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how is your wall looking now @fillet


'Tis naked as of now, Kyouta. I couldn’t afford to get new ink cartridges for my printer before I left for my new job ;_; As soon as I make it back though, every single one of these pics you’ve shared are going up :slight_smile:


ok so new job thats good to hear what will you be doing remember you talking about your new job in the lounge but didnt get a chance to ask


Hey there Kyouta! I’m back to hanging sprinkler pipe, working on a huge convention center in Aurora.


ok thats good are you with a group of works or is it just a few of you working together


I’m with a crew that’s subbing from another company. It feels good to make overtime AND get perdiem wages too, it’s like two paychecks in one! :slight_smile:


making some good money there @fillet thats good


You know it Kyouta, I just hope it lasts for a while so I can bank it up.


heres hoping cheers to your success @fillet


I’ll drink to that Kyouta! :slight_smile:



Cool pic Kyouta, thanks. That little doll on her bag reminds me of Piglet, lol.



Now that is quite a view! Thanks, Kyouta.


yes it is a nice view fillet and youre welcome buddy



Yowzer, double trouble! Thanks, Kyouta.


2 cutie all at once



Now who couldn’t wave back at that? Thanks Kyouta, keep em comin’!