Dance Dance Danseur



It’s my favorite series of the entire season, so trying to keep up with it.

Yami: “I’m pretty sure everyone here knows why Maou loves this show so much. He-he.:yellow_heart::black_heart::yellow_heart::black_heart::yellow_heart::black_heart::yellow_heart::black_heart::yellow_heart::black_heart:


I am a big ballet fan, so I’m really looking forward to this one. First episode was pretty good.

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Not really knowledgeable about ballet myself, but the dancing is really smoothly animated! I like the main characters so far, and…


Of course I’m gonna love it! He-he! :heart::heart::heart:

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Preview for episode 5:


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I loved the Swan Lake bit from this week’s episode. They were telling the story as they danced. It was really sweet.

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I liked how she was taken with his dancing during that scene. It was precious!

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Ballet Anime? Why You Should Watch Dance Dance Danseur

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OMG! Episode 5 was incredible!!!

Jumpei and Ryo’s dance battle was amazing!!!


YAMI!!! :yellow_heart::black_heart::yellow_heart::black_heart::yellow_heart::black_heart:

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MAPPA’s Dance Dance Danseur Anime Twirls into Next Arc with New Visual

May 13, 2022 1:15am EDT
Video recapping first five episodes was also released

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This Week in Anime - Dance Dance Danseur for Your Life

by Nicholas Dupree & Monique Thomas, May 17th 2022

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Warning - contains spoilers

Shall We Dance? | Dance Dance Danseur

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