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[size=16]Crunchyroll: 12 Days of Christmas[/size]
Starting December 7 - Enjoy Themed Daily Deals This Season!

  • Day 1: Exclusives
  • Day 2: Shonen
  • Day 3: Fantasy
  • Day 4: Comic/Western
  • Day 5: Apparel
  • Day 6: Male Characters
  • Day 7: Female Characters
  • Day 8: Game Properties
  • Day 9: Scale Figures
  • Day 10: Music
  • Day 11: Nendoroid Figures
  • Day 12: Sci-Fi

[size=16]Shop Now![/size]

[size=16]SHOP NOW[/size]

The perfect gift for the Anime fan in your life.

The holidays are right around the corner and there’s no better gift than a Crunchyroll Premium membership! With Premium, your friends and loved ones can enjoy unlimited access to our entire lineup of the best anime, ad-free and in HD across all of their favorite devices.

Digital gift cards are delivered immediately via email.

Plan options include:

  • 1-MONTHS:$6-95
  • 3 MONTHS:$19-95
  • 12 MONTHS:$59-96

###Crunchycast: Episode 22 – Simba is Naruto
Dec 8, 2015

###Crunchycast: Episode 23 – I Was Born in the Darkness
Dec 11, 2015

###Crunchycast: Episode 24 – The Best Anime of 2015
Dec 17, 2015

###Crunchycast Episode 24 – The Best Anime of 2015 Now Online
December 19, 2015 3:09pm CST
Check out the final episode of 2015

New Catalog Addition - Samurai Pizza Cats!

Hey everyone! We’re excited to add yet another awesome catalog title to our lineup, and this time it’s the dub of Samurai Pizza Cats, available TODAY at 5PM PST for users in the US and Canada! All 52 episodes will be available for Premium members today with 18 episodes per week for Free users (1-18 available today).

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January 06, 2016 3:00pm CST
Series premieres January 10 at 8:50am Pacific Time
January 07, 2016 8:00pm CST
Stream begins 1/8 at 8:30am PST
January 08, 2016 4:05pm CST
Crunchyroll staff and contributors pick their favorite anime and manga from 2015!

Upcoming Changes to CR Free Streaming in Canada

Jan 15, 2016

###Crunchyroll to Stream “Sound of the Sky” Special Episode
January 15, 2016 6:16pm CST
Available today starting at 5:00pm Pacific Time

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###Crunchycast: Episode 25 – An Average Human Mother
Jan 6, 2016

###Crunchycast: Episode 26 – How Many “Bo’s” in Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo?
Jan 14, 2016

###Crunchycast: Episode 27 – You’re My Life-Sized Lum
Jan 23, 2016
January 29, 2016 5:35pm CST
Watch the Crunchyroll Shorts Marathon Livestream today at 5pm PST!

###Crunchycast: Episode 28 - A Big Ol’ Bag of Ice
Jan 30, 2016

Hey everyone,

The Crunchyroll App is now available for the Android TV! Available for free in the Google Play Store, you can now watch Crunchyroll with the Android TV OS, which includes:

Google Nexus Player
Razer Forge TV

###Crunchycast Ep. 29 - with Special Guest Miranda Sanchez of IGN Anime Club
Feb 5, 2016

###Crunchycast Ep. 30 - We Like Phantom World AND Petting Mini-Games
Feb 12, 2016

###ANNCast: Buncha Crunch
by Zac Bertschy, Feb 19th 2016

Victoria Holden and Evan Minto, the hosts of Crunchyroll’s weekly podcast Crunchycast, finally stop by ANNCast to talk about what it’s like working at Crunchyroll, the glory and the struggle of social media, and winter 2016 anime!
February 19, 2016 11:36am CST
Partnership will provide fans with a co-branded with Loot Anime and Crunchyroll offering
February 19, 2016 12:40pm CST
Partnership that will enable Crunchyroll to expand its merchandise footprint
February 19, 2016 6:05pm CST
Watch the Hidden Gems livestream TODAY at 5pm PST

###Crunchycast Ep. 31 - Live action Astro Boy, Fire Emblem and Zatch Bell!
Feb 20, 2016

Katsucon 2016 Cosplay Time!