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Caption This!


The cookies were made one per pizza pan, so extra supreme large cookies?


[size=16]Best joke wins at life. Caption this:[/size]


I can see… NOTHING!!!

There’s too much dust in here.


I know I should have used less yeast in this recipe…


Yes, be jelly of my 100% wool snuggy.


i have to find my way out of here. (i still dont know how to quote SlowHand)


You can’t quote images, you have to select text and click the shaded quote thing that pops up on this stupid forum. The normal way of just pushing a button is too simple for whoever made this forum.

Another one gone, and another one gone, another royal guard bites the dust.
Buh-duh-dum-dum-dum. Akatsuki got her teaching.
Buh-duh-dum-dum-dum. For what part of Nao is Tetra reachin? O.o
And another one’s gone, and another one’s gone, and “Shiroe, may I knee this pervert?”
[insert electric lute solo by Isuzu]

NOTE: Enbart dough should be kept frozen at all times, never attempt to bake it. Just eat it like raw cookie dough, except you want to pick out the Enbart bits. This is the suggested Lander way of enjoying this that does not require the cooking skill.


Yeah i just found that out. these new forums are weird


I really should learn this thing called ‘a broom’ and use it.


Oh, Tetra, how do you even do that? Help us caption this lovely #loghorizon 2 shot, it’s just begging for it. :wink:


were twins


I am the embodiment of morning wood, here to say “Hello” even if you don’t want me to!!


Just call me Joey now.


When you wash with Gain, you never know what girls will do. Sniff sniff hooray? NO WAY!!!


Tetra, the Galactic Idol of Log Horizon has decided to Hold her next concert, IN Naogutsu’s PANTS!!!


Good one


3D shirt pop-ups at their finest, eh?


Here is a new one. Have fun! :smile:


They said use hot water and it’ll fit. Then again I’ve been using hot water for my baths all these years so…


Apparently undesirables come by so often, this girl needed to be the “scarecrow” of the house. Don’t worry though. She’s unarmed.