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Death Battle, Debate and you decide!

Here is how it goes.

  1. The initiator of the Versus will come up with a simple versus battle for debate
  2. There are Three Rounds to every Death Battle
  3. Round one, Opening Statements; state you opinion, explain your reasoning and evidence for that train of thought.
  4. Round 2 will be the Rebuttal, this is where you can address opponents’ opinions and deliver counter argument for their opening statement.
  5. Round 3 will be Closing Remarks, here you may reiterate your strong points, summarize your debate, make concessions or have your final word from an opponent’s rebuttal.
  6. Each Participant only gets 1 post per round, be sure you have thought out your arguments before you post them, Edits will be put under suspicion if they are used to give counter argument for later posts.
  7. The Initiator will mark the ends of rounds and the start of new ones. Players must mark the battle Number and Round Number at the Start of their post in ALL CAPS AND BOLD to make sure it is clear everyone is on the same page. You may also reiterate the battle name under the Battle and Round number.
  8. theres no actual “winner” in terms of debate, individuals may come to consensus or just disagree, but you’re sharing your opinion and having a conversations over it.

If anyone likes they can also write a miniature story regarding the scenario after the debate and post it in here. Just be sure to Label the Battle Number and Title at the Top in BOLD AND ALL CAPS so it stands out.

Number 17 (version: Dragonball Super) vs Tenchi Masaki (This does not include his God Form from the end of season 4 of the OVA series)


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I’d like to join this one, but not really knowledgeable about Dragonball…

(And been some time since I’ve seen Tenchi…)

With how powerful Tenchi gets even before God form though, I feel he’d probably be the winner of the battle.


It is a hard choice for me, as I understand Light Hawk wings are a projection of extra dimensional power, which is fantastic overall, but I also understand the combat prowess as degree of ability involved in how Number 17 works.

I would have to give Number 17 the win, in my opinion. The modifications Gero put him under has given him changes on a cellular level, hehas infinite stamina, cannot run out of energy, and can still improve himself through training. Part of his modification process involved uploading everything the Red Ribbon Army knew about combat, tactics, maneuvers and martial skill. Due to the nature of his power he doesn’t have a “life force” of his own, so is very difficult or downright impossible to sense. (I do wonder if the Scouter would be able to detect him, as it can likely be tuned to detect certain frequencies that are not detectable through biological means.) One ability of his in which he is very keen at is his barrier ability. He can emit an energy barrier in what would appear to be any shape of his choosing, from a sphere, to a half-dome, wall, or hexagon plates. he can even make multiple barriers and stack them. We don’t see that kind of actions too often, making multiple shield in a row to weaken or outright wear out an attack.
His combat prowess is not to be sneezed at either. In the show, 17 did have a face-off with Piccolo, after Piccolo fused with Kami, Piccolo is a skilled martial artist in his own right, combined with Nail’s knowledge and then Kami’s 500+ years of experience and being able to both stand against, match and even wear it down through attrition leaves much to be noticed of how he has been modified.
His combat reflexes meet or exceed Light. He has also survived being in a black hole.
I would also say he is at least strong enough to destroy a star system, or possibly a galaxy by the tournament of power arc. I cannot say for sure as even though he fought Goku at SSJ Blue, They both stated they were holding back. So, when you think about it, he is at least as strong as golden frieza.

Looking on it now, he is hilariously OP.

Edit1: Broke my own rule, added battle and round number