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The Venture Bros. Panel SDCC 2018 | The Venture Bros. | Adult Swim

S7 Sneak: Arrears In Science | The Venture Bros. | Adult Swim





Cartoon Network Dates ‘Adventure Time’ Finale Amid September Highlights

August 24, 2018


Back-to-School Moments | The Amazing World of Gumball | Teen Titans GO! | Cartoon Network This Week

This Episode:
Rappin’ Rupert counts down your favorite things about heading back to school with a crazy collection of clips featuring some of Cartoon Network’s coolest school moments. Featured shows include The Amazing World of Gumball, We Bare Bears, Craig of the Creek and more!


S7 Sneak: The High Cost of Loathing | The Venture Bros. | Adult Swim


’Adventure Time’ Finale Soundtrack Coming on Vinyl & Digital

August 27, 2018




Adventure Time | Every Snail Ever | Cartoon Network This Week

This Episode:
This week, Sam and Rupert salute the Adventure Time snail in this compilation of Every Snail Ever! Don’t miss the Adventure Time series finale, The Ultimate Adventure, Monday night at 6. Join us next Saturday for a special behind-the-scenes look at the final Adventure Time voice session.






Adventure Time | Final Voice Session | Cartoon Network This Week

This Episode:
Spoiler Alert: This episode features scenes from the Adventure Time series finale! Come along with us for Willow Smith’s rendition of the finale theme, plus an exclusive look at the final voice session for Adventure Time. Highlights include John DiMaggio (Jake the Dog), Jeremy Shada (Finn the Human) and Olivia Olson (Marceline the Vampire Queen) reflecting on their experiences with the show, plus the voice session itself featuring the legendary Tom Kenny (Ice King).





Teen Titans GO! | Adventure Time | Favorite Moments | Cartoon Network This Week

This Episode:
From Adventure Time to We Bare Bears, Cartoon Network This Week has covered it all! Enjoy some of our favorite moments with the talent behind Cartoon Network shows, including Greg Cipes (Teen Titans GO!), John Fang (Ben 10), Ian Jones-Quartey (OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes), Julia Pott (Summer Camp Island), Philip Solomon (Craig of the Creek) and Rebecca Sugar (Steven Universe).