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Caption This!


New episode of Log Horizon is up! Let’s see who can come up w/ the best caption for this:


You will annihilate all men that try to stare at me. Paint the town red!


"My name is Marielle,

I hunt them ne’er-do-wells.

I have a Ninja too,

She’s so much better than you.

So you can either fight or run

I’ll still be having fun

There’s no reason to pretend

'Cause we’ll be winning in the end!"



New episode of Log Horizon is up! Let’s see who can come up w/ the best caption for this:[/quote]

Yo-yo’s, who knew…


Caption this image before you go watch the newest episode of Log Horizon!


So Naogutsu about Tetra…


Guys’ nuts roasting by an open fire. How’s that for our battle theme?


This is some good tea


4:00 PM - 17 Mar 2015

Oh god, someone please make the perfect caption for this #loghorizon 2 shot.


Please don’t touch me.


This weird girl…she has the look of somebody who wants to fondle my boobies. I need to make a quick escape.


im glad to see you again. give me a big man hug


New episode of Log Horizon 2 is available! Watch it and give us a good caption for this:


My Wolfie
My Wolfie
Wherever I go, He Goes

My Wolfie
My Wolfie
I’ll teach him everything a Druid Knows

My Wolfie you see
is an awesome NPC
My Wolfie and me
We’re the Best Friends that can be

My Wolfie
My Wolfie
My Wolfie and Me!

Sung to the tune of the My Buddy commercials


How a hit and run happens at night: Meeting this girl in dark alleys.


its halloween trick or treat b*tches


Seen the new episode of SHIROBAKO? Caption this:


When I said to “put on a Teddy” I had something a little bit different in mind…


i am the same size as a teddy bear, that sucks


Since when did Ted turn into such a girl?