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Cells at Work! / Hataraku Saibō

I wonder how quickly this show will overtake the US released manga?

I really like this series so far. Quite funny and even educational somewhat. My body is ready for more.

ClariS Reveals Their New Visual for TV Anime Cells at Work! ED Song

July 08, 2018 12:55am CDT
David Production-animated adaptation is now available on Crunchyroll

As a reader of the manga, this was a series I was looking forward to.

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Anime Expo 2018: Cells At Work! Premiere Report

by Kyle Cardine, Jul 10th 2018

Anison Duo ClariS Show Their Actual Figures on CD Jackets for The First Time

July 14, 2018 2:15am CDT
The TV anime “Cells at Work!” ED song CD will be released on August 15

Episode 2

Hard to look at a scrape the same way again. So much destruction! :scream:

Here comes those nasty germs.

Those platelets are so cute covering that wound. Keep up the good work kids.

Haha the red blood cells and the white blood cell clustered together. That’ll be an uncomfortable next three days. :sweat_smile:

Remember…never pick your scabs.

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Cells at Work! OP Trailer

Episode 3

Really liked this ep.

Oh no the Influenza virus!

A Naive T-Cell approaches. He used Coward. It was super ineffective.

Stop your whining and get to work boy!

Temperature rising. Oh gawd.

We needs the backup nao!

Just another White Blood Cell in the wall. “Could you give me a yank?” “Sure.” :laughing:

Naive T-Cell chooses to run from battle. Oh my.

Haha embarrassing team photos from the past.

Oh damn. He’s evolving into an Effector T-Cell.


Looks like you found your spine. Time to kill some virus butt.

We won…or not.

Oh crap. It’s the Type A virus. NOTHING’S WORKING! The effector virus has been defeated! We’re screwed! :scream:

or as I like to call it, Naive T-Cell’s Bizzare Adventure


I’m surprised you didn’t talk at all about the character who casually kills with a smile on their face.

That character type freaks me out, man!

Are you referring to the Macrophage?


Well If she knew I was talking bad about her, she might kill me. :skull:
jk :laughing:

Yeah I know. On the bright side, creepiness in facial expressions and tactics aside, she’s very dependable in tight situations.

Cells at Work! ED Trailer

I Asked a Med Student What He Thought About Cells at Work!

August 02, 2018 12:00pm CDT
Can a medical education help you predict the course of the series?!

This Week in Anime - Cells at Work! Makes Learning Fun (and Disgusting)

by Jacob Chapman and Steve Jones, Aug 2nd 2018

Nendroid incoming…

Episode 6

Those Erythroblast vs. Psuedomona scenes were freakin hilarious. Running up along the walls and hat to the eyeball. Bundle of energy that one. :joy:

This about summed it up.


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Cancer Researcher Praises, Explains Cells at Work! Anime’s Episode 7

posted on 2018-08-21 18:45 EDT by Jennifer Sherman