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Food Flavor Explosion


I actually have the Mozzarella ‘N Marinara chips in my pantry. Almost gone though.

I wanna try the Jalapeño Ranch. Sounds really good.


ok but just a heads up on the chips the only flavor you can really taste is the ranch


That’s a win in my book.


Found these at my Wawa:

Let y’all know how they taste once I try em.


What’s the “VOTE!” for?


I’d take the raspberry ones myself.


It’s the “Select A Flavor” promotion they had in 2016.

Last time it was Honey Nut, Coffee Nut, and Fire Nut. The winner was Coffee Nut, and they still sell them at 7-11:


Good grief.

I feel about M&Ms the same way I feel about Oreos. Only one flavor. Original. Period.

Slowhand has spoken. :+1:


Not even Peanut M&M’s?


I’d rather have plain, but peanut will do in a pinch. No flavors though.


im wkith you on that one

how do they taste maou


Crunchy Espresso: Very strong coffee flavor. Almost like drinking a mocha while eating a crispy wafer. Personally, I prefer it over the Coffee Nut ones.

Crunchy Mint: Straight up York Peppermint Patty flavor. Very powerful mint on this one. I’m even taken aback by the strength of it!

Crunchy Raspberry: Now this one is really good. Like a raspberry chocolate candy. Voted for this flavor 100%


ok really have to get them it might be like chocolate covered strawberry

hey slow these might be right up your alley :grinning:


now they have this shake


I think they’ve had that for a while at my local Steak and Shake. Although M&M’s should be in ice cream, not shakes. How can you drink an M&M?


not sure but might have to try it and see how it taste


well what do you know they have strawberry now dont tell me you wouldnt try these slow and it does say share


Nope, I like to stick to the basics, but thanks for thinking of me. :slight_smile:


well guess you dont eat a lot of snacks it sounds like