DN Angel Opening Theme


Coffee’s thread reminded me that some people might not have seen this… oldie, but a goodie. Vic Mignogna singing the Theme Song to DN Angel. (He plays the role of Dark, as the longtime members probably know, since DN Angel was one of the universally enjoyed shows here back in the day).



Thanks for posting this, Dragoon. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’ve ever heard this in English. It’s a nice change from the one I hear every week on the VOD.

Vic has a really nice voice! (even better than his speaking voice, almost!) :blush:


God I haven’t seen this anime in a long ass while. I will say this, that wasn’t as lame as I thought it would be. His singing voice is quite er, lovely. And it somehow suited the opening them and whatnot.


Thanks Dragoon. My best friend is a huge Vic fan, so I will have to show her this. She will love it. It’s also nice to hear a new version of the song too.

I wonder if he got into trouble for this one. I remember him saying he got into a bit of trouble for doing a cover of that FMA “Brothers” song (the exact name eludes me at the moment.)


Probably. I mean fans doing this is sort of, technically copyright infringement. Since it’s mostly distributed for free it’s usually turned a blind eye to. But when someone famous does something like this, it’ll get more attention due to the name recognition.

Pretear, Vic Mignogna is a professional singer, song writer too btw. :slight_smile: It’s definitely a lot better than your average actor singing something.


Vic is a really good singer, really good.

I saw him perform this at AMA in fact…

I honestly always thought the person they got to dub Daisuke in the dub of D N Angel sounded like the Japanese song voice.

I honestly thought his performance of Hikari E was better.

Oh and everyone is obligated to watch The Legend of Middle Tennesee music video

Oh I am a member of the Risembool Rangers if you were curious.


The Mini-Skirt Army will crush you… MWAHAHAHAH!! lol

I was actually able to see that video at Tekkoshocon a couple years back. It was interesting.

Chris Patton also sings on one of Vic’s songs “Soldier A”. It was pretty funny.


Oh and everyone is obligated to watch The Legend of Middle Tennesee music video

Oh I am a member of the Risembool Rangers if you were curious.[/quote]

OMG! This is great! I knew that there had been matches of the Rangers & the Miniskirts, but had no idea that there was a song to go along with it… this is too cool!

I wonder what Travis thinks about this… :stuck_out_tongue:


I have yet to see this series, but Vic has an awesome singing voice!
Right up there with Chris Patton.


WoW Vic is really good! I knew he was a great actor, but great singer too? That was great.