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Domestic Girlfriend / Domestic na Kanojo

Crunchyroll Adds Domestic Girlfriend and More to Simulcast Lineup

February 02, 2019 12:00pm CST

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Domestic Girlfriend, Ep 5, is live at HIDIVE

This Week in Anime - Domestic Girlfriend is a Surprisingly Thoughtful Sleazefest

by Andy Pfeiffer & Steve Jones, Feb 12th 2019

Domestic Girlfriend, Ep 6, is live at HIDIVE

Domestic Girlfriend, Ep 7, is live at HIDIVE

Domestic Girlfriend, Ep 8, is live at HIDIVE

Domestic Girlfriend, Ep 9, is live at HIDIVE

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Anime vs. Real Life: Domestic Girlfriend

March 12, 2019 10:00am CDT
Check out the real-wold locations of Domestic Girlfriend!

Domestic Girlfriend, Ep 10, is live at HIDIVE

Domestic Girlfriend, Ep 11, is live at HIDIVE

Domestic Girlfriend, Ep 12 :end: , is live at HIDIVE

HIDIVE Confirms English Dub for Domestic Girlfriend Anime

posted on 2019-05-19 01:11 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Anime premiered in January




September 6, 2019 12:36 PM

Natsuo’s life suddenly becomes more complicated when his father comes home and announces he has remarried a woman with two daughters whom Natsuo has met before. They’re Hina, his teacher and unrequited crush, and Rui, a girl he previously slept with.

Director - John Swasey
ADR Script - Holly Segarra
English Mix - Ricardo Contreras
Audio Engineer - Patrick Marrero

English Cast
Natsuo - Austin Tindle
Hina - Patricia Duran
Rui - Natalie Rial

Fumiya - Andrew Love
Akihito - Mark X Laskowski
Tsukiko - Carli Mosier
Momo - Hilary Haag
Mui - Luci Christian
Kiriya - David Wald
Masaki - John Gremillion
Rika / Youta / Yanase - Allison Sumrall
Mina / Ayano - Avery Smithhart
Yuya - Courtland Johnson
Kanae / Jun - Kira Vincent Davis
Kazushi - Mike Haimoto
Sanae - Taylor Fono
Marika - Christie Guidry
Shuu - Adam Gibbs
Young Natsuo - Bryson Baugus
Chika - Christina Kelly
Rie - Mai Le
Katsuragi / Shibata / Tsutaya - Scott Gibbs
Al - Blake Shepard

Also With:
Elizabeth Byrd
Mike Vance
Olivia Swasey

Domestic Girlfriend DUBCAST Trailer


HIDIVE Announcement for Dub



That is a nice English cast .

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Is this Natalie’s first leading role?

Seems to be.

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Yeah her biggest role to date is Tione in DanMachi before this.

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Domestic Girlfriend, Eps 1-12 (Dubcast), are live at HIDIVE