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Caption This!


See what happens when you tell Ghost stories? They become hostile!! I’ll never be able to sleep again!!


help ive fallen and I cant get up


Noooooo the Caption This thread went dead!!

…it’ll live on in spirit.


I like this thread, bust out the shock pads! CLEAR!!!




“Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me, maybe!”


You know that Sakura girl is pretty dull, I know a good brothel in Hell where the girls will literally eat you up…


Red Bull. It gives you wings.


“Do you have ANY idea what Sakura and Rinne are doing right at this very moment??? Let me just say… whisper, whisper, whisper…”


Dude, have you seen Death By Gossip with Wendy Williams? It’s all the talk.


"This is your angelic conscious speaking…"




“This is the life, I’m in Chibi-mode and I have my own personal Attendant to take care of me, This is the only way to spend a Labor day.”


“Oh, Master! It’s so wonderful that I get to be your air conditioning on such a hot day! Can I get you anything? Chips? Pudding? Maybe another cola?”


Just like that, a trip to the beach and sunburn was avoided thanks to imagination in a tiny room.


"If she would just take off that hamster hoodie thingy, then maybe she wouldn’t be so darn hot and I wouldn’t have such a sore arm!"


“I’ll trade ya…”


“What anime should we watch today?”


Caption This!


“Fried testicles… yaaa that’ll show him if he ever cheats on me.”