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Food Flavor Explosion


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Off topic just thought to share but might have to change the name of the thread these cheez it’s don’t have a lot of flavor tho


@Kyouta: Changed title to allow for more general food items and their (strange) flavors.


Thanks snowy yes this will be for the snack food because who don’t love a good snack


Leaves your mouth free of stains!

Seriously, if this was actually real I might lose faith in humanity…


They could use them cookies for bad mouth lil kids


I was craving something different, so made this at work tonight:

Buffalo Bacon Ranch Chicken Cheddar Fries :drooling_face:


The supreme of loaded fries :fries:


Bought this Hershey bar don’t know if it’s new or not but it was only 85 cent


Had to replace a flat tire and next to the shop was an Asian market. I found these there:

Please forgive the tire dirt on my hands…


Here we go back to oreos again


Yes to those. :grinning:


This is extremely good



Must. Find. These!


You might be able to order them online


So I just got confirmation that our store is getting the Rick and Morty / Mulan Szechuan sauce on the 26th. Supposedly, all stores are going to get the sauce this time. I really hope it goes better than October 7th this time around :disappointed_relieved:.


In honor of Oreo Cookie Day, this is the only way they should be eaten: (also, the only true flavor)



want to try these



Straight from Japan not really


tried both of these and they both didnt have alot of flavor to them