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Elfen Lied

Right Stuf recently delisted the most recent re-release of Elfen Lied (the white and red stack pack). The thin pack and singles release have long been out of print.

However, according to, we should expect another release “at some point in the future.”

Right Stuf is out of stock, but many other online retailers still have one or both versions in stock, including Overstock, Amazon and others.[/quote]

Amazon is out of stock also. has it for $22.22. Deepdiscount has it for $23.22. has it for $26.65. BestBuy has it for $34.99

Cover art has been posted.

Are the powers really “telekinetic”?

I like the front cover and BD disc art. I can’t say for certain due to the angle but I don’t think the spine art is what I would have picked had I my druthers.

Actually looks like the dub was just re-added.
Not really sure why it got re-added, because I’m pretty sure the dub was already availible, but in any case, it went up today.

[url=][/url] [b]Episodes 01-13 (Dub) are now LIVE![/b]

Since I haven’t seen the dub, but have seen all of the TV series (and maybe the OVA) in Japanese, I’m not sure, due to the radical recasting, whether I should watch the OVA dub before or after the series dub.

Carli Mosier as Lucy? I don’t think of Kira when I think of her, especially not after she’s acted as “The second Cynthia Martinez” in AKB0048.

i highly approve of elfen lied on this site. the main charater is one of the best anti heroes ever.u can truley get behind her urge to destroy the world ^-^

See the thing with Lucy is, she became a monster through the events that happened to her as a child. The scientists and all chose to become the monsters they did.

[quote=“Series5Ranger” post=149241]

See the thing with Lucy is, she became a monster through the events that happened to her as a child. The scientists and all chose to become the monsters they did.[/quote]

I remember this show as being BGC Tokyo 2040 junior as, while it was gorier, its whole plot was just a part of BGC’s plot. Badass killer part was good, the parts where said badass killer forgets how to speak and forgets how to use a toilet (or even what one is) were parts that I could have done without. I do miss these darker, violent shows though.

It had an interesting intro theme song. That’s probably what I remember most about the show.

I really do need to go back and watch the dubs for shows like this and Gantz. Someday I will (would have done it already but RightStuf sent me 3 copies of Part II of the dvds and none of part I…).

“Stranger Things” Creators Discuss “Elfen Lied” Anime Inspiration

February 16, 2017 8:12pm CST
Following from earlier comments on its nods to Akira, Matt Duffer notes a connection to Elfen Lied

Tiger Lab Vinyl Reveals Elfen Lied Soundtrack as Next 2019 Release

March 28, 2019 1:00pm CDT
Second title joins this year’s subscription plan

Collector’s Edition Cover/Disc Art




Steelbooks are pretty cool, I’ll have to look into snagging a copy.

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It looks nice . Still trying to decide do I need another copy ?

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I’d like to get that, somebody lost the first dvd of my collection.

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Hmmm I wonder if they decided to redo the disc on this or something else . Seems odd the Big O steel which has a 8/20 release date and most of July-August has shown up at Rightstuf yet this comes out officially in under Two weeks yet it’s still listed as “Pre-Order, Not Yet Shipping
Release Date: 7/30/2019 “ .

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The vinyl is up for order at TigerLabs


Well that was fast .


Came today : Should have the new steelbook ,but the copy I got in the mail was trashed because of poor packaging . They were quick to refund at least . Guess I’ll wait until I have a bigger order from Rightstuf or the next Sentai sale so they will put it in a box .

Still happy to have this after selling out in 2 days .


Well finally got a good copy in . Had to order three movies I’m not 100% sure I need to get it here in a box and intact .

I’d probably have passed ,but the muffled English audio was fixed from the previous release . They actually completely redid the disc . Subtitles are smaller and better looking . No ads or trailers not even a Hidive one . Crying baby TAN ad is gone . I’d call that a shame ,but that one was rather annoying .


Unboxing Elfen Lied

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