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Iria: Zeiram | [HD] Anime Opening (creditless) | Tokete Iku Yume no Hate ni


She farts when nervous :flushed: | Clip from DNA²

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Just a heads up Discotek seems to still be having issues with their new distributor . I’d expect a a week to a month or maybe more delay on things ordered .

Spider woman is the worst date in anime history | From ‘Wicked City’ (1987)

We’re been working through some major issues with the new warehouse/distribution center, and it’s causing delays. They are having problems checking the stock into their system and sending to retailers.

Also attempting to restock catalog titles (Fist of the North Star movie BD, SF II movie BD, Rayearth BD, etc)

Sonic X SDBD and Twelve Kingdoms BD both were delayed. Hopefully will ship by the end of June. Also, we are planning to have the out of stock catalog titles back by the end of June.

Our distributor moved their warehouse and staff to new locations at the beggining of 2019 and it’s caused many delays.


Super Saiyan or “Mega-Playboy”? Thugs got no chance vs. this DNA | DNA² (1994)

Midnight Pulp Streaming Service Adds Key the Metal Idol Anime; AsianCrush Adds Library War

posted on 2019-06-15 03:50 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins

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Assassin | 8 Man After

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Elemental Gelade - Opening | Forever…

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Retrieval | Midnight Eye Goku

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Elemental Gelade - Ending | Yakusoku

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Gokudo the Adventurer | Anime Opening | “Prism” by BAISER

Kaiba - Opening | Never

Kaiba - Ending | Carry Me Away

Iria: Zeiram the Animation starting to stream on RetroCrush


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My copy from Amazon is currently marked as arriving Monday . Hopefully they have this fixed by the time the Kimagure Orange Road OVA set comes out . I know I’ve been waiting on two titles for over a month now .

"HE ATE THE PENCIL!" | Bragging Contest | ‘Cromartie High School’ (2004)

Key the Metal Idol Ending Theme | Watashi ga Soba ni Iru

When you gotta let one loose but you’re also a hero | 'Gokudo the Adventurer’

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