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Food Flavor Explosion



I really like ramen noodles so I would try it


No. That would ruin Oreos for me.


Why am I not surprised?

Mark Gosdin



just found this what do you think of this snowy


Flamin’ hot lava. :fire: Milk’s favorite cookie.

The All stuf looks good. The creme is the best part. :yum:


so you like the sweet stuff snowy would try the all stuf oreo but might not be the same without the cookie


I can live with that. lol


glad you can snowy lol but now could really go for some cream filled donuts


heres something you might like snowy some good old homemade fried chicken :slight_smile:


You discovered the long lost KFC dessert. Finger lickin’ good with 11 spices. :laughing:

I’m quite hesitant on this one. Doesn’t sound good in cookie form.


Bought some of these Saturday, very good with a cup of coffee.

Mark Gosdin


Now those look delicious. :heart_eyes: Graham :cookie:? I’m in!!!


It appears to be a Target exclusive, they had a huge display in with their Halloween candy. They also had a display with everything they are selling “Pumpkin Spice”, it was frightening .

Mark Gosdin


yes agree with you snowy a 110% they do look good :slight_smile: want to try them @mgosdin



I might be nuts enough to try that.


heres a good flavor


Yes indeed.

Get some Bananas Foster ice cream and crush up some of those on it. There’s a bowl of win.