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District 9

So I just went to see District 9 today. I absolutely loved it. I have to admit, I wasn’t too pumped about it before it came out. However, after seeing all the acclaim it was getting, I decided it would probably be worth seeing.

Turns out that the bulk of reviewers were indeed right on this occasion, District 9 is probably the best film I’ve seen this year. It proves that an action film doesn’t have to be mindless and filled with meaningless flash and explosions * to be great. Now, don’t get me wrong, it has its share of explosions and such, but not in an overstated manner that threatens to overshadow the plot as we see in so many other action movies. I also thought it was a truly fresh take on the issue of segregation.

Overall, I’d highly recommend that anyone that’s into movies go check this out. District 9 is this summer’s true blockbuster hit. Worth every cent of admission, and I’d see it again.*

Yeah, surprisingly this has been getting good reviews. Haven’t seen it yet but if EVERYONE has anything to say about it, it’s probably good.

District 9 has to be one of the best movies that I have ever seen, personally I have seen it twice and I have to say that the second time arrond is better than the first, and the guns OHHH the guns, I fell in love with the first gun the shotgun pulse thing I loved it, so go watch that movie now cause we need to talk about it!

DrGrumblen wrote:

The guns were pretty awesome, I must say. :woohoo:

That one you were talking about reminded me of the pulse rifle from Dead Space. Rofl

Its just that dam awesom, those guys should have never of pushed him in that corner especially with that pulse cannon shotgun lying there. There was no way.

I’m having a rough time deciding between this and Inglourious Basterds to watch. Didn’t think there were any good movies out. :o

I’m planning to go see Inglourious Basterds next week. I was originally gonna see it this past weekend, but decided on District 9 instead.

Eightdevil+ wrote:

Yeah, same here, I’ll see it the weekend after school starts.

Saw District 9 today. Didn’t seem like anything special to me–most likely will never see it again. It wasn’t horrible or anything, just didn’t really stand out.

What was the storyline to this movie, again?

fillet wrote:

Well, the problem is that its hard to do this film justice by trying to describe it. Regardless, here’s the summary from IMDB:

However, I’ll say again, that is a very poor indicator of what to expect from this movie.

Cool, cool. I’ve just been hearing some whispers that it’s tied into Halo somehow. Honestly have no idea where the notion came from.

District 9 has nothing to do with Halo. It has to do with the director, Neil Blomkamp, who was going to direct a Halo movie some years back, but it didn’t end up happening. for more info.

Halo… Halo has nothing to do with the movie you insane goose, but bungie could use some of those gun ideas.

That’s why I went with “whispers.” flaps wings

Dont flap your wings at me sir, I am but a simple young man.

I’ll be lobbing golden eggs in a minute.

Ohhh no you wont!

Man, it would be fun to get about ten dozen eggs and throw them at something. I wonder how well an egg would fire from a slingshot?

Or a gun like a paintball gun but instead of paint (EGGS)

The movie was mainly about discrimination. Seeing as the setting was Johannesburg in South Africa, I connected the movie with apartheid.