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Next up: Ban Assault Rocks?

So the plan is that, in the heat of the moment, normal kids of all ages and teachers are supposed to scramble to their buckets, arm up and prepare to pelt a gun packing psycho with rocks? This just seems like a very bad plan; the guy proposing it has a doctorate o_0. Maybe if the shooter happens to pick the classroom with the varsity baseball pitchers in it…

Also brings to mind this old anime tune:


In all seriousness this is an actual tactic proposed by trained professionals in the heat of the moment if they don’t have anything else to defend themselves with. It’s hard for someone to shoot when things are flying at their face. Anything to give you the ability to either escape or help take down the threat through distraction.


Oh, I’m all in on the “Hit Anything with Anything” school of fighting. I’ve hit and been hit that way. The problem is that the goal in that kind of fight is usually just to disable the other guy. A shooter, like these, has picked up a gun and pointed it with “Kill” as their only thought. So it likely will take more than rocks to stop them.

Mark Gosdin


well guess you dont have much to kombat a gun man expect with a gun but rock will have to do and they should give these kids some teflon bullet proof vest to for a little more protection and was think a about armoring the kids with those non lethal weapon like a bean bag gun it would be more effective


The science for combating insanity is still in the works… I’m watching the “March” stuff, the solution for a system that we have is still waiting to be penned, the numbers change by the second so I’m not sure how it’ll pan out, they are certainly poking at how none of the kids can vote but why should that even be a factor?


7:54 pm, April 02, 2018 / The Japan News


Will this never end?

April 3, 2018


YouTube Headquarters Shooting: Stars React to Tragic Incident

April 04, 2018 11:45 am


Now that we know more about what started this and how it was allowed to happen.


I don’t have any other answer.

It seems that YouTube’s decisions to “De-Monitize” the shooter’s videos was the root cause of the incident. When you touch on someone’s passion, and from what I’ve read this woman was passionate, you need to tread lightly. Most people won’t be upset if you simply disagree with them, but when you take money out of their pockets … it gets heated in a hurry.

With millions of people using YouTube and who knows how many be “De-Monitized” ( Do not like word. ) it will be surprising that something similar to this does not happen again, maybe multiple times.

Mark Gosdin


Way to burst my bubble… but I agree with all that you said. Money is a strong motivator.

I’d just like to go a week or so without any of these terrible things happening. (I’d really like to go forever, but I’ll take what I can get at this point.)


I’ve just had enough (bad) experiences to guide my responses into the cynical territories more often than not.

Mark Gosdin


The more technology advances and connects us faster and farther the more we see how the world really is, was, and will be unfortunately. I turned all my news feeds off so now I’m not bombarded 24/7 with the horrors of life and politics.


Oh hell no.

April 12, 2018


Ewww NO! That’s disgusting. :nauseated_face:


If you’re afraid of everyone, maybe use that doorbell camera and see who’s knocking instead of opening the door. And seriously, what burglar knocks on the door?

April 14, 2018


Sadly, around here, quite a few.


All the more reason to use that camera.


CNN affiliate WDIV

That’s our local NBC station. Do CNN and NBC belong to the same group?

Sadly, I tend to forget I have a camera doorbell because so few people actually use the damn thing (also, doesn’t help the battery in the thing actually dies during the 20-30% range now), they just want to knock first.


No, but CNN does work with local stations as feeders for news so they would credit them like an affiliate.

We don’t need a door camera, we have a side window next to the door and bay windows. Can easily see whoever it is that rang the doorbell.

Mark Gosdin


A burglar who wants to find out if anyone is home at the house he is planning to burgle?

TBF, this homeowner was following the advice of then-Vice President Joe Biden:
“[Y]ou want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door.”