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Code Geass / Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch


Really enjoyed the final episodes.

How both armies switched masters, it was an interesting twist. Certainly the ending now that we found out what the Zero Requiem was and why Lelouch seemed like he was sacrificing everything for.

The ending was sad in that, while it played out in some ways as we expected, ie. a tragedy… I wanted to see CC or Kallen’s love interest aspect have a more conclusive ending.

Very few people seemed to know what Lelouch sacrificed and why he did what he did. It was the reverse-martyrdom situation… I was on the edge of my seat til the very end. It was interesting to see Lelouch’s plan overcome all the odds, this was the one time where every calculation of his panned out exactly as he wanted.

So the question of import…

Spoiler Warning below:


Did Lelouch actually die?

Who knows, it’ll depend on each of our interpretations. That’s what makes a really special ending in my opinion (sure there are great ways to end with conclusiveness and no real question), but I really enjoy these endings of doubt. There was just enough door open in this case for a potential sequel, but if not it has a fairly definitive ending in some ways.

My view though is Lelouch survives.

  • The ending scene where CC evokes his name as if he was beside/near her
  • When the new Zero (Suzaku) came after Lelouch at the end, Jeremiah almost gave up and let him pass without much fighting. Also what was Jeremiah’s main role in the series… to protect his liege. In the ending epilogue he was a little too content at his failure and the end of the royal line… He must have known of Lelouch’s plans and perhaps knew that Lelouch might have been ok to be so content.
  • The final scene between Lelouch and Nunnally… Lelouch was able to transfer his memories to her, this only happens when the Geass has reached full potential (as seen in previous episodes when the Emperor and CC did this when they were on death’s door) and the person has an ability to transfer the code. It’s possible that she has inherited Geass… Geass is perhaps living on? In which case if this actually happened, then Lelouch must have gotten immortality from the Emperor during the whole CC’s world.

Really entertaining series on the whole. It had a rocky start in terms of the story and our reception of it, and certainly the dub but as it progressed has been a series that has proven itself to be at least a very good series. Kudos to the production staff, the dub and overall english production especially as the episodes went on was stellar.

It’s certainly been a fun ride and I’m gonna miss it. I won’t have my weekly cliffhangers anymore!

They did leave an opening for a sequel though and Sunrise has hinted about the possibility… so who knows, we may see more in the distant future.


WOW, what an ending. The series had me hooked from the beginning to the end. I’m actually kind of bummed that the series is over, I kind of want it to just keep on going and see what this new world is like, plus how the rest of the characters move on after everything that’s happened, especially the ones that knew what lelouch did.

I’d be stoked to see them continue series, but I’d be fine with the show just finishing the way it did. A very good conclusion.


This was probably the best ending to a series on AS in a VERY long time. I thoroughly enjoyed this series from beginning to end, and is in my top 5 all time favorites. I’ll be looking to get this one on DVD down the road, just so I can say I own it (fingers crossed). A sequel would be nice, but I think it would be difficult to improve on this series.

It’s going to be hard for AS to come up with another series that was as good as this one has been for me.


Finally got around to watching the final episode - also kinda sorry to see this end.

This could have gone a couple of ways…

  • Like Marianne, Lelouch’s memories transferred into Nunnally, except he didn’t have that type of Geass, and there was only the touching of hands for that to occur.
  • At the end, when CC said his name, I thought of either she was talking to him like she used to talk to Marianne originally; either that or (and this is pretty far out there) Lelouch is the one driving the cart.
  • Loved Ohgi & Viletta’s wedding pics, he was so uncomfortable.
  • Too bad Rivald & ‘the Prez’ couldn’t have ended up together.
  • I didn’t see (or wasn’t looking) at the end, when Zero was pushing Nunnally in her wheelchair, was Schneizel around?


There is one way to look at it.


Being immortal seems to be separate Geass and one that could be transferred. Didn’t the emperor say right before he start to evaporate, “Lelouch I condemn you to a eternity to contemplate your sins.” or something to that effect. Lelouch acted as if he was hit with something the same way the Emperor acted when he received immortality from his brother. In order to left alone he has to appeared to have died.

The price that has to be paid. Lelouch promise CC to live a normal with no one bothering her and to stay with her always, in exchange for helping him. Considering CC has abandoned pervious Geass users, Is the price that Lelouch has to stay with her or that CC has to Stay with Lelouch? To me a high price would being staying with Lelouch.


I lol’d.

Great series. Loved the whole of it for the most part. At times it could be a bit convoluted and confusing but I’d have to say it paid off.

But I think maybe Lelouch did get the immortal geass right? I mean, his geass had reached a powerful point, then he kind of killed two people who had geass (one of whom, his immortal father). But I’m not sure. It’s just one of those endings I guess. Kind of like Elfen Lied (if you know what I’m talking about)


Great ending! It’s ambiguity at the end reminds me of Cowboy Bebop. In that last part, Zero remminded me a lot of Zoro.

At the beginning, I remember how fast paced it was, but I’m glad I stuck with this series-great and exciting series! I’ll miss this series–looked forward to this every Saturday night.

[details=spoiler] When I watched the last episode for the first time, I had thought he was dead, but now I think he survived. He gained mortality from Charles by getting his code. I guess CC was praying because they weren’t sure if had really obtained the code or not. Also, Jeremiah was in on it–could tell this because of the ease with which he let Zero/Suzaku fly by him to get to Lelouch. I don’t think he would have went on with the plan knowing the Lelouch would die for real.

I think Lelouch is the cart driver, lol. I didn’t even notice the cart driver’s face was covered at first. I think what CC said is a big clue: “that geass was the power of the king that would condemn him to solitude,” but the she says “that wasn’t quite correct, right Lelouch?”

If he was dead, that would be correct, but going with the thought he’s alive, it’s incorrect because he’s with CC. By “dying” in Britania, he sacrificed being with his friends and most importantly, being with Nunnally-the person he cared about the most, who he did everything for. In doing this, he gained CC as an companion.

So like he said, he was the power to create and end worlds. Well, he ended his “world” / existence in that world of Britania , and by going away with CC he is creating a new world/ living a new life with her.[/details]


In the finest anime tradition, there is a there definitely should be a certain ambiguity regarding the fates of major characters.


I don’t think there is any coincidence that the face of the cart driver was never revealed. I think it deliberately sets it up for audiences to individually decide whether or not Lelouch is truly dead or has now gained immortality.

Personally, I prefer “And they all lived happily ever after” endings myself, but I think it was a good ending to a great series.


Finally watched the last episode. I know, you’re like WTF?, but I’m way behind in my anime watching. Anyway, it was a WONDERFUL episode, and a really nice ending to the series. I was glad that Nunnally attempted to take a stand, even though it didn’t work out the way that she wanted. It was also great to see Suzaku and Lelouch on the same side at the end, even after all of the animosity between them throughout the series. The ending left me…well, surprised, for lack of a better word. I agree with everyone else’s assumption, in that there is really no concrete and solid ending. Leaves open the possibility for more storytelling.

I am really glad that I stuck with this series, even though the first few episodes failed to draw me in. Once the momentum got going, I enjoyed the ride and I’m pretty satisfied with how things ended. :slight_smile:


Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (Season 1) on Adult Swim begins again tomorrow night (Saturday, June 13/Sunday, June 14 - depending on the time in your area) starting with the first episode:

“The Day A New Demon Was Born!”

So, if you missed it the first time around - it’s baaaack!!


Here is the way I see it:


Both Immortality Geases seem to be a tag your it. As long as you have the Geas you are immortal, need to pass it on to die. CC was to pass on her Geas of Immortality to Charles. He use his Geas power to take the immortality Geas from his bothers, which broke his contract with CC. CC want to give Charles her immortally so she could die and was only willing to give to someone worthy. CC was not give a choice of immortality; it was force on her. In order for Charles to die he had to give up his immortality. It is an additioal Geas.


Slowhand your an Mod!! Use your mod powers and get AS to reshow Trinity Blood or blood +…


Blood + was scheduled for a re-showing, but they replaced it with Moribito instead.


IM glad they put moribito :slight_smile:
i mean i do like blood + but moribito is a pretty good show + i missed a couple of episodes that i need to see lolz :stuck_out_tongue:


No. I never want to see Trinity Blood again. The ending was horrible!


Believe me, no one (well maybe except 1-2 people lol) wants to see Trinity Blood again either. :slight_smile: But it was one of the most criticized AS shows that was shown as far as this forum’s commentaries were concerned… ask PP. :laugh:


I want to see it since I haven’t yet.


Same here. It was another show that I missed because I took an accidental nap. I somehow always managed to see the ending theme, though… (tykes…)

As for Code Geass repeating, I’m glad for it. I missed a few eps due to non-cable areas, but the eps were in the R2 area, so I’ll have to wait awhile… :side:


Better off never seeing Trinity Blood and taking the nap.:stuck_out_tongue:
I still want my wasted time back.:stuck_out_tongue:


Considering our differences of opinion on Magikano, that makes me want to see it all the more.