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Bungō Stray Dogs


Hikaru Ueda Joins Cast of “Bungo Stray Dogs”

November 12, 2016 8:35am CST
Voice actress plays villain based on author of “Little Women” in on-going action TV anime


Bungo Stray Dogs Episode 20, “Even if the head is mistaken”


Bungo Stray Dogs Anime Casts Takayuki Sugo

posted on 2016-11-18 23:30 EST
Character based on real-life American author Herman Melville


“Bungo Stray Dogs” Episode 21 “Twin (One) Two Black”


“Bungo Stray Dogs” Part 1 “Po and Ranpo”; Part 2 “There Is a Whale Watching the Sky of Heaven”


December 6, 2016


“Bungo Stray Dogs” Episode 23 “Rashomon to Tiger and the Last Daigo (Takunku)” Notice


“Bungo Stray Dogs” Tops “Newtype” Character Rankings

December 11, 2016 4:09pm CST
Its characters briefly topped the character rankings in the June issue before dropping. For the January 2017 issue, they stack the lists!


“Bungo Stray Dogs” Episode 24 “If It’s Young Today, This Good Lug Is Down and That’s Good”


FEATURE: Creative Spotlight: Takuya Igarashi

December 19, 2016 2:05pm CST
An in-depth look at the Bungo Stray Dogs director!


“Bungo Stray Dogs” Anime Staff And Cast Say Goodbye… May For Now

December 24, 2016 1:30am CST
After nine months split between two cours, the anime adaptation of Kafka Asagiri and Harukawa’s 35’s Bungo Stray Dogs has wrapped up


Bungo Stray Dogs Anime Gets New Film Project, Stage Play

posted on 2017-02-19 08:47 EST
Kafka Asagiri & Sango Harukawa’s “battle action” manga already inspired 2 TV seasons


:upside_down: April Fools Day :upside_down:

April Fools’ Days Pranks Continue with “Gakuen Bungo Stray Dogs”

April 01, 2017 7:45am CDT
For one day only, official website of super-powered detective series flips the script to be a high school drama


Bungo Stray Dogs OVA Casts Minako Kotobuki as Aya

posted on 2017-04-14 05:00 EDT
Blu-ray Disc ships with original manga’s 13th volume on August 4


Take a Note, Doppo Kunikida Gets Into The Action With “Bungō Stray Dogs” OVA Visual

April 19, 2017 6:30pm CDT
Volume 13 of Kafka Asagiri and Harukawa 35’s Bungō Stray Dogs manga, scheduled to be released in Japan on August 4th, will feature a limited edition with OVA


Bungo Stray Dogs OVA Casts Masakazu Morita as Shōsaku Katsura

posted on 2017-04-21 12:00 EDT
Blu-ray Disc ships with original manga’s 13th volume on August 4


Bungo Stray Dogs Anime Film Reveals Title, Teaser Video, Visual, Early Spring 2018 Debut

posted on 2017-06-19 05:03 EDT
Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple film features returning cast, staff


GRANRODEO, Luck Life Return for Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple Film’s Theme Songs

posted on 2017-09-22 13:00 EDT
Film opens in early spring 2018


Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple Unveils New Character Tatsuhiko Shibusawa

posted on 2017-10-03 19:00 EDT
Film opens in early spring 2018


“Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple” Anime Movie Previews New Character

October 04, 2017 10:58am CDT
The feature is directed by Takuya Igarashi and features animation by BONES. It’s scheduled to hit Japanese theaters in the Spring season of 2018