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Cartoon Network Gives the All-Clear to ‘Elliott from Earth’

July 2, 2018

Another glimpse of Pink Diamond 👀? Find out tonight! 💗🌟

— Cartoon Network (@cartoonnetwork) July 2, 2018

Tag a friend who would do this to you 😖💩 Watch NEW #OKKO all this week!

Download the new CN Summer Challenge App so you can play fun trivia and collect 🏆🏆🏆

— Cartoon Network (@cartoonnetwork) July 2, 2018


4th of July | Rick and Morty | adult swim

In 3 days anything is possible!! 🏕 🧙‍🐾 🦄 ✨ #SummerCampIsland

— Cartoon Network (@cartoonnetwork) July 4, 2018


✨In 2 days, enter a whimsical world of cheeky witches, 🧙‍, musical yetis ଘ( ິ ◕ ᄋ ◕ )ິଓ , and magic marshmallows ✨#SummerCampIsland

— Cartoon Network (@cartoonnetwork) July 5, 2018

New ‘Rick & Morty’ Plushes to Materialize at Comic-Con

July 5, 2018

‘Summer Camp Island’ Begins This Weekend!

July 5, 2018


✨Pack your bags 🎒 All 20 episodes of #SummerCampIsland will premiere, starting tomorrow! 🦄🏕✨

— Cartoon Network (@cartoonnetwork) July 6, 2018


Summer Camp Island Takeover | Julia Pott | Cartoon Network This Week

This Episode:
To celebrate the release of all 20 episodes of Summer Camp Island, Sam welcomes series creator Julia Pott for a Milkshake Moment. They discuss Julia’s inspirations, magic and the characters of Summer Camp Island, including the one she voices, head camp counselor Susie. As Rupert looks on, Sam hits pay dirt with the ultimate question: pizza or chicken fingers. Finally, Sam introduces the voice of Pajamas, Naomi, who lends her voice to some cute animals. Don’t miss every episode of Summer Camp Island, all weekend long, on Cartoon Network, the Cartoon Network app and On Demand.


I saw an episode of that show, seems cool enough.


I’ve been watching it all day myself. It’s pretty funny. :sun_with_face: :camping:


Diversity | Mostly 4 Millennials | adult swim

Cartoon Network - We Bare Bears New Episodes Promo - Coming in August 2018


Press Release: Adult Swim Returns to San Diego Comic Con

July 10, 2018

Craig and the Creek Crew rockin' in all new episodes this week! 👦🏾🎤🎸🤘#CraigoftheCreek

Download the new CN Summer Challenge App so you can play fun trivia and collect 🏆🏆🏆

— Cartoon Network (@cartoonnetwork) July 10, 2018


Rick and Morty Soundtrack Is Arriving As Double Album

July 12, 2018


Do the JP! | Craig of the Creek | Comic-Con Preview | Steven Universe | Cartoon Network This Week

This Episode:
Demonstrating a new dance that Craig of the Creek’s JP dropped this week, Sam and Rupert get their wiggle on with the help of some CN Sayin’ friends. Meanwhile, Sam shares an exclusive sneak preview of Cartoon Network’s plans for San Diego Comic-Con 2018, covering panels, the booth, giveaways and even a first look at this year’s signing posters. Also covered: a new Steven Universe personality quiz, Adventure Time’s Minecraft crossover special and Cartoon Network Mashup.


Blue Morpho’s Prisoner | The Venture Bros. S7 | Adult Swim


Adult Swim Festival Oct 6-7, 2018 | Adult Swim

Marcy and Finn, y’all fool around too much 🤣 Don’t miss the special #AdventureTime Minecraft episode this Friday! @OliveOlson @JeremyShada

— Cartoon Network (@cartoonnetwork) July 17, 2018

Bringing the #BearStack back🐻🐼❄️ #WeBareBears Season 4 premieres Monday, July 30th!!

— Cartoon Network (@cartoonnetwork) July 17, 2018


“Mega Man: Fully Charged” Premieres August 5 on Cartoon Network: General Anime News & Discussion

July 18, 2018

Headed to San Diego Comic-Con this year? Stop by our #CrystalGems booth (3735) for an epic 3-D Photobooth and FREE GIVEAWAYS including this amazing tote and #StevenUniverse pins! 🌟📸

(Totes are limited, while supplies last. Pins Thurs-Sun)

— Cartoon Network (@cartoonnetwork) July 18, 2018


The Land of Ooo gets Minecraftified, and Finn faces off with an Enderman 👾👽 Friday at 7p ET!

— Cartoon Network (@cartoonnetwork) July 19, 2018