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Those are just some devastating images. They really leave me in shock every time I see them.


In my years chasing trains I’ve seen as bad or worse wrecks. Some things haunt me to this day. Keep in mind that the Semi rigs on the Interstate have the same issues with momentum & wrecks, just on a slightly smaller scale.

Mark Gosdin


A while ago, I was riding Amtrak when it actually managed to hit a car that was stuck on the tracks. No one was injured, but I didn’t feel a thing when it happened.

If the AMTRAK staff hadn’t announced why, I wouldn’t have known that we’d hit anything. I was in the upper level of the dining car at the time.

…When I was following AMTRAK more avidly, I remember the prevailing thought being that whenever the President of AMTRAK tried to fix the system, he was tossed out on his ear. BTW, as I recall the last POTUS Administration made a yuge deal about AMTRAK (eg:riding it to the inauguration, Biden hyping how he rode it all the time as a Senator) AFAIK it didn’t improve the situation.


Jan. 2, 2018 at 06:00 am JST


January 02, 2018


January 13, 2018


12:03 AM · Jan 20, 2018

Government Shuts Down as Bill to Extend Funding Is Blocked; Senators Continue to Seek Deal



At least there’s a term for this shutdown, the “Schumer Shutdown”. It just rolls right off the tongue. The last one didn’t have a good name to it.

I notice the media is hyping the dire consequences of the Schumer Shutdown, but I don’t see that gaining traction as everyone still remembers the big nothingburger that was the 2013 shutdown.


From the: Things you really didn’t need/want to know File

February 1, 2018


February 2, 2018


Meh, weather forecasters just can’t trust 'em.

Mark Gosdin


Some jerkwad did this last weekend:

February 9, 2018


FEB 14 2018, 4:54 PM ET


April 23 Is Doomsday for Net Neutrality

February 22, 2018


Toys R Us Could Close U.S. Stores As Soon As Next Week

March 10, 2018


It’s kind of sad, as I remember spending a fair chunk of time in my local Toys R Us back in the day.

Amazingly, for now, my local TRU is still open, even though it’s on the backside of what is basically a dead mall.

Maybe the quality of toys went down over time, maybe online shopping played a part…or maybe, it’s another Russian Conspiracy: just look at that backwards “R” in their name, could it be more obvious? :smile:


This has upset me more than I understand. Probably because of how helpless it was.

United flight attendant made a woman put her puppy in an overhead bin. He died.

March 13, 2018


Unless they have a near monopoly of flights, that’s too damn high of a percentage of deaths. Would not surprise me if they end up losing a huge chunk of business from this.


Toys R Us Officially Goes Out of Business

March 14, 2018

Toys R Us Plans to Sell or Close Over 700 U.S. Stores

posted on 2018-03-15 01:02 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Also plans to sell its operations in Asia, Canada, Europe


This showed up in my news feed this morning…

United sends family’s dog to Japan instead of Kansas by mistake

March 14, 2018


FIU pedestrian bridge collapses, people trapped underneath

March 15, 2018 02:02 PM