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There is this from the Press Release

Our goal is to create a unified anime subscription experience as soon as possible.

That makes me wonder if they do that will they be licensing less stuff as one service as they were when they were two ?

Also there is still the thing that some JP companies have issues with Sony and won’t deal with them .


from CBR article

Just love that raining money look! :laughing:


I wonder about this as well, because it does not seem to me that Funi and Crunchy each have the “certain something” that the other is lacking. While I have noticed that the Funi/Crunchy streaming exclusives have divided the fandom, I doubt that the price paid to unite all the streaming offerings (if even this deal does that) will be worth it, because Sony will want to get its billion back and we pay the freight.

Is this going to be a “Corporate Thunderdome” where two companies enter but only one company leaves (eg: T-Mobile vs Sprint), or will both brands live on as nominally independent entities (eg: Bass Pro & Cabela’s)?



Guess now I know where the new seasons of Made in Abyss and Bell & Co. are heading.

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Q & A on Funimation’s site about Crunchyroll content


Crunchyroll Confirms VRV as Part of Sony Following Acquisition

posted on 2021-08-13 14:30 EDT by Alex Mateo
Sony’s Funimation Global Group completed acquisition of Crunchyroll on Monday

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Crunchyroll Reveals Cast and Premiere Dates for Latest Dubs

August 17, 2021 11:00am CDT


Some folks I’ve seen online really want that FuniRoll to bring in more LA dubs. Me, I’d prefer more Funi dubs. Though I’ll concede that Funi already had more than it could truly dub prior to the merger.

Listing the actors is fun, but Crunchy doesn’t tell us the more important part, which is the dub studio + the dub director + scriptwriter.

For the most part, I haven’t been enthralled with Crunchy dubs of late.

Zeno Robinson

Ducks to avoid outrage mob

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Ohhh noes, what’s gonna happen to HiDive?

Why, nothing, of course, because otherwise our fine, fail-proof regulators down in DC would have put the kibosh on this deal as it would have truly monopolized anime streaming? :roll_eyes:

Hopefully it means nothing bad, but I am also curious about this. :crossed_fingers:


St. Clair Saints and Crunchyroll Sign Varsity esports Partnership

August 23, 2021 12:00pm CDT
The Crunchyroll logo will be featured prominently on the Saints 2021-22 jerseys to kick off the collaboration!

Sony Has Yet to Win Anime Fans to Its Post-Crunchyroll Strategy, but Opportunities Remain Strong



Chill with Hime and Put on Crunchyroll’s Anime Vibes Music Playlist

August 30, 2021 1:00pm CDT
Hime takes off with “Music to Voyage in Space to”

Crunchyroll Announces High Guardian Spice to Fall 2021 Lineup!

September 21, 2021 11:00am CDT

I was hoping the High Guardian Spice would fall through. It’s not too late, CR could memory-hole it and try and get more fan goodwill by commissioning actual-anime-ish projects like Fena.

HGS looks like an American cartoon and, based on their August 2021 trailer, it looks like American cartoons like Amphibia are gonna flex on it. :thinking:

Releasing it in Fall 2021 reminds me that it would have been kinda neat if Crunchy had made High Guardian Spice as an anime version of Dune to coincide with the Dune reboot movie. I’m know that The Spice Must Flow, but maybe not this Spice? :rofl:


Can it be worse than Release The Spyce?

+Ultra, Crunchyroll Partner for New Anime Works by Code Geass, Sidonia Creators

posted on 2021-09-22 21:51 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Goro Taniguchi is chief director on original anime, Tsutomu Nihei reunites with Polygon Pictures

  • Establife
  • new original collaboration between Tsutomu Nihei and Polygon Pictures


Crunchyroll and Fuji TV Announce +Ultra Development Partnership

September 23, 2021 8:00am CDT
New project by manga author Tsutomu Nihei and Polygon Pictures among titles in the works

Jolt Counter | Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting

Crunchyroll-Hime Makes VTuber Debut and Launches Her Own Channel!

October 08, 2021 1:00pm CDT
Get ready for Hime’s inaugural stream on October 12


High Guardian Spice Soars to Crunchyroll with New Trailer and Premiere Date

October 10, 2021 11:00am CDT
You’ll be able to watch the full series on October 26!