _ _ S S

A P _ _ _ _ _ E

—Experts Only!—
W A _ _ _ _ N

—Just For Fun!—
B O _ _ _ _ _ _ E R[/details]


  1. Bassoon
  2. Toffee
  3. Keelless
  4. Appellee
  5. Walloon
  6. Bookkeeper[/details]



Well hello there, new friends
It’s a pleasure to meet you
I wonder if you’d indulge
The unique way I greet you

You see, I’m a player
Of a great many games
So instead of just telling you,
Maybe try guessing my name

Now to make this more fair
I’ll give you some clues
For there are so many ways
That my name is used

My family is royal
Though as has oft been spoken
The headgear I once wore
Has since become broken

In my more playful moods
I might hide in a box
Or just run around, for
I’m nimble as a fox

But please don’t misjudge me;
I’m not some lame slacker
I can work hard with a hammer
To become a road cracker

If I see you in trouble
At the side of the road
I’ll be right there to help
If it eases the load

I’m brave in the darkness,
When it’s black, call my name
But I get rather scary
When I’m high on a plane

All right, one last clue
Then let’s call it a night:
I’ll give you a grin
As an October light

So now that we’ve ended
This fun guessing game
Now can you tell me
Just what is my name?


Just one more hint then,
As I’d like you to win…
Can you believe my wife’s fat
Knowing I am so thin?[/details]


I am Jack.

  • My family is royalty in a deck of cards, King, Queen and JACK.

  • My headgear (or crown) was broken in the nursery rhyme “JACK and Jill”.

  • I hide in a box as a JACK in the Box

  • In another nursery rhyme, I’m told “JACK be nimble…”

  • I work hard as a JACKhammer, being a road Cracker(JACK).

  • When you have a flat tire on the side of the road, you need a JACK.

  • You call out my name in the game of BlackJACK

  • I’m scary on a plane when it’s “high” (as in hiJACK).

  • I’ll give you a grin on an October (Halloween) night as a JACK-o’-lantern

  • Finally, I’m thin and my wife is fat in the JACK Sprat nursery rhyme. Also, the first letter of each line in the hint spells out “JACK”.[/details]




LOL Too fast!