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November 28, 2017


Oh no, not the Birther stuff again :wink:

Foreign father, American mother…we just got done with all that last year when “The Zodiac Killer” ran for POTUS lol.


BE SAFE, @psychopuppet !!

Magnitude 4.4 quake strikes Delaware -USGS

November 30, 2017


Jury finds undocumented immigrant not guilty of murder of Kate Steinle

Dec 1, 2017, 1:32 AM ET


My video of the event:


Time Announces 2017 Person of the Year: ‘The Silence Breakers’

December 06, 2017 10:20 am


Ferocious wildfires burn across Southern California, destroying homes and forcing thousands to evacuate

December 6, 2017


Possible pipe bomb explodes at Port Authority bus terminal in New York City: Sources

Dec 11, 2017, 8:01 AM ET


December 14, 2017


So does this mean that now the barrage of NN ads on sites will end?



Mark Gosdin


I just checked ANN and it looks like their counter is still up, displaying all 0s on its countdown. Looks like they didn’t have it set to time out automatically. At least it didn’t start counting negative time :slight_smile:


Recently, concerns have emerged that the FCC’s online public comment function related to proposed changes to net neutrality may be contaminated by fake comments. This is on both sides of the issue.

Review the results to make sure comments were not submitted falsely on your behalf.


If I were to find my name how do I know that that’s the me that matters? :thinking::joy:


There’s a City/State listed. :newspaper:


December 15, 2017


Yeah I saw that but surprisingly there are several me’s in my area lol

Edit: unless it has some other determining factor or feature that distinguishes me LOL sorry I just thought of that

Edit #2: actually upon reexamining this it does not search by state. :scream: the city and state stuff is for the email part in case you do file a complaint


Newspeak vs Newspeak? :slight_smile:


Deaths reported aboard Amtrak train that derailed over Washington state highway

December 18, 2017


Putting on my Railfan’s hat, the Cascades trains are Push / Pull configuration trains with a Locomotive on one end and a Control Car on the other. The Control Car duplicates the Locomotive’s controls and is connected to the Locomotive by way of wires running under the various cars.

This configuration makes the pictures of the wreck seem odd, with the Locomotive sitting on the tracks and the majority of the cars derailed on the bridge or spilled down onto the highway. The train appears to have hit a truck of some kind just before it reached the bridge.

It looks like it hit the truck with the Control Car and the Locomotive pushed the various cars off the rails onto the bridge & highway. From the pictures it looks like the Control Car ended up upright on the highway some distance from the bridge. I would assume momentum carried it there, it should be heavier than the trains cars, but not as heavy as the engine equipped locomotive.

Mark Gosdin