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Beer Vs. Belly | Ballmastrz: 9009 | Adult Swim

Joe Pera Talks With You | May 20th | Adult Swim


Adult Swim Orders Comedy Pilot ‘Three Busy Debras’ From Amy Poehler

May 8, 2018 9:00AM PDT



‘OK K.O.!’ Knocks Out New Eps in May, Hits DVD in July

May 9, 2018


‘Rick and Morty’ Scores 70-Episode Order at Adult Swim

May 10, 2018

Rick And Morty’s Top Renegade Moments!


THE TRUTH ABOUT ROSE QUARTZ! | Rebecca Sugar Interview!!! | Cartoon Network This Week


This Episode:
Rebecca Sugar sits down with Sam to help us understand Rose’s revelations from this week’s new episodes of Steven Universe, “Can’t go back” and “A Single Pale Rose” by explaining the hidden clues and what they mean for the future of the Crystal Gems. Speaking of interesting moms, Rupert’s mom has a special mother’s day shout out with appearances by Max, the voice of Baby Panda, Philip Solomon from Craig of the Creek, as well as Courtenay Taylor, Ashly Burch, and Kari Wahlgren from OK KO. We even have Elliott and Naomi who play Oscar and Pajamas from the upcoming Cartoon Network original series Summer Camp Island!


Harvey Birdman Returns For Adult Swim TV Special

May 14, 2018


May 15 Digital, Blu-ray and DVD Releases - Rick and Morty: Season 3

MAY 15, 2018



See LEGO’s Purr-fect Collection for Cartoon Network’s ‘Unikitty’

May 18, 2018 1:30 pm

ThunderCats Roar Announcement: Thundercats (old & new)

May 18, 2018


Craig of the Creek | Craig of the Creek Voice Session | Cartoon Network This Week

This Episode:
Philip Solomon, the voice of Craig on Craig of the Creek, invites Sam to ride along to his recording session at Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank, California. After a spirited rendition of Craig of the Creek’s theme song, Sam and Philip chat about the show and voice acting before heading inside to record! Rupert, meanwhile, shares what you’ve been saying about recent Craig of the Creek episodes and imagines what it would be like if he grew legs.


Iron | Joe Pera Talks With You | Adult Swim


‘Rick And Morty’ Game Makers Big Pixel Studios Acquired By Adult Swim

May 21, 2018 9:00AM PDT

Dexter Goes To College | Robot Chicken | adult swim

Rick And Morty Rewind: Season 1 Episode 11 - Ricksy Business Breakdown!


Cartoon Network’s Biggest Summer Ever: 50+ New Episodes!

May 25, 2018


Teen Titans Go! | Beast Boy Bro Out!!! | Bro-Pocalypse | Cartoon Network This Week

This Episode:
Sam learns at the feet of ultimate bro master Greg Cipes, the voice of Beast Boy, who schools him on the finer points of bro-ing out in celebration of the Teen Titans Go! episode “Bro-Pocalypse.” Together they cover all the bro-cessities like getting ripped, sloppy eating, extreme sports and more. Also: Rupert gets swole.

Adult Swim Confirms Venture Bros. Will Return Summer 2018

May 26, 2018


Luxury | Joe Pera Talks With You | Adult Swim


‘Summer Camp Island’ First Look Footage Revealed by Cartoon Network

May 29, 2018


Adult Swim Announces 6-City U.S. Concert Tour for FLCL’s The Pillows

posted on 2018-05-30 14:29 EDT by Karen Ressler
Tickets available for performances this July


Bummer, I probably won’t be anywhere near those cities ;_;


Rick and Morty Creators Explain Why Season 4 Renewal Took So Long

June 1, 2018


Best Summer Ever! | Teen Titans Go! | Unikitty | Cartoon Network This Week

This Episode:
Cartoon Network’s Best Summer Ever and its Summer Challenge companion app make a huge splash that leaves Sam soaking wet, but not before he’s joined by surfer Greg Cipes, the voice of Beast Boy from Teen Titans Go, who returns to the show with his Top 7 tips for having the Best Summer Ever! Speaking of huge, Rippert (formerly known as Rupert) joins in the fun by sharing a jacked up CN Sayin’ summer challenge.