Final Fantasy (Games)

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Trailer Introduces Powerful Foes and More

January 25, 2022 4:47am CST
Get another lengthy look at the action game ahead of its March launch


Final Fantasy XIV Online Continues to Expand as Oceania Data Centre Officially Launches

Jan 25th 2022
Plus Clowns and Chaos Abound as All Saints’ Wake In-Game Event Returns to Eorzea

Final Fantasy VII Marks 25th Anniversary with Messages from Tetsuya Nomura, Yoshinori Kitase

January 31, 2022 8:32am CST
Original PlayStation version launched on January 31, 1997

War of The Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Kicks Off Lunar New Year Celebration

Feb 4th 2022
Limited-Time Lunar New Year Event Begins in WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS!

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster Game Launches on February 23

posted on 2022-02-09 14:30 EST by Alex Mateo

Cloud and Squall Go VROOM in Chocobo GP as Part of Season 1

February 13, 2022 12:06pm CST
Cloud unlocks at level 60, and Squall will appear at the Gil shop

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster keeps game’s craziest attack intact, but there’s one problem【Vid】

Hey, that’s not how you suplex a train!

Square Enix Plans to Continue Support for Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG for Next 10 Years

posted on 2022-02-22 06:15 EST by Adriana Hazra
Game to also implement 1st graphical update with launch of next expansion pack

What about FFXI? (Since I still play it) :grinning:

See How Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster Updates Iconic Opera Scene

February 28, 2022 4:29pm CST
The final entry in the Pixel Remaster series is now available

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin TV Spots Focus on Story and Combat

March 01, 2022 9:57am EST
Action game by Team Ninja launches on March 18

Final Fantasy XIV Online Broadcast Reveals Newfound Adventures for Patch 6.1

Mar 4th 2022
New Main Scenario Quests, Battle Content, Trust System Updates and More Coming Mid-April

Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Site Opens with Message from Yoshinori Kitase

March 09, 2022 5:17am CST
The Final Fantasy VII Remake producer hints at what’s in store for the new site

This Week in Games - Final Fantasy and Cotton Fantasy

by Heidi Kemps, Mar 18th 2022


Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Celebrates Launch with Opening Movie

March 18, 2022 6:31am CDT
Team Ninja’s action game take on the landmark first entry is out today

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Update Includes Three New Neo Vision Units, Special Events and More

Mar 19th 2022

War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Launches Final Fantasy VI Collaboration Event

Mar 24th 2022
Epic FINAL FANTASY VI Units and Vision Card Now Available for a Limited-Time

Final Fantasy XIV Online Reveals Patch 6.1 Trailer and 12th April Release Date

Apr 4th 2022
The Return of the GARO Collaboration, New THE PRIMALS Album and Endwalker Art Book Announced During Latest Letter from the Producer LIVE Broadcast

A New Chapter and Increased Solo-play Support Arrive in Final Fantasy XIV Online Patch 6.1 Today

Apr 13th 2022
Details on Fender® Collaborations, Hatching-tide 2022 Seasonal Event and GARO Collaboration Shared Alongside Patch 6.1 Launch

War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Joins Forces with Persona 5 Royal for Epic Collaboration Event

Apr 28th 2022
Ultra-Rare Persona 5 Royal Character Units and New Vision Cards Await Players

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Kicks Off Final Fantasy VIII Collaboration Event

Apr 29th 2022
Legendary FINAL FANTASY VIII Unit Rinoa & Angelo Now Available to Summon

Astrius, an Ultra Rare Unit, Joins the Cast of War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

May 5th 2022
Players Can Experience New Story Content With The Release of “Another Story Chapter 1 Scene 5”