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The show that turned so many kids into furries :laughing:

Their lover’s quarrel gets violent fast… | 07 Ghost - EP 8

Frau gets distracted while trying to save Teito | 07 Ghost- EP 8

School girl plays with dog corpse…realizes it isn’t as fun as she thought | Hells (2008)

Lady centaur engages her motherly instinct | Twelve Kingdoms - Episode 17


Pretentious pilot gets pissed at his prey | Dancouga: Super Beast Machine God - EP. 2

Grandma’s promiscuous past gets EXPOSED | Kaiba - Episode 6

Eat Man falls for his hot nurse | Eat Man - Episode 11

Anime Lockdown 2020 Announcements:

5 New Licenses
-Case Closed Episode “One” (The Remake Special with a new dub)
-Love Hina Again on BD (It’s in 1080i because that’s the best video copy the licensors gave them)
-Memories (New Dub available in 2021)
-One Thousand and One Nights (1960’s movie)
-Combattler V
-S-CRY-ED The TV Series (The Compilation Movies are a separate license)

Stuff Coming out Later this Year and next year
-Cleopatra Movie
-Lupin the 3rd Dragon of Doom (coming soon Includes the Funi Dub)
-Urusei Yatsura Movies 1,3,4,5,6 (must of been when my feed messed up because I missed that.)

July 2020 Releases will be available on Right Stuf Today
Phasing out DVD

Stuff Previously Announced and coming out soon
-Astrogranger (Chargeman Ken)
-She and Her Cat
-City Hunter Movie (TV S1 P1 is out S1P2 on June Preorders)
-Galaxy Express 999 TV Part 2 is on the July Slate (P3 Coming Soon)
-Castle of Cogliostro coming out on 4k HDR

Went over Stuff available on CR
Retro Crush working on Desktop App

Expoect Delays as long as we are still in Lockdown

and that’s about it…Probably missed a little bit

(With the S-Cry-ED Announcement, I guess that means Sentai let the Bandai / Sunrise titles they wasted money on lapse or sublicensed it to Discotek)



Discotek licenses Love Hina Again, Memories, A Thousand and One Nights, Combattler V, Urusei Yatsura films & More

posted on 2020-05-03 13:35 EDT by Jennifer Sherman
Demon City Shinuku with Sub/Dub on BD;


I’m happy with everything announced . I’ll end up buying all of it . A lot of great stuff for me .

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I’ll be getting the Case Closed Episode “One” Special, The Urusei Yatsura Movies, S-Cry-Ed, and the rest of Galaxy Express 999 TV at least

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Orphan boy adopted by momma bird, learns to fly | Twelve Kingdoms - Episode 11

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Beelzebub’s final temper tantrum is painful to watch | Beelzebub- EP. 60

Alien baddie comes for Cybersix’s throat | Cybersix - Episode 12

When you’re ride or die for the josei | 07 Ghost - EP 18

Punk kid gets the tough love they’ve been craving | Iria: Zeiram the Animation - EP 2

He’s about to get lucky UNTIL the Mega Playboy wears off | DNA- Episode 6

He suddenly stopped complaining about shopping with the girls | DearS - EP. 2